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  1. JetsRay

    Monken to Browns

    As opposed to an OC with a defensive mind? 🤔
  2. Great video and analysis!
  3. JetsRay

    Jets Releasing Terrelle Pryor...

    This exactly!!! DB and WR injuries too much to overcome without a move like this, makes sense. Burnett gets a taste of action, Prior will be back! Only other possibility is a trade coming, but I doubt it!
  4. The release of this book is surely going to exponentially advance that timeline... It will be fascinating watching how things play out even this year as the book comes out. Watching the media pounce will be popcorn worthy.
  5. Pretty much... Instant swelling after watching that video... Is it 7 pm on Monday yet?
  6. JetsRay

    Jet specific transactions.

    Giants trying to sneak him on their PS; jets grab him on waivers as #3
  7. You're still waiting, because nobody has said anything of the sort.
  8. Who gives a sh*t? Another lame excuse to dump on Bowles? 🙄 Belichick's defenses were never top of the line. The hero worshipping of Belichick by some is over the top ridiculous. Yes, great coach, overall, teams are well coached. With Brady declining, let's see how things go, because Belichick burns plenty of bridges, players leave and they speak out on him too. Pepper is out of the league for a reason, and Belichick let him go too!
  9. 🙄🙄🙄 Beat writer does obligatory cynicism spin on team and chicken little fickle fans buy in... Last year, nobody gave that team a shot to win a single game, how did that turn out? Already this year, it's obvious this team is more talented and improved from a roster perspective. Two pre-season games doesn't change that. Fans calling for firing coaches etc right now is just beyond stupid. With a rookie QB taking over, expectations should be tempered, and the team remains in transition with roster overhaul of the last couple of years. We should expect improvement, but I would agree a playoff run is probably not realistic. That doesn't mean it isn't possible, if the team improves from last year, and Darnold improves and develops into the QB that some already expect him to be, and all signs point that way, we could make a run. Evaluating the team now in the pre-season and crying about it is beat writer fodder and ignorance.
  10. JetsRay

    So were fans wrong about Josh Allen

    🙄 Awful? No, he wasn't awful. Two plays stand out that we'd probably like do over on, the sack on 3rd down resulting in a FG, and the 4th down INT. Other than that, he was pretty solid in his first start, showing great pre-snap and mostly great in-play execution. It was simple, and a limited sample because the defense didn't give Darnold and the offense many opportunities, he only had 3-4 drives in the first half. To say he was awful is just wrong.
  11. This is mostly wrong... Game planning and in-game execution and adjustments have actually been mostly good Discipline has been up and down, but he has had a limited roster that has been a handicap Revis wasn't a problem player. Richardson was traded, Wilk was benched and fined, and eventually released, what else was there to do? The team never game up, they have been pretty resilient under Bowles. Playing hard through to the last game of the season in a losing season, that is a mark of a good coach. Morton was ok, seemed like there were other issues there. Rogers is a fair point, but this is Bowles defense. Bowles would have to let go and turn it completely over to a DC to run it his way to be judged here. Boring personality? Who the heck cares, Belichick is a dead man walking... I agree though, this is a big year for Bowles.
  12. (rolls eyes) Hyperbole Bowles is still growing as a coach and he's trending the right way... The players have all raved about the change in culture, his teams have for the most part played hard and smart, never giving up despite not being a talented team and as the team has been rebuilt. This year's team will be the most talented one yet, albeit with a rookie QB. But Darnold is the guy, the team should deliver a solid season. Bowels deserves 3 years go develop his program with a roster overhaul. How the team does this year will be a referendum on Bowels.

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