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  1. I know re treasurer. Just a hard thankless job. verizon should have cut the not for profit a break. But I can’t imagine they kept sending a bill after you cancelled service. Returning the box isn’t cancelling in their crazy mind.
  2. Need to get a new treasurer! pretty terrible they didn’t return the money. Did they say you didn’t cancel it?
  3. They are pretty saturated it’s hard to get new customers. I got a better deal from optimum but I had to threaten to quit and then quit for 3 months. Problem is no other option for broadband.
  4. This has nothing to do with political correctness.
  5. what was the name of the QB we took in the 4th round last year? i recall hearing rumors of smart front office guys wanting him
  6. not really. talked about draft picks playing against weak competition. but nothing really interesting on the response.
  7. it might just be for season ticket holders. it's with two scouts. lots of pathetic fans to be honest.
  8. my god. just ask the question!
  9. anyone listening to this jets call now? don't really know these presenters. wish the folks asking questions don't give us their life story. i don't care if you went to a small school. just ask your questinon lol
  10. When was the last time a 6 yr old died from obesity?
  11. That bitcoin dude in the lounge probably mint some folk money also!
  12. Agree it’s not a great look. if he’s not playing again does he settle with these folks.
  13. didn't a player kill someone (allegedly) back in the day and play again. from the ravens i think,.
  14. how much better than Geno was Sam? how about the fans reaction. i am no different. i liked Sam alot. i wanted him to work out here. i'd have given him another chance if we got a haul for pick 2. it's not rational.
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