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  1. I went with safety so that we can have a 100+ page thread with people pissing and moaning about drafting a safety.
  2. Todd Bowles got 4 years, you really think Adam Gase gets canned after 2? Not happening!
  3. I can remember the days when you had insightful posts that were interesting to read. Too bad you have gone down the rabbit hole to snarky one liners.
  4. I said extend Adams and end the drama. We’re going to sign him anyway, so let’s put it to bed and move on.
  5. Should be Matt Moore, will be David Fales, outside chance James Morgan.
  6. Signing Ryan gives all those youngsters time to develop and not be rushed into a role they aren’t ready for. Hall is coming off a bad injury and while he was a great pick for where JD got him, he may not be ready immediately. Last year showed us that you can never have enough CBs as we were scraping the bottom of the barrel due to injuries and terrible play.
  7. Yes, absolutely. If we were to get Smith-Schuster the offense would be loaded with weapons and should be enough to make the playoffs at a minimum and quite possibly win the East. That would make the 2nd round pick in the 50s or even 60s, and 5th rounders are always a crap shoot. We already have two extra picks next year from the Giants and Patriots trade so that would leave us with 8. I’m not seeing the down side.
  8. Not only is everyone new, we may have very limited practice time for them to gel. This virus delay could have a major impact on the oline development.
  9. My bad, sometimes sarcasm is hard to detect.
  10. Are you saying that he has a starting clause in his contract? If so, I have to call bullsh*t on that. If not, the coaches can start anyone they want and could have Winters on the bench or on the game day inactive list.
  11. Quite simply, no we don’t. If they want to bring him back strictly because of his playing skills, fine, but not to be a playing coach.

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