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  1. Rick Mirer? Ryan Leaf? Marcus Mariota? Just kidding, I expect him to make big improvements from last year and show everyone why he was picked #2 overall.
  2. I only count 16 on the offensive line not 17. Also 3+7++7+11+17=45 not 46. If there aren’t any more offensive linemen that number would only be 44 which would leave us at 91. Take away Clark who retired and that would drop it to 90, no cuts necessary unless we sign someone else.
  3. He is from Minnesota, what language did you expect him to speak?
  4. 7/10/98 23 will be 24 in July
  5. Nice pickup. The team needs quality depth at center and guard, hopefully he can provide that for both positions.
  6. I would rank them in this order; 1. Tight end 2. Tight end 3. Tight end
  7. Weren’t you the one that was slurping all over Paxton Lynch a few years ago? If I am correct forgive me if I don’t buy into your qb analysis.
  8. I would like to thank the people that provide all of the draft and free agency player information on this site. I won’t name names because I don’t want to insult anyone by overlooking them but,We have a couple of insiders that provide interesting info that normally wouldn’t be available to me. We also have a number of guys that give us in depth scouting reports, either through their own film study, or from information derived from sites that they follow. This is a wonderful forum and I spend probably way too much time devouring the information provided. Thank you again everyone and enjoy the draft.
  9. Good, need to keep our own good players.
  10. When the Jets drafted Namath was when I became a Jets fan also. It has been a long and frustrating journey over the past 50 plus years but that 69 Super Bowl was magical. Usually when you meet a hero it doesn’t work out this well. Good for you and its nice to hear that Joe was so nice and accommodating.
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