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  1. what has changed with MLB Umpires?
  2. Did you see the bling he bought with his signing bonus. He will live like a king till 30 and then be broke.
  3. not worth the money you would have to pay
  4. how efficiently can transactions be done in Bitcoin? how long would it take to buy something at Home Depot if i wanted to pay in Bitcoin? when did you start buying bitcoin?
  5. The early adopters are already on paper fabulously wealthy. They need liquidity.
  6. I suspect they have some research backing up the 3 out of 4 dentist claim. I have no strong view on crypto but if it fails it will be pretty silly when we look back on it. Even greater silliness than the Dutch tulip scandal. the original and early adopters of Bitcoin have a trillion dollars worth of reason to promote bitcoin. Who cares if they give each actor 10mm to promote bitcoin. They need to have buyers of their illiquid assets.
  7. are you taking wagers on this view?
  8. 7 wins and enjoyable games would be a huge positive in my book. we have had so many bad seasons with terrible offenses. Just a killer to watch the games
  9. You also have a very hard job. It’s a lot easier to do an office job when you are older.
  10. The big problem is healthcare and also not running out of money. I’d probably end up doing 58 also.
  11. good luck with getting past 67. i'd try to retire early as possible if i was in your shoes.
  12. ha.. that's the point about averages, just never know. my goal is to retire at 55.
  13. while i agree with your last sentence the first one is just not true. the average life span of a 65 year old male is now 18 years. problem with averages is that it's just averages.
  14. I thought the point of being undercover was using a different identity. Or were you guys part of the cover story?
  15. that's a bad case! i thought the stuff in December was generally mild. We all had it but not too bad. my wife and dad got the IV treatment which helped my dad, not sure it did much for my wife. we were all vaccinated and boosted at the time as well.
  16. get the IV or pill treatment asap.
  17. it's actually a perfect game. each team needs to be on prime time once. if you have the Jets and Jags on separate nights, you screw two prime time games. when they play each other it's just one game.
  18. This is priceless. Love it every time I see it.
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