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  1. This is a nice pick. Does everything well but nothing great. RB2 is his ceiling and he also has special teams experience. Good teams need players like him Rounds 4-7 are all about depth players and special teams.
  2. Can sign cousins and Norwell. I like Richburg but he’s a risk w injury. Swanson is garbage.
  3. Disagree. Whether you sign Cousins or draft a QB you still have to use resources to rebuild the o line and draft a RB. I don’t think you can rebuild the online through FA. Especially this year. There are no good OT on the market. Too few to begin with and teams don’t let them get away. Plus the C from Baltimore Jansens is not that good.
  4. Yes. I’m all for cousins and trading down for picks. Use the draft to rebuild the line and get a good RB in rounds 2or 3
  5. I agree. But this year when Mccown played we got good QB play and it exposed the o line and RUnning game as major weakness. All I’m saying is you can just plug in an above average QB into this team and expect him to take us to the promise land. It’s simply not just the QB.
  6. Agreed but you have to look at the team as a whole. If we sign Cousins and do not upgrade the oline and running game then we will suck on your other point I can take my lumps for another 2- Years but are you confident that Allen or Mayfield will develop into anything better than cousins is right now? I’m not
  7. That’s the knee jerk reaction. Truth is McCown provided good QB play. There was no running game. Stats don’t lie. Not say McCown is the answer. But getting a QB like Cousins certainly upgrades the position adequately. Still, w/o a running game or decent o line no QB will succeed. Signing cousins and drafting for o line help and a Rb takes care of both
  8. With Denver you have a Gruden led young and talented Oakland team plus a pretty good KC led by Andy Reid and Charger team that is also pretty good. At least with pats you know that once Brady is out they are done. I’m he’s over 40 for Christ sake
  9. Not a bad strategy. Trade down and get McGlinchey in the first and draft Billy Price and Sony Michel in the second. Suddenly we have a pretty good offense
  10. When Mccown was starting our offenses biggest problem wasn’t QB play. It was the lack of a running game and that stemmed from our awful O line play. Pass protection also was not that good. Signing Cousins, signing a FA guard and drafting a LT, C and RB will go a long ways to upgrade the offense. Much more than drafting A QB at 6
  11. Not sure if he is top tier. What we know is that he is a capable starter in this league who has almost 60 starts under his belt, has completed 65% if his throws, about 100 TDs to 55 INTs with a QBR in the mid 90s. Your getting a proven solid QB for the next 4-5 Years In the draft your not sure what your getting. The most NFL ready QB is Rosen who may be a head case None of the other guys are ready to step right in and start on day 1. Especially on this team. Plus unless you give up picks to trade up, you are not likely to get Darnold or Rosen. So you are looking at Mayfield or Allen. A
  12. Totally agree with this. I don’t think any of the QBs coming out are as much of a sure thing as people made them out to be. They all have warts and are a gamble. I’d much rather take a solid/steady QB who has shown he can play in this league at a high level and use the picks to fix our O line and RB. We can pick a Luke Falk or that kid from Western Kentucky to develop in a later round
  13. I’m not sure you can build the oline through FA this year. If you can trade down and pick up a few draft picks you can rebuild the o line and get a very good RB at the same time. The draft has many good OT and C options not to mention deep in RB. Put Cousins behind a good o line and give us a running game and now we are talking about a pretty solid offense.
  14. I think Denver has the edge. They were in the SB not so long ago and have better players and a solid defense. Don’t underestimate the Elway factor
  15. Cousins brings us stability at QB for the next 4-5 Years. It allows us to use our picks to build an O line which we desperately need and the rest of FA to add a player or two on defense. Essentially it allows us to make a run for championship the next few years Drafting a QB not named Darnold or Rosen simply creates more ??
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