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  1. batman10023

    Home sick with the FLU

    Dude go to the doctor or a clinic and get the medicine. It makes the flu go away. Also so did you get a flu shot? That should help.
  2. Didn’t he leave his gf when she was pregnant with his child?
  3. Given the league rules on qb he could play for another 2-3 years.
  4. If you knew that if Brady wins he is going to retire?
  5. What if he has Graves‘ disease jerk?
  6. batman10023

    Jamal Adams is back on twitter

    was joking, i didn't think he was actually working on powerpoint to get the picture/font perfect.
  7. batman10023

    Jamal Adams is back on twitter

    lol. good burn by jamal.
  8. batman10023

    Jamal Adams is back on twitter

    i wonder if this will shut some of the people up from that other thread! The Prez was just working on his powerpoint skills to get a nice shot/caption set up!
  9. batman10023

    Possibly the most important stat on Gase

    no curfews night before games?
  10. batman10023

    8 NFL HC jobs were available..

    That wa what the Arizona interview should have been for
  11. batman10023

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Apparently baby powder has asbestos in it. He can’t even do that right.
  12. somehow i don't think you are Mensa material
  13. batman10023

    CFB Championship Game Thread

    I don’t get why guys don’t go elsewhere
  14. Hopefully you have been as successful as Todd in your professional life.

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