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  1. This isn't what h This isn't what happened. They deflated it after testing.
  2. Impressive he could give speech with no notes
  3. i doubt Belly was texting about this... he probably knew it and that was that. why would he specifically care about the details.
  4. Now you know why he's been so cap friendly
  5. What I find interesting is the email from the colts saying it was common knowledge the pats cheater with the balls. It's annoying that nobody at nfl cared enough to investigate.
  6. Such different areas with different needs.
  7. Amaro is good and hope he does well this year. I think he will. Not sure about Dexter. Pryor should be better this year.
  8. are you allowed to switch to the supplemental draft? how high were people ranking him? pretty big fall from a first rounder to not getting drafted at all. someone will pick him up and probably in the 3rd round
  9. Agree. Perhaps we swap firsts and take their second and give up wilk
  10. why? in reality he had an offer to go to stanford. he's not stupid intellectually i thought. his score is lower than i thought it would be.
  11. If he didn't win those games I think he's not a head coach this year.
  12. anyone have guesses as to the actual schedule and why?
  13. There hasn't been a post there for over 24 hours on the main site. Where did most people end up? There was that hamper site but not sure if it survived.
  14. If you get robbed and beaten the robber if cause would go to jail. And probably for longer than his sentence (per rape).
  15. similar case. looks like the guy got off with parole http://jezebel.com/democratic-staffer-wont-serve-jail-time-for-drugging-r-1666227401
  16. i thought 20 years was what he was getting in total adn that he could get out in 10 years. i thought they said federal sentencing would be concurrent. if he's going to get life - i doubt he would plead guilty, why not try to fight it. anyway, 10 years is pretty easy. he's got what like 7 cases outstanding - so that's like less than 3 years per rape (and less for actual time served). plus, god knows how many other cases there are. this wasn't a one time mistake and they should have been harsher.
  17. 9 years is a joke. it's not like this was a "one time mistake".
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