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  1. batman10023

    The New York Giants are a circus!

    still don't get this photo. who wears Jeans and boots on a boat?
  2. batman10023

    Kacey Rodgers Back Next Week

    it is quite weird. like they thought he had something bad but it's found out it's not what they thought?
  3. manish really mad at other reporters for not saying he broke the story. twitter cat fight
  4. bodhi is a cool name. indian?
  5. batman10023

    Kirk Cousins

    Was not a fan of the prevent so early.
  6. This was shocking and quite nice to see.
  7. Snapping is a big part of the job description.
  8. batman10023

    Kearse shares Russell Wilson story with Darnold

    With the amount lease curses he’d be banned also
  9. batman10023

    Anderson and Crowell

    I believe he did it once before. Can teach but guys have to want to learn.
  10. batman10023

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    3-13! your move!
  11. batman10023

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    7-9 means we beat a few good teams this year. 5-11 i can see good if you want to have a new coach. but then why not just hope for 4-12.
  12. batman10023

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    You win those first three and that’s six wins. I’d like 7
  13. batman10023

    Solicitor phone calls home and cell phone.

    I have also gotten more in the last month. Wonder why this is happening now
  14. batman10023

    Buster Skrine to IR?

    doesn't the GM make the $ decisions? at least that's what i was under the impression.

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