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  1. didnt' you post this exact same thing like a week ago. sucked then, sucks now.
  2. you should move to the Mezz clubs, the little guy can eat and enjoy in the warmth. it's only a little bit more expensive and the view is better.
  3. My issue is nothing to do with credit scores. I doubt the jets would go after you.
  4. Oh be clear no way in heck were we going to the parade.
  5. It’s kind of amazing that it’s an event of a lifetime for folks and it’s right in our backyard. my cousin came into nyc over thanksgiving from Pittsburgh because her daughter was in the parade. Had a great time and we are lucky we can do this stuff all the time.
  6. Interesting on just being physically there. We have a library card for East Hampton but with the overdrive we rarely go there now that the kids read more than just picture books. The nyc library card doesn’t get used much since we don’t have electronic access with it.
  7. did not realize you don't need a residency to get a digital library card. is there a way to search to see if a book is available anywhere and then just get it (i.e. no residency requirement). i use it for the long island library we have a pass to. don't use it for the NYC libraries, not sure why.
  8. the view is just not that compelling up there for me. but i would go for a game or two a year just for the experience if that is all i could afford.
  9. the stadium's upper deck is pretty mediocre. i would not sit up there personally. i like my seats as they are in the first row of the mezz at like the 10 yard line. i just don't like the cost.
  10. good that it worked out for you and has made you happier. i do personally have issues with defaulting on debt (never clear whether it was recourse or not).
  11. you paid for the PSLs though? so they got you for your money... i do agree the ticket prices are a bit too high. about 10% in my section. others are better value. i debate constantly on whether to give them up or not. but i didn't think it would okay to bring my son to the types of seats i had back at giants stadium. too many drunks, too much cursing and too much fighting (SAR talks about the burbs and farts but i didn't experience that).
  12. I wonder how the draft would have gone if took Barkley first.
  13. Have you read Vince Flynn. Found him better than jack reacher.
  14. They have the kindle app for the iPad. the ebooks thing is great from the library.
  15. You do realize you said season ticket holders have been priced out and then you end with cheap seats are available.

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