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  1. Except they play for Green Bay not Baltimore!
  2. You can’t have it both ways! I’m a turncoat Patriots fan but I secretly root for the Jets to beat them? You belong on their bandwagon!
  3. Roberts is averaging 4.9 yards per return this year. He had his career year last year.
  4. No big deal, I assumed you hadn’t seen it as you are one of the most responsible posters on the board.
  5. I’m guessing that you didn’t see it, but there is a 3 page discussion on this from yesterday.
  6. Some of you guys kill me. It doesn’t have to be either or with Adams and Sam, they are both very good young players and good building blocks for the future. I agree that picking a safety at six when we had so many other needs was crazy but he didn’t pick himself, it was Mac, and he is gone thank god. Let’s enjoy the handful of good players we have and hope that Douglas can bring in more good players, especially offensive ones.
  7. I assume you mean Kyle Phillips and I agree he was all over the field today. He looked like the best DL on the team today.
  8. My guess is it would be Jim Bob Cooter our running backs coach. He has experience as an OC. It’s a moot point anyway because there isn’t going to be a change.
  9. Which is why the article said that Dan Snyder’s primary objective is to find a way to acquire Tomlin from the Steelers.
  10. Oh wait, while we’ve only been to one, at least we won it!

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