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  1. No way!!!! You take that back!
  2. So who would have been your choice? Or are you one of those guys that just craps on everything else but won’t put themselves out there?
  3. He is highly regarded throughout the league as a talented executive who has worked his way up through two highly respected franchises. While there are no guarantees that he will be successful the experience that he brings gives him a good chance to be successful. After the stumbling and bumbling that we have experienced, most people are excited that we were able to bring in someone so highly respected.
  4. There has to be something deeper that no one knows about for him to be fired now.
  5. It’s negotiation, I’ve negotiated a lot of contracts and have walked out a few times but I always knew we would find a common ground. I’m sure his agent was doing the same. Some of it may have been contract length and working budget.
  6. Houston just fired Gaine 1 year into a 5 year contract. No biggie.
  7. Finally! Now when do the Joe must go threads start?
  8. Most of us have read up on all of the candidates, and most of us are homeless but public libraries give us internet access.
  9. My point was that there are plenty of Gase threads to have a Gase debate in. If you were having a civil debate about Douglas that would be understandable. Why even have specific threads? Maybe just have an open forum with no specific threads would be appropriate.
  10. I find it amazing that in a thread about Douglas I can scroll through multiple pages that have nothing to do with him. There are plenty of Gase pages to have Gase discussions.

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