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  1. They’re all old and retired!
  2. I know, I was surprised too.
  3. Glennon has only started 22 games in his career versus Simiens 24.
  4. Joejet

    Easton to Saints

    While we’re still weak at center, at least we didn’t just sign Fitz to be our starting QB!
  5. Joejet

    Free Agent Centers

    We can’t sign Fitz, everywhere he goes the starter gets hurt because he is a jinx. I say we hope the Patriots sign him.
  6. Joejet

    Just Joined the Forum

  7. What are your thoughts about Jon Toth? Was considered a 3rd or 4th round possibility a couple of years ago until he had a back procedure . I believe the Jets signed him to a futures contract.
  8. Joejet

    Trading out making less sense

    I’m not sure how you don’t see Osemele as filling a need. Who would you have playing left guard if not trading for Osemele?
  9. Joejet

    Who is Plan B at center?

    Wisniewski is only 6 months older than Paradis. I’m not sure how good he is at center but he won’t be 30 until the end of this month.
  10. Joejet

    Thoughts on Jets backup QB

    My understanding is that it’s a done deal. Keenum and a seventh round pick to Washington and Washington trades it’s sixth rounder to Denver.
  11. Joejet

    Jets in talks with:

    Which of the traded players were you interested in and what would you have traded away to get that player(s)?
  12. Joejet

    Jets in talks with:

    I’ll sign up for that. The only difference is that I would take a running back in round 2 and grab a DT later.
  13. Thanks for the article

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