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  1. The posters brand is conspiracy theories. It’s how he rolls. never mind his uncle was fired from JetBlue prior to Zach being in college. and all for a 1mm sponsorship. Lol.
  2. Is Jamie the chairman of jpm? That’s woody title at ny jets the jets have a President and a chief operating officer. of course woody sets the direction and tone of the organization. But I think Jamie is much more in the weeds than woody.
  3. i would be surprised if we have to give up 13. the cap is fine with rodgers for 2 years then it's a disaster, right when we need to think about our young guys.
  4. My section in the clubs is relatively full. this stadium is too big and the upper deck goal line seats are not that good. I don’t see too many of my section on stubhub. When do they sell them?
  5. If we didn’t have row 1 in the mezz section probably would give them up and just buy secondary as well. It’s much cheaper that way. wins causes demand to rise. We have had much of that.
  6. I will look. Interesting. Bad business. my section doesn’t have any of that I think. Do they just do this for the crappy seats? Or the whole stadium.
  7. you (i believe it was you if not someone else) mentioned woody making more money. he doesn't make more money from secondary sale pricing.
  8. Some people are just so anti woody and the jets that they don’t think clearly. your point is exactly correct.
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