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  1. I agree with you there, I think positional talent is more important for offense than defense. You can scheme defense with less talent. The good offensive coordinators though can scheme players open though. I kind of knew I was reaching with Hue but I thought what to hell. Whisenhunt though has had good numbers at every stop.
  2. Actually the Giants were 6-10 and the Raiders were 7-9. Still a tough schedule but there were other sub .500 teams.
  3. Except that Herm has fire, Bowles is stoic.
  4. It needs to be either a young offensive minded coach or someone like Schwartz or Harbaugh that has a young offensive mind ready to come with them as offensive coordinator.
  5. Joejet

    I hate to say, I told you so

    You sir are a legend in your own mind!
  6. Has anyone ever been fired at halftime?
  7. So if I’m reading this correctly you think McCown is a better qb than Sam Darnold, correct?
  8. I think it’s planned. If I don’t hire anyone capable of replacing me, I can’t be replaced!
  9. Joejet

    Next Head Coach?

    I’m 66 and it scares the hell out of me.
  10. Joejet

    It won't matter.

    Unfortunately probably never.
  11. Joejet

    It won't matter.

    I’m talking about a president of football operations and let him hire a staff. Run it like a football team with the GM reporting to the president and the coach reporting to the GM.
  12. Joejet

    It won't matter.

    Dude, you need to pull on some big boy pants. Yes we are regressing as a team but that can be turned around if Johnson and Johnson will sit down and come to the realization that they don’t know crap about football and hire a football guy to run the team and let him bring in his own GM and coach. That is a lot of big ifs but I’m hoping that they are as fed up as the fan base is and try something different. Sitting around whining about it is just sad.

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