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  1. https://www.newyorkjets.com/photos/gallery-jets-veterans-and-rookies-work-out-on-the-field-together-for-the-first-t
  2. You're also missing Jacob Martin who is a pretty solid player we picked up in FA from the Texans.
  3. Based on what we've done in FA so far, and re-signing key players like Berrios, I think we could go OT and DT with #4 and 10. Davis is certainly in play. JD's priority as stated as been build the team through the trenches!
  4. Time to upgrade your tinfoil hat, the one your wearing is killing your brain cells!
  5. Great info and great thread, thank you. Any thoughts on if Hamilton is a consideration at #4 or #10, is this particular player (not the position) a consideration given his talent level? If there is no Hamilton, I understand the team is not looking to upgrade the position this high in the draft.
  6. Another logical post based on common sense and just a little bit of effort to piece things together. But some have their agenda...
  7. A sound extremely logical and well written post. Unheard of in Jetnation where the knee jerk quips of cynicism usually reigns. Pleasantly refreshing.
  8. All the OL in the world won’t matter if we don’t have weapons defenses have to respect. Buffalo today had No respect for any of our weapons on the field and stacked the LOS that was obvious…
  9. When you consider the talent he played with, and then two key guys going down in this game including our starting RB, it was a great performance against an elite defense! GREAT!
  10. Yeah, this perspective is dumb, makes no sense, and isn't based on anything.
  11. Great post and observation, everything here is 100% accurate!
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