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  1. Rosen too much a risk?

    Why would you want something to sneak out? Are you silly. That might lead us to not getting our guy
  2. Rosen too much a risk?

    okay, of course he likes the game. he likes being the man. but a few more concussions and he's going to take his money and leave.
  3. Rosen too much a risk?

    Wentz dad wasn't a famous doctor and his parents didn't go to a Ivys. He's not playing thru lots of concussions and i think once he gets 2 more he's done.
  4. no amount of money was going to get Cousins to come here. they were never going to win this once the Vikings got involved.
  5. If Rosen and Darnold are really our top two I hope other teams don’t read our message board. I assume most do though.
  6. All,Four QBs Could Be Gone Before Pick 6

    while i see your point i still think losing late in the season is better. i'd rather have the chance at better picks. the Matt Ryan one is the worst although it's not clear he was the consensus choice at that point.
  7. can't wait to pay for my seats

    Wow that’s a great trade you made. You might be only person to make money on psl. That is very very impressive ! If I can get anything for the psl it’s a winner for me. I wrote off the cost of the psl the day I bought it. I made a good trade in the markets and this was my present to myself.
  8. can't wait to pay for my seats

    Wait why am I screwed? If I paid in full I can’t resell them?
  9. can't wait to pay for my seats

    If I try I can get face value. But it’s a hassle. 80 percent of face is possible most times.
  10. can't wait to pay for my seats

    I will check it out. Thanks.
  11. can't wait to pay for my seats

    my son now is starting to get into football and so most likely he is going to want to keep the tickets. ideally we just go get a few games a year but the row one thing means nobody in his way when he wants to watch. the tickets are overpriced by about 20%.
  12. can't wait to pay for my seats

    i did a few years ago and then put my account on "freeze" or whatever for a year. Then i tried to cancel again once the freeze got lifted but they moved me down to Row 2. I didn't like that so i told them to cancel but then a Row 1 came up and i had to take it. i doubt they let me freeze again. but maybe i will sell the PSL. could i get like 1k for each of them?
  13. can't wait to pay for my seats

    i think i laugh pretty hard on how much i get paid to work as well. everyone is laughing.
  14. can't wait to pay for my seats

    how did you sell them? please share details. maybe i will list my PSL. Row 1. Investment Gold.
  15. can't wait to pay for my seats

    probably won't but will bitch about it all year.