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  1. batman10023

    Interesting conversation...

    The strategy can work for average qb. Not elite ones. Prescott would be a pass.
  2. batman10023

    McCagnan CAN NOT be trusted!!!

    great post and welcome. i'd use paragraphs next time to make it easier to read.
  3. Well you got fried for this post but for copying someone else’s work
  4. is this a real scene? i see it is wow.
  5. He’s got finals coming up. He ain’t a grown ass man yet
  6. batman10023

    Fans turn backs on Redskins.

    https://www.reddit.com/r/nyjets/comments/a4zq05/jets_fans_any_bars_in_north_korea/ no they have info on jet on jet bars in North Korea.
  7. batman10023

    What if....

    dumb and dumber keep getting folks to pony up thousands of dollars per year and have an asset worth billions
  8. batman10023

    Stop reporting posts

    On a related note has sar been perma banned from the site? I’d love his thoughts on the Washington game today
  9. batman10023

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    he would be put on the exempt list anyway - would not impact or change the super bowl chances
  10. Plaxico is an idiot. For one he didn’t get rid of the gun and his clothing from the shooting. And this is after the mayor said they were gonna proceute him. He had a month to get rid of it. The guy is just stupid.
  11. Is this for the gun charge or tax evasion
  12. Can I be the owners son in that scenario
  13. batman10023

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    How would these guys do on the jets
  14. batman10023

    SELL THE TEAM WOODY!!!!!!!!!

    Why would you not watch any games but post on a jets fan board?

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