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  1. it's crazy to watch those old games and see what was allowed.
  2. I love Sam. I think he did great especially at the end.
  3. batman10023

    Draft Trade Rumors

    no chance this type of compensation for the trade you are outlining
  4. batman10023

    Mini Camp Thread

    good news on those 2 throws. you think Sam is going to be QB1 during camp or it an open competition like previous years?
  5. rosen was pretty bad last year. the wording could have been better
  6. SAM didn't suck as much as Rosen did. but for example - i think that perhaps CARR and the RAIDERS are playing games to get people to think they want a QB. get someone to jump ahead and trade with the Jets/SF.
  7. the barkley vs sam debate will be going on for the next 5 years until the giants let barkley walk due to the high cost of resigning him.
  8. Where would he land if Arizona doesn’t take him?
  9. We should be getting a big haul for our third pick if a gold jacket qb is available.
  10. batman10023

    Chubb vs Pass rushers this year

    Was the 2014 wr draft where we knocked it out of the park?
  11. batman10023

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    As I said in my post it’s not the employees fault. It’s the politicians.
  12. batman10023

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Looks like jetson got a govt pension
  13. batman10023

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Yep. And nothing against the teachers and cops. I just wish the positions told everyone what they were paying these workers if you factor 30 years of retirement. The goosing the salary near near the end is bad though. It should be stopped.

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