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  1. It's been 3 games with a new regime and the youngest team in the league. Everybody needs to calm the hell down. We all know what's going on, this is a transition year, 14 games to go, we need to see progress, the rest is babblemouth bullsh*t!
  2. Pathetic thread by clueless knee jerk reactionary pathetic fans!
  3. You don't need to justify with a disclaimer. It is implied. It's ok to be upset about not having Knapp as a QB coach, it should go without saying his death is tragic and most unfortunate for his family. God bless his family!
  4. What a bunch of chicken littles What makes it even more hilarious, and pathetic, is the fact one play was commented by 7 different beat writers, and some of you treated all 7 as 7 different plays. It's training camp, it's a new system, new rookie QB, injuries and rotation on the OL, it's practice against another team. These practices are probably better than the pre season mgames. Lawson had a good day against one of the better LT's in the league in practice today too. Not every play will be a win by one player. It will always be a back and forth. The overreaction here i
  5. Nugent is not even in an NFL camp. Folk is a jag biding time until the Pats find a real kicker, and Meyers wasn't worth the money the Hawks gave him.
  6. Not only that but camp is 3 days old, it’s called rotation to evaluate players at every level… As usual, the knee jerk over reactions ensue…
  7. I live in the Charlotte area, have my two tix for me and the kid, can't wait! Will monitor thread to see where folks will be at!
  8. Has nothing to do with him being negative, he's just a douche, and you are just unaware. His line of questioning with Corey Davis asking about Darnold then and now is all one needs to study to understand how much of a douche Rich Cimini is. He always has an agenda of controversy, that is the issue!
  9. Cimini is a douche period! And yes, he's a good writer, but a douche!
  10. Accurate. Also, why the NBA cow tows to the protectionism of communist China. Complete hypocrites!
  11. I absolutely hate the new NFL numbers rule... WR's wearing single digits, TE's... Ugh!!!
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