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  1. Joejet

    Jets officially request interviews

    I left there 4 years ago when I retired to the golf courses in sunny North Carolina.
  2. Joejet

    Jets officially request interviews

    Almost everyone there is a Bills fan so they definitely know all about sorry! I used to get the same thing.
  3. I would be happy with either. Both respected evaluators and both have working experience with Gase.
  4. Joejet

    Your vote for the new GM!

    I originally voted for Douglas but I just read that Casserly is against the hiring of Manning so I have to change my pick to Manning.
  5. You beat me to it! You youngins get off my lawn!
  6. Very much looking forward to it, we’ve improved both our offense and defense. Sam should be much more comfortable in his second year. I don’t think the front office drama will have much if any impact on the players performance. Everything will be settled way before the start of the season.
  7. If KC really feels that Lee is one of the best cover lb in football they would have ponied up a 5th and not taken a chance on losing him. Most 5th and 6th round picks are crap shoots as to whether they make the team as special teasers or not. On a side note, if they truly think he is one of the best cover guys they might want to revisit the film room because I certainly didn’t see it when he was a Jet.
  8. There seems to be a lot of drama about what we received for a player that 90% of the board has hated since he arrived.
  9. Joejet

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    Not sure how that statement equates to sensitive but ok.
  10. Joejet

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    It’s shocking that any nfl coach would get rid of players that don’t buy into his system.
  11. Joejet

    Kris Jenkins

    New York JetsEdit Klecko was drafted by the New York Jets in the sixth round (144th overall) of the 1977 NFL Draft. Despite eight sacks by Klecko, his team went only 3-11 his first season. However, when he and Abdul Salaam were joined by Mark Gastineau and Marty Lyons on the Jets' Defensive line, they formed one of the top Defensive lines in the NFL, known as the "New York Sack Exchange." The four combined for 66 sacks in 1981, including a league-leading 20.5 by Klecko, to lead the Jets to their first playoff game since 1969. Klecko was honored with his first All-Pro selection. In November 1981, Klecko, Gastineau, Salaam and Lyons were invited to ring the ceremonial opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, which served as the inspiration for their nickname.[3] Klecko playing for the Jets in 1981 Klecko appeared in only two regular season games for the Jets in 1982, rupturing the patella tendon in his right knee in the second game of the season against the New England Patriots. The Jets made the playoffs in 1982, losing the AFCChampionship game to the Miami Dolphins. Klecko made 2 more appearances with the Jets during their playoff victories over the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders. Klecko moved from Defensive End to Defensive Tackle in 1983, and was named to the Pro Bowl at his new position in 1983 & 1984. The Jets switched to a 3-4 defensive alignment in 1985, forcing Klecko to learn a new position, Nose Tackle. He led the Jets with 96 tackles and five forced fumbles, and tied for second with 7.5 sacks to earn his second All-Pro selection, and become the second player, after Frank Gifford,[4] in professional football history to be selected to the Pro Bowl at three different positions.[5] Klecko spent the 1986-87 offseason recovering from knee surgery. The knee hadn't fully healed by the start of the 1987 season, and he was limited to only seven games. After the season, the Jets released Klecko. He played one more season with the Indianapolis Colts, who went 9-7 in 1988, including a 34-16 loss to the Jets. Following the season, Klecko retired due to chronic knee problems.
  12. Joejet

    Kris Jenkins

    Joe Klecko was the most dominating defensive force to wear a Jets uniform. You may be too young to remember him but he played all the positions on the defensive line and dominated at all of them!
  13. Proof that I have no idea what I am talking about!
  14. Joejet

    **** UDFA 2019 ****

    They are all reaches, that’s why they weren’t drafted.
  15. We actually have two centers, Harrison and Toth.

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