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  1. Of that group I would choose Bridgewater but I think it will be Zach.
  2. Should we start an Aaron Rodgers to the Jets thread? This food and education thread should probably be moved the the lounge.
  3. That was my feeble attempt at humor saying that we are paying Zach more than that to be the #2 if not the starter.
  4. They are paying QB2 3.85 million with salary and bonus, unless of course he is QB1.
  5. The Jags just re-signed CJ Beathard February 24 to an extension, Chiefs maybe.
  6. Everyone has their little quirks, you of all people should be cognizant of that. Thank you Joe Douglas, thank you!
  7. I agree, that was ridiculous. No game is worth a guys career. I’m sure they went with the 5th year so they get one more year to see if he can go concussion free. While I hate the Dolphins I want the young man to stay healthy.
  8. I would love to see him come in at 320-330 and beast out.
  9. A lot of people on this site have a weird obsession with Zach Wilson.
  10. I think the number of players and picks is what is holding up the trade. The Jets get Bakhtiari and Rodgers, the Jets trade Davis and possibly one more player. Then they sort out draft picks and money to finalize the deal.
  11. About the same odds as a snowstorm in July in Miami.
  12. Nothing but respect for the man, quality player and more importantly a quality person. This is the type of veteran leadership that is needed in the clubhouse. Welcome back Duane.
  13. Thank you, that was a fun listen.
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