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  1. Nice! We have a house in Long Island where we have more space and a yard. It is fun to get outside. but the water slide sounds fun.
  2. A home run trade. Especially since it keeps him on a spending leash.
  3. So you think that his payout didn’t incorporate an embedded return? and money today is worth the almost the same as money in the future.
  4. The last two months have shown we can’t homeschool our kids. Been a disaster. we feel like we are on top of each other in our 1700 sq ft apartment I can’t imagine 200 sq ft
  5. if 35mm (PRE TAX) is all you can spend in a lifetime you need to have better dreams
  6. how much did he make per catch on that contract extension?
  7. i think we would be potentially a much better team - with more salary cap. but Adams is all pro. low odds of a mid first round pick becoming all pro.
  8. and we would have gotten the 1st and 3rd already. didn't dallas get that good WR in round 1. i'd trade that WR and a 3rd for Adams + his expensive contract.
  9. so does he sit for 8 games and then comes back for the last games to get counted for the year? there are lots of fines in that scenario also.
  10. Technically he was either picked third or sixth plus 3 secondrounders.
  11. He’d get more than one game if it happened now.
  12. Given the lack of great plays at least we can be covid free

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