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  1. he wasn't in the same draft as Josh Allen. you post about as bad as the Jets draft!
  2. yep, it could be ugly. but what if Wilson actually has made the progress the coaches talked about during the pre-season? maybe we can be decent on offense. our defense needs work. but i really can't take another year of our offense sucking and boring. i want to score points
  3. This whole giving 110 percent on each play is why he’s gassed. otherwise the guy is an idiot
  4. it's just impossible at this point. we have perhaps 8 winnable games left. not going to beat bills, packers, denver, vikings most likely. the other games we have a chance. best case we win 5 of them... 6 and 11. out of it by december.
  5. Dude, this has only been asked hundreds of times here already.
  6. You are expecting pretty much no improvement from last year? I think you will be wrong. the only good thing about your scenario we know we need a new qb
  7. Agree about 45 attempts. I would be surprised if that happens.
  8. he really should have said 110% just to mess with the reporters
  9. this is roughly what mac jones did last year from quick glance. i am afraid he will throw more INTs... even though he hasn't thrown one in 170 attempts.
  10. your second part, i think they bring someone in at case. that's what like 200 yards per game (30 attempts). that isn't good enough unless the OT sustains more injuries or some other reason.
  11. wow, that's a high bar. works out to 4845 yards over 17 games which would land him right at Mahomes level from last year (4th overall). your 3200 pencils out to around where ryan, garoppolo, mac jones, murray for the year 3875, 23 tds... my guess is they would be happy with 3200, 20 and 10 int for the rest of the year.
  12. so, let's assume that Zach plays the remaining games - assume no injuries. i'd be interested to see 1) what do folks want from him (yards, td/int (ratio or absolute), completion percentage, etc) to say he's the guy and not pick up a new QB next year? 2) what do folks expect him to do. i haven't seen a thread specifically addressing this question.
  13. not really. most of the country is normal but 10% are nutcases... but loud nutcases.
  14. what do you expect him to say? our LT sucks so we are gonna run everything to the other side?
  15. you make great points but Kapono comment is childish
  16. we are stuck with them. i just want to give Zach the next 12 games to see how he does. i feel your pain.
  17. why the potshots on zach - give him the season, there is no alternative. if he sucks bring a vet in next year (and not a washed up vet).
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