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  1. how was the play mrs. lincoln? >>>I actually like most of the moves made by Macc this offseason, with the exception of the lack of center, edge rusher and cornerback.
  2. I don’t believe stadiums are a good use of prime real estate.
  3. It would have been nice but in all honesty not a real good use of land.
  4. my son and i did the post field thing last year. it's great if you have kids. we bought a football from the stadium store and played catch on the field. he got to catch TDs and he was pretty happy. if it's just adults i think it's okay but not great (but i am not impressed easily). the players are all gone. also if the game is close you have to miss the end. but if your kid is less than 10 years old - it's amazing. just have to buy a football at the stadium. no autographs btw
  5. Nerds want to ruin another sport with their analytics.
  6. Didn’t he bet like family numbers many times.
  7. the best part of james was his knowledge and of course his big bets - but he also had a quirky personality - betting his kids birthdays and different stuff like that.
  8. in alex defense - they tape a week at a time so he only had like a few hours to recover from James loss. i think by monday he will be back to normal. this gal could go on a good streak herself. she knows a lot of stuff.
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