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  1. Only two states are giving smokers priority. and your health insurance is not important - can’t buy a vaccine at this point
  2. would douglas even be here if it wasn't for the smart Adam Gase hire?
  3. Imagine if they spent that first rounder on someone who could help this year.
  4. How is a first round this year and a first next year a better grade than a first this year and a first and third next year. Stupid article
  5. rarely will someone say what you suggest. if they said that - much more likely that the would have him stay. what they did say instead leads one to believe he's a goner.
  6. Does joe Douglas have same views as Mac on domestic violence?
  7. Nobody is bringing up AA in the conversation. It’s all about what we have to give up. The dudes a top 5 qb! This isn’t Geno 2.0
  8. We gave up 3 seconds to move from 6 to 3. Depends how you value dee I guess

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