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  1. Based on posts on this site my guess is that all of those teams looking for a head coach will be throwing millions of dollars at Matt Rhule!
  2. Sam is a good young quarterback who has excellent potential. As with all young QBs he will have some clunker games and be confused with certain defenses. Hopefully as he gets more experience those clunker games will be few and far between. As we saw last night with Rodgers it can happen to the best of them. It’s too early to determine just how good Sam will be but it appears he has the skill set to be very good to great.
  3. My game ball goes to Leonard Williams, we’ve won 3 in a row since he was traded!
  4. Oops, I forgot that we’ve already played them twice. I usually try to forget those games.
  5. You don’t think we’ll be big underdogs against the Patsies?
  6. Hats off to you for showing up to take your lumps!
  7. Don’t forget, we are pretty well set at IR too. We have a lot of money invested there!
  8. He had 19.5 tackles for a loss with 8 sacks last year at Alabama.
  9. If you believe that Kaepernick is better than Luke Falk and David Fales then you kind of are saying that the Jets should sign him.
  10. He had one tackle, and it wasn’t a sack. I’ve heard of this guy so we should pick him up! We just traded away a high draft pick low producing player in Williams, why would we want someone else’s garbage?

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