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  1. Yay, always enjoy your reports!
  2. Seriously? This couldn’t have waited a few days?
  3. My bad, by the time I got through all the comments I forgot that QB’s were eliminated from the discussion.
  4. JD drafted 12 safeties this year. Maye would have to sign a team friendly deal to go past this year. You save your cap space for OL, QB, DL, CB, and pass rushers. The other positions can be replaced with draft picks and low cost free agents.
  5. I certainly hope it gets worked out. Your reports are excellent, very informational without bias for or against the team.
  6. My thoughts and prayers to you and your wife Max. Keep the faith.
  7. She was having fun dancing with a bunch of friends at her daughters wedding. Not a big deal, Some of you guys are like gossiping old women!
  8. If you remember Q was a fat, lazy piece of sh*t at this time last year and now he’s a budding star. This board expects instant superstardom starting with guys first practice. Players mature at different rates, especially receivers.
  9. You misread my point, it was a reflection of a number of posters reactions to any injury to a draft choice such as Mims, Benton, Q Williams his rookie year, etc. I am confident that Lawrence will be a good to excellent QB.
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