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  1. According to the box score he ran 4 times.
  2. You said he was a good guy, obviously we have different opinions about what a good guy is.
  3. Seems like a good guy? Ask the cop who he told he was going to nut in his wife’s eye! You can argue that he should have been signed based on talent but not that he’s a good guy.
  4. No it’s not Shanahan’s fault, that’s Gase’s fault too. He’s also responsible for Covid.
  5. Yes he was fired by Rex Ryan in September of 2016 after they lost to the Jets 37-31. I’m sure the 37 points Rex’s defense gave up we’re probably his fault. He got good production out of Tyrod Taylor while he was there. He came to the 49ers from Stanford with Harbaugh and was the OC when they went to the Super Bowl. He’s a good coach with good results. Don’t let him being fired by Fat Bastard skew your thinking.
  6. I don’t know Fleck but Roman has proven that he is capable of running an effective nfl offense with different styles of QBs.
  7. That’s the best breakdown that I’ve read. I enjoy football but am not capable of breaking plays down. I think we all knew that we had a poor offense but this helps me understand why a lot of it is on Gase. Thank you for sharing this article.
  8. Is this your way of saying that we are going to win the Super Bowl this year?
  9. It seems like everyone keeps saying that Gregg Williams should be elevated to head coach. Did anyone else see the sh*t show that the defense showed Sunday? Terrible scheme, terrible tackling, untimely penalties. The defense looked as poor as the offense.
  10. I was in the rough a lot today but I didn’t find one diamond, only bogies.
  11. I never said anything about giving up on him. Had you read my post I said that both Gase and Darnold have to take blame. That was in response to Sar saying Gase wasn’t responsible that it should be blamed on Palmer. That being said, between seeing ghosts last year, then throwing that lollipop interception into triple coverage, followed by the play that Baldinger highlighted shows that Sam has a lot to improve on. While we shouldn’t give up on him yet, he shouldn’t be anointed the chosen one yet either.
  12. Andy Reid is a poor example to use as he makes all of the offensive calls.
  13. You have blamed Jordan Palmer at least three times in this thread but fail to note that Josh Allen was also there with theme and he put up 300 yards on Gregg Williams defense and showed the swagger of a seasoned veteran on when to hang in the pocket and when to scramble. Gase has to take on some of the blame as well as Darnold does. As for your other comment that Gase would have gone elsewhere if he didn’t think it would work with Darnold, I don’t think anyone else was knocking down his door to hire him.
  14. Isn’t this basically the same as the thread you started last night? Can we look forward to another one tomorrow?

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