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  1. Which side of the family tree is Idzik, mother or father?
  2. Joejet

    Jets tweet out naked player

  3. I’m not sure how Crowell has underachieved. He averaged 4.1 per carry last year with a team that had a rookie qb and was 0-16. He has averaged 4.2 for his career. Zeke Elliot averaged 4.1 last year, Leonard Fournette averaged 3.9 last year. Todd Gurley averaged 4.6 last year but is 4.2 for his career. It seems like the stats would say Crowell is fairly even with some big name runners.
  4. I’m not sure if he led the nation in turnovers or not. His 2018 record was 11-3, he threw for 26 touchdowns with 13 interceptions with 63% completion rate and a 148.1 qb rating. His career totals were 57 tds, 22 interceptions, a 65% completion rate and a qb rating of 153.7. I consider those numbers to show accuracy and being successful. Darnold did have 9 fumbles last year and that certainly needs to be cleaned up. He isn’t perfect but the original point was that they weren’t changing his quirky form and that constitutes a double standard. The stats say he was successful and that was the point that I was making.
  5. To break it down simplistically, Darnold was successful and accurate at the collegiate level and Hackenberg was not!
  6. According to your post he was let go by the Jags which made him available to ALL other teams and then picked up by the Jets. He was let go by the Chiefs and then let go and was once again available to ALL other teams and then picked up by the Jets. I actually have nothing against Neal Sterling and hope he becomes a good Jet. i know nothing about Trinnaman other than what was written here. He is an undrafted free agent who seems to have ridiculous athletic skills so he seems like he is worth a flier. Your constant he wouldn’t be on any team if not for the Jets for anyone you haven’t heard of just gets old. Carry on with your rants, I won’t bother you again. 😀
  7. 31 teams said no to your boy Neal Sterling but you think that’s a great signing. Hmmmm, because you saw him play at East Podunk U?
  8. Joejet

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Ray Lucas sucked worse as a Qb than he does as an announcer and that’s hard to do.
  9. Joejet

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Great job PK, thank you, thank you, thank you!
  10. Joejet

    New Hat/logo?

    I think pugs are cute! The hat is ugly though!
  11. If you are talking about team results I agree that Darnold will have a difficult time matching the playoff results. If you are speaking about personal passing statistics I believe that Darnold can exceed those.
  12. It wasn’t me that said it was for little girls, I was just pointing out that he used lol all the time! I use it myself.
  13. Do you realize that you use lol as much or more as you use ha?
  14. Do you realize that you use lol as much or more as you use ha?
  15. Joejet

    Breaking Down the Jets Tight Ends

    He is entering his 4th year, more people than Bowles have kept him on the bench.