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  1. And.... which ones? Name one... (You can't, but this is fun)
  2. Your post is stupid! He was on the PS, most PS squad development QBs in their second year aren’t ready, like any other team in the league. This isn’t a Jets thing!
  3. It wasn’t the TE it was the very raw not ready yet #3 practice squad QB throwing to him! Maybe you didn’t notice... 🙄
  4. Personal attack? I said your post was moronic! and because a coach was let go by another team means he sucks? Belichick was once fired after his first gig! And anybody complaining about Gase or any new head coach after 3 friggin games, when he hasn’t had his #1 QB healthy for a single game, and has had to play his #3 now going into his 3rd game, doesn’t make any sense!
  5. Again, moronic. Why would they put him on the field next week if it's not best for his health when they didn't do it this week? Do you even read what you write? He was close to playing, he's feeling healthy, and Gase himself said Dr's said it was close. He will be cleared next week, and we can chat about this again.
  6. Drama queens this fan base! He's out, it sucks, but he was close to playing. It's the smart move. One more week won't kill us. Losing on Sunday will. Hope for the best, move on. Suggesting season is over is beyond moronic! It's a long season, this team will make a run.
  7. He will be back next week. So this will be wrong!
  8. And who are the QB's out there worth trading for and that teams would be willing to trade?
  9. And how do you know he didn't? They both got reps, there was a chance Darnold could play, they are making a smart decision based on medical evaluation. He's most likely back next week.
  10. Or he didn't have a really bad version of the virus, and it left his body pretty quickly. Given that he had it in week 1 he's about where he should be if he is able to come back next week.
  11. LOL, some things will never change. I'm a homer because I chose not to run around screaming like a bitch that the season is over after two weeks. You can take that shoe and...
  12. Oh, so this is now acceptable behavior again on a message board. Good to know.

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