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  1. this is a good question about future player sucess.
  2. Ryan Shazier

    how has it affected you now? how old are you?
  3. Ryan Shazier

    totally... the median NFL Salary is pretty low relative to these other sports as well i believe.
  4. Ryan Shazier

    i suspect you were a english major in college (well written post!!) versus a math major. the odds of getting paralyzed riding a bike is much less than playing football. same for all the other items you brought up.
  5. Ryan Shazier

    basketball just has a small number of players per team but baseball has a fair number. the pay is much better and it's so much safer. i could see more people going there if they have the choice.
  6. Ryan Shazier

    for those type of penalties they should be able to call two penalties.
  7. Ryan Shazier

    you are just getting older (i am 44 so with you). sure the 15-30 years still love the big hits.
  8. Ryan Shazier

    do you understand probabilities?
  9. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    Lots of you guys got big lists from the wife.
  10. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    nice house but taxes are too high, i would think 30k and the house would sell quickly.
  11. http://www.stalkcelebs.com/photo-gallery/1072/2/kaley-cuoco-out-and-about-in-los-angeles---november-10-2015 meh
  12. he would have gotten cut anyway right? am i mistaken on this point? he made a decision to focus on other items versus football. good for him.
  13. that was a funny post.
  14. if they had finished off Miami and one of the other 2 (NE, Falcons) i think he'd be a top contender for the COTY. This was considered the worst roster in the league. 6-3 ha.. problem is i think they have a pretty hard schedule coming up. but even if they lose most of the games the team seems to be playing hard and we are just a QB away from the playoffs..
  15. Amazing that this team should be over 500.