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  1. batman10023

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

    was thinking this..
  2. Another question is from what we have seen out of the four new qbs would we take cousins over any of them? personally the only two qbs I wanted to take were Sam and Rosen. No interest in the other two.
  3. Especially now that we lost a bmw driving poster!
  4. batman10023

    Parking Pass

    I guess they don’t teach ethics at Hofstra the biggest theft is the jets charging 35 dollars for pre season parking!! How crazy is this.
  5. batman10023

    Parking Pass

    Why didn’t you decide to steal 32 bucks like the other poster? hopefully he donates his illicit gains to a worthy charity.
  6. batman10023

    Parking Pass

    You basically stole something. Small value of course. Interesting that your first reaction was to think of a crime to comit.
  7. batman10023

    Jets \ Falcons who is going?

    but no private bathroom in coaches club
  8. batman10023

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    i had no problem with JI. no issues with the website nor the posters. But the switch to scout sucked and then everyone left. The owner didn't do anyone any favors, i think for me personally it was asking for the updated emails. but the website was terrible with scout so it didn't really matter. everyone would have left anyway. a functioning website, lots of people, no politics and a message board works wondefully.
  9. batman10023

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    so the exodus would not have happened if sooth had taken away moderator status for Ham? it really is the whole butterfly effect in real life!
  10. batman10023

    Who would you rather - for sh*ts and giggles?

    Wait. Usually who would you rather questions involve having sex and I was answering the question based on qb wives versus the girl Sam was reportedly with recently. I will retract my dolphins answer in that case.
  11. batman10023

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    Finally manlove for A strong player!
  12. batman10023

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    Your man crushes are for some weak players.
  13. batman10023

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    remind me not to get lottery numbers from you
  14. batman10023

    Mayfield may turn out great but......

    Actual Rosen would be a Jet. Mayfield was taken first.