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  1. probably when he started with his conspiracy/aliens stuff.
  2. and folks found my JETBLUE sponsorship poll to be a waste of time....
  3. I really hope first republic doesn’t go down. I really love them as a bank.
  4. Silicon Valley bank and signature bank are essentially nationalized. Until they get sold
  5. The granny is pretty smart but this was a terrible answer
  6. I would say check out the freshman class at these elite schools. I so a summer internship for Columbia students and they are so impressive. Twice as good as me at their age.
  7. this should get post of the week designation from the_crusher
  8. baloney. perhaps in the past this was rich folks networking. the quality of the people at the elite colleges now is quite amazing.
  9. how is not getting fleeced on a trade a "major clown show"? i would not want you on my negotiating team
  10. sure perhaps it would change but the AR cost is such a bad contract. Farve was taking up 10% of the cap the year we were there. AR will take up 20% of the cap each year (well, it would be spread out but the average cost is 20% in the years he's playing). one could argue that the compensation should be less given the terrible contract but JD is being nice.
  11. they have to find another team AND rodgers has to want to play for them
  12. are you joking about the "manipulating Excel spreadsheets the way he does"? this isn't even basic excel work. his cap work is amazing.
  13. it's not the opposing viewpoints that i find self loathing. it's the whole "media and the nfl is against us and want to make bad lol headlines against the jets". your actual points sure they are up for discussion.
  14. of course GB has calculated everything as well. I never said that. It's just the poster is saying the Jets screwed up royally and i disagree. it's more like what you said, both sides have some leverage, Jets have more in my opinion and a deal will get done that's reasonable.
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