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  1. JetsRay

    Cardinals meet with Bosa

    🙄 This guy
  2. JetsRay

    Da’Zarius Smith

    In the head!
  3. Unless Jets get a great offer, he should go no where... Would be very good #3 MLB behind Williamson and Mosley. Rookie contract.
  4. JetsRay

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Upgrade from Tomlinson, ST'er, and knows Gase/Loggains offensive system. Depth signing, Jets will sign more of these, not sure why people are freaking out. Seems like a solid depth player.
  5. JetsRay

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    https://twitter.com/rvacchianosny/status/1107799608766484480?s=21 Gase and/or Loggains connection. Young!
  6. JetsRay

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    Hopefully, the Jets can beat the Browns to the FA pick-up... Too soon? 🤔
  7. So is the fan base going to freak out about every piece of news that involves a player that isn't a name player? That $100 million needs to be used to rebuild a hefty chunk of the roster, not to put it all on big name players... 🙄
  8. JetsRay

    Monken to Browns

    As opposed to an OC with a defensive mind? 🤔
  9. Great video and analysis!
  10. JetsRay

    Jets Releasing Terrelle Pryor...

    This exactly!!! DB and WR injuries too much to overcome without a move like this, makes sense. Burnett gets a taste of action, Prior will be back! Only other possibility is a trade coming, but I doubt it!
  11. The release of this book is surely going to exponentially advance that timeline... It will be fascinating watching how things play out even this year as the book comes out. Watching the media pounce will be popcorn worthy.
  12. Pretty much... Instant swelling after watching that video... Is it 7 pm on Monday yet?
  13. JetsRay

    Jet specific transactions.

    Giants trying to sneak him on their PS; jets grab him on waivers as #3

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