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  1. Head Coaching Candidates

    My preference would be; 1. Shurmur 2. Haley 3.Schwartz
  2. Why does it have to be one or the other? Can’t it be both?
  3. Joe’s passion for the Jets sometimes goes a little overboard such as wanting to cut Anderson a number of times and now wanting Morton fired. Just some misplaced passion.
  4. Kirk Cousins is trash

    So does Marcus Mariotta!
  5. Cousins should be the target

    Brad Johnson won the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay and was drafted by Minnesota.
  6. This rumor has been around for a couple of weeks but Darnold said it is absolutely not true when asked about it.
  7. Baker Mayfield

    In fairness, it shows!
  8. Baker Mayfield

    I think the reason that they have agreed with continuing to start McCown is that they don’t believe the other two are any good. I can’t speak to your other point because I have no idea what that word is.
  9. Baker Mayfield

    What are you basing this on?
  10. I was a Sanchez fan and agree that he got screwed over by a poor management team not getting him the proper support as well as a coach that promoted chaos. He was a game manager that could win with a strong defense and strong running game. All that being said he was never going to be a qb that carried a team and his weaknesses have been exposed in his three destinations since then. As far as the fans driving him out of town, fans don’t really have the power that some people on this board seem to thin. We don’t have any say in personnel decisions and the team doesn’t win or lose depending on whether we root for a win or a loss.
  11. Baker Mayfield

    I am no qb guru by any sense but I am all in on Baker Mayfield. When Oklahoma is on it is must see tv for me as I love the passion and moxie he brings to the game. For all I know he may end up being a bust but it would be a fun ride finding out.
  12. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    Thought I’d move this back up, over reaction time!
  13. Careful Joe, the last guy you wanted cut was Robbie Anderson and we all know how that’s worked out, lol! 😀
  14. Gotta make up your mind

    Well I cheer each week for us to win and then let the results be what they are. At the end of the year we will see where we are and then root for the team to figure out how to get the best available qb. Sometimes the one that falls to you turns out to be the best of the bunch.
  15. Gotta make up your mind

    Are you delusional enough to think how a specific group of fans roots makes a difference in the score?