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  1. They were open when Taylor was the qb too. Callaway had an easy touchdown early in the game if Taylor had not underthrown him. The real difference seemed to be protection. Taylor didn’t seem to have any time and Mayfield had forever. I’m not sure if that was because we didn’t blitz as much in the second half or if it’s because the Browns made blocking assignment adjustments at halftime. Yes, teams actually do make adjustments at halftime. We aren’t used to that with our current coaching staff.
  2. Joejet

    Culture “Change”

    If the Browns should be 3-0 with a defense that made two potential hall of famers look like rookies and we have one of the worst offenses, why do you think we should have won?
  3. Joejet

    Total set up

    You do realize that the Browns are playing 3 games in 12 days, right? Maybe the NFL was hoping for a Mayfield vs Darnold matchup. Two young QBs that may be the next faces of the league.
  4. Joejet

    2019 Cap Outlook!

    That Ryan Fitzpatrick kid from Tampa is looking good this year. Just kidding!
  5. Joejet

    My thoughts

    Wins and losses are both team efforts. Sam made his share of mistakes as well as did the receivers, the o line and the defense. If everyone had played and coached perfect games we would have won by a lot. There are going to be ups and downs with a rookie qb and we as a fan base should understand this. It appears like we have a real good qb in the making in Sam but he is still in the learning process. Enjoy the ride because I really think he will in time lead us to a championship.
  6. Joejet

    Game Observations (DET)

    Actually, yes you are nitpicking.
  7. Joejet

    Awesome game! Lots of thoughts...

    Not much has been said about the special teams contribution. The punt returns were all great, every kickoff was unreturnable, every extra point was perfect as well as the field goal. Except for the shank all of Edwards punts were really good too. After the special teams debacle during the preseason I was concerned that we were going to get roasted on special teams. Hopefully this will be the start of some good special teams play.
  8. Joejet

    Doris Burke- MNF are you Kinding me?

    If you are going to rant you should at least have a clue what the hell you are talking about. I am not a Beth Mowin fan but she is a college football announcer and not a basketball announcer like Doris Burke. The “high school commentator “ that you called out was Brian Griese who also calls college games and was an NFL QB.
  9. Joejet


    Seems like a lot of Jets fans will be waking up this morning with broken arms from too much patting themselves on the back!
  10. Joejet

    Worried about chemistry

    Chemistry, Geometry, History, I worried about all of them!
  11. Joejet

    2018 NY Jets Practice Squad

    I don’t know much about Falah but Tennessee tried to sign Burnett to their practice squad. I think this could be the first of many free agents that come to the Jets because of Sam.
  12. Joejet

    NFL Transactions

    A lot of people on this board were upset that we didn’t draft him instead of Lee.
  13. Joejet

    Jet specific transactions.

    The Denver Broncos used a sixth round draft pick on De’Angelo Henderson, AKA ‘Hop’, and got themselves a playmaker at RB. What NFL stud does he compare to? De’Angelo ‘Hop’ Henderson has quickly become one of my favorite Denver Broncos draft picks. With seemingly no running backs left on the board in a deep draft at the position, the Broncos pulled off what I believe to be one of the best value picks in the draft when they got the former Coastal Carolina star. Henderson is a compactly built running back at 5-foot-7, 209 pounds. Those types of running backs are uncommon size-wise, especially when you pair that kind of height and bulk with 4.48 speed. That is exactly the skill-set Henderson possesses, but it’s more than just his size that really reminds me of a guy who is currently playing at a very high level in the NFL. This scouting report reminded me a lot of Henderson, and it might remind you of someone else… That scouting report was written ahead of the 2014 NFL Draft about Florida State running back Devonta Freeman, who is very nearly the spitting image of new Broncos running back De’Angelo Henderson. One element of Henderson’s game that is missing from Freeman’s? Exceptional timed speed. Freeman ran a 4.58 at the 2014 Scouting Combine, while Henderson ran the aforementioned 4.48. Of course, there are reasons more than just playing at a small school that landed Henderson in the sixth round. He has carried the ball a ton, will be a bit older as an NFL rookie, and there’s always a worry about size and durability from some scouts. MORE FROM PREDOMINANTLY ORANGE Denver Broncos: Team claims QB Kevin Hogan Denver Broncos: Depth at key positions created tough cutdown decisions Denver Broncos: We shouldn’t give up on Devontae Booker just yet Denver Broncos: Predicting the ideal practice squad Denver Broncos: John Elway said team has looked at veteran QBs However, when I watched Henderson, his physicality for his size and quickness between the tackles reminded me a lot of Freeman. He needs to work on eluding defenders more often than simply trying to run through them, which Freeman has seemingly mastered. But when it comes to physical makeup, quickness, agility, and the ability to make plays out of the backfield as a receiver, I think Henderson compares pretty favorably to Freeman. Please don’t mistake this comparison for me saying that Henderson is going to step into the NFL and set the world on fire as the ‘next’ Devonta Freeman. I simply think that coming out of college, these two players have similar traits and physical makeup, and therefore, if developed properly, I think Henderson has a chance to be a very successful professional. One thing I love about smaller running backs with strong lower bodies — they are usually a lot harder to tackle. Henderson’s quickness and deceptive power work doubly in his favor because he’s hard to locate initially behind massive offensive linemen, and his straight line speed allows him to patiently wait for a hole to open up, and explode to the second and third level of defense. Not unlike Mr. Freeman. I see Henderson becoming one of the top value picks for the Broncos this year in a draft full of them. He could make an impact sooner rather than later.
  14. Joejet

    NFL Transactions

    Philly cut Steven Means, wouldn’t mind taking a shot at him.
  15. And you can’t get a bag of balls for Bridgewater either. Now get off my lawn!

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