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  1. An old qb going to a rebuilding team, what could possibly go wrong?
  2. He’s not retiring, he just wants someone to beg him to come back, unless he thinks he might be traded. I don’t see that happening because the fans would go nuts.
  3. Hasn’t Mosely played 3-4 his entire career?
  4. Patience grasshopper, there is plenty of time and decisions will be made that will piss you off!
  5. Wait until the first day of camp when Gase opens up his gym bag and out pops Dowell. Pete screams what’s that? And Gase says, oh that’s just Dowell he goes everywhere with me. Don’t worry Pete, he won’t hurt anyone.
  6. John Fox was the head coach in Denver at the time and he hired Greg Knapp to be the QB coach and he promoted Adam Gase from wide receivers coach to OC. Two years later John Fox left and went to Chicago and took Adam Gase with him to be his OC again. Gary Kubiak was then hired to coach the Broncos and he retained Knapp as his QB coach. That was the year they won the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning.
  7. Same name I’ve had since I joined. Some people run away and change their name if you know what I mean.
  8. Who said anything about signing someone from the 49ers Nico?
  9. I’ll be interested in who the strength and conditioning coach is as well as the training staff. We could use a major upgrade there.
  10. Why do you think they call it dope?
  11. Greg Knapp is an excellent QB coach, if anyone can straighten out Sam Darnold it will be him. If Darnold doesn’t show improvement under him it will be time to move on to the next option.

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