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  1. the ocean club costs 2500 to 4000 a night. can't imagine what dinner costs. We will look into the dinner thing though. now i am looking forward to the trip. which tower did you stay? think we are thinking of staying at the Reef because it's a little less crowded and has a kitchen. The view from the pricy room is nice. not sure it's worth it though.
  2. trying to get a sense for how quickly the rest of the league moves on from their GM. (the ones that are not successful)
  3. what is the average tenor of a GM in the NFL (take out the guys who stick around for more than a decade). be curious to know. For the last decade either our coaches have sucked or our GM have sucked or often both.
  4. I see where you are going. but why not also incorporate a shadow GM(s). Hire 1 GM but have a shadow GM (who you pay) to make picks in the background. Let's see how those picks do. If he's good - he takes over when the first guy gets caned. it's like our GM "Practice Squad".
  5. which tower did you guys stay at? i am thinking of staying in the Reef - apparently this has a kitchen so we can save a few bucks (and time and calories) on food. but it's pricey - think my wife showed me two room ideas - one was 700 a night and one was 1100 a night. crazy.
  6. good info on the outside of the resort eating. not interested in the casino.
  7. So the wife wants to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas. Anyone been? Where did you stay? it sounds like not much fun but she’s really into water parks. We have two kids.
  8. not sure - the first one didn't seem that open. the second one was a missed TD no question.
  9. You can’t give up 3rd and 13: period. hold them to a fg totally different game.
  10. I actually loved this idea. But it was ahead of its time.
  11. If Seattle did this trade idea they would be in better shape now.
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