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  1. I used to love listening to Beningo when he did the overnight on the FAN, and appreciated his passion. But he is one naive blowhard. And this is a good post, think of all the Jets fans that have been brainwashed by his diatribes of insanity!
  2. I wanted Marriota but I'd like to see the Jets bring in Wentz. Like Wilson, he too could probably benefit from playing behind Rodgers.
  3. LOL, GB isn't getting #13, and I'm now wondering if the Jets will give up a 2nd rounder. It's looking more like a 3rd in 2023, and a conditional 4th in 2024 that can move up to a 2nd
  4. All the leverage... As it has been noted in this thread with the breakdown of the cap numbers, if the Jets back out and Packers don't settle, it will destroy them cap wise. - There are no other takers for Rodgers, no other teams willing to pony up both the $ and the draft comp - The Jets can simply turn the page and go after a player like Stafford, or get a lesser veteran to compete with Wilson and stay the course. (I realize this is not what the fan base might want, but the Jets are not going to mortgage the future for Rodgers who may only play for 2 years) Jets should remain firm on the offer they made, and force GB to blink, period. Also, they should go on offense and give them a deadline before reducing the draft compensation.
  5. Not only do the Jets have all the leverage, JD and the Jets should go on offense, and as each week goes by the 2023 compensation lessens. If they don't take the deal on the table today, and let's say it's a 2023 2nd rounder and a conditional 4th next year. Next week it becomes a 2023 3rd rounder, and a conditional forth, and so on... Disclaimer, I trust Wingo, I'm not sure compensation is the issue.
  6. Everybody is talking about the deal is hung up on compensation, and yet the only guy who has nailed what is going on with Rodgers from the beginning has been Trey Wingo, and he doubled down again today and said the deal is "done." He said it's 99% done, the 1% is GB simply pulling the trigger. The compensation has been agreed to, there is something else going on with GB here that nobody knows!
  7. This is false, and you are amazingly bad at simple math and timelines.
  8. I'm fine with Rankins and Sheppard losses, but this is where I'm wrangled about the team losing Jonathan Marshall!
  9. I get the consolidation of the threads, but I think it's being overdone. Some of the threads are an interesting read, and interesting to participate in, once they get consolidated to the AR palooza thread, the discussions get destroyed. Why can't the threads be left alone where it makes sense?
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