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  1. is he better than Mims? jk. yes i know who he is. sarcaSm
  2. that' fair re 2020. that was the decision at that point. but we'd be looking for a qb this coming year. nothing in the draft i hear. so back to the issue. get a mediocre qb for this coming year?
  3. i am sure he's the next warren buffet
  4. do you realize how little he's getting paid (guaranteed)? that money will be gone in 5 years.
  5. Our hit rate for second rounders is terrible. so might make sense. Problem is our hit rate on first rounders isn’t so hot either
  6. totally agree. how many WTF plays were called every game during the last decade. like the 5 yard pass on 3rd and 8. this year, very few of them
  7. I thought wr was a strength preseason
  8. A trade down in the second round is doomed for us.
  9. That trade down didn’t work out at all. I thought we got a steal.
  10. Feel better free is better than 35 plus 235 section is better
  11. Tickets still available if anyone wants them
  12. Merry Christmas. Pm coming your way
  13. I can’t go to the game tomorrow wife got covid. So we are trying to sell our tickets but unlikely to sell. these are good seats row 1 in the mezzanine club section on the 10 yard line. If anyone is interested let me know. you can give me anything you want or make a donation to my favorite charity.
  14. My wife hates that show which makes me want to quote the show even more. was kinda cool going to toms diner at the same time the show was popular
  15. I knew something was off with you
  16. i found this to be very clever - the use of adult diapers for the age of fan base and then Sh*t which is what goes in the diapers. well done.
  17. LOL. you think Woody is giving us our money back?
  18. how much would all of us pay to have something that protects us from SAR?
  19. i recommend watching the CEO of Northwell health - he was on CNN yesterday morning. He said we are in good shape. less than 10% of the beds are COVID. This is the largest health system in NY State. I have followed him over this covid thing and he's been pretty worried in general but this was the most comfortable i saw him. Still of course makes sense to quarantine. last week 1 in 100K NY residents who had the vaccine went to the hospital. It's very manageable so far.
  20. Anyone have a link to a stream for tonight’s game? Duh. Game over
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