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  1. How did we go from assault to a nerd fest so quickly?
  2. 9 million dollars divided by 365 days equals $24,657 a day for every day of the year. He wasn’t even fined what would be a full day of pay for each day missed. Cry me a river Q.
  3. It just so happens it was a Friday Monday absence. He probably did a 4 day weekend trip and used the dog ate my homework and wife is a veteran/lunch excuse after the fact.
  4. Not sure why he is expected to show up for work, he only makes 9 million a year.
  5. Actually, I’m not really getting at anything. I find it interesting that Scotty, who has been much maligned, is having such a good season with his qb. Sorry, no conspiracy theory.
  6. Wilson is having his best year, some say mvp type, with Scotty as his offensive coordinator. Interesting!
  7. Edoga definitely needs an off season in an nfl weight room. The 2019 reps will show the coaching staff whether he has the footwork and the ability to pick up the stunts etc, but he is way too weak at this point.
  8. Three tackles, one solo. Is he worth a 3rd and 5th (4th)? Thank god he was to the Giants!
  9. He probably spent all day Monday and Tuesday sorting through all of the forum coaches plays and then started implementing them into the game plan at practice the rest of the week.
  10. I loved the black uniforms today.
  11. While we talk about the Johnsons being cheap and won’t be willing to pay 3 head coaches next year, we should also consider that I’m guessing that most of the assistants have at least 2 year contracts that would have to be eaten too. Probably not going to happen.
  12. I’m not a huge fan of mashed potatoes cooked on the grill.
  13. He’s played two years of college football and has been injured both years. What makes you think he can stay healthy in the nfl?
  14. Just let Joe Douglas hire someone that he knows and can work with.
  15. Sad thing is that I was a fan and supporter before this bullsh*t. I recognize that he was over drafted but he does have talent and can help a team. All of that being said, you can’t build a team through me first players. Mangini had it right when he brought in players that were solid players and solid individuals.

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