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  1. On 9/25/2022 at 4:53 PM, Warfish said:

    3-years, $45 million.

    Missed his entire first season here due to injury.

    Is a complete non-entity so far in 2022.  

    For all the hype when he was signed, the guy is a joke. 

    Mr. led the league in "Almost got there" doesn't even almost get there much anymore.

    The failure of an investment (so far) is a big part of why our pass rush, and Defense, has been so horrid during the Saleh Era.  

    Is there any reason to think he is going to turn it around and start producing?  Or is this now just a sunk cost.

    Stupid post.

    The guy is coming off of a significant injury, missed his first year. It will take a while for him to find that same gear again, it will take several games, but it will come.

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  2. 53 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

    I had disagreed with several posters that were critical of Saleh.  Even though the Jets did not rack up wins last season, I saw what I thought were signs of a good HC.  Apologies to those I contradicted.  I saw a poorly coached team yesterday.  I'm leaning towards concluding that Saleh is another dead end.

    The VERY good news is that JD appears to have overcome his early mistakes to hit a grand slam this off season.

    Perhaps, his next pick for HC will be another home run.  

    Also... LeFleur is already on the payroll.  Could he be the next Jets HC ???

    Three games, with a back up QB, and multiple critical injuries at the OT position, and that's it?

    This fan base is the worst!

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  3. 14 hours ago, 68JET11 said:

    Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda's, is all we ever hear about this team... Not just this year, but every year.  Not sure who is out there that can turn this thing around, but I like what JD has done for the most part, however he has failed in his attempt to put together a good OL. He has had 3 years to do that. All other accomplishments go our the window when you can't do the one thing you said you were going to do.

    It's been one game, against a very good team. 

    Let's not forget we have one of the youngest teams in the league.

    Many of the issues yesterday was an OL that is trying to get settled with multiple injuries at the OT position, the flip flopping of Fant, and the fact we are now starting our 4th round pick.

    And yet, the Jets dominated defensively shutting down a upper Echelon Raven offense, and as said, we moved the ball offensively even despite the pressure Flacco had.

    How about we all step away from the ledge, give the 10 foot SOJF pole up everyone's ass a break, and give them a chance to settle down over the first few weeks.

    It's already obvious this team is MUCH better with the talent improvement, now they need the young guys grow up a little, and put it together a little bit.

  4. 1 hour ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

    JD's solution to Braden Mann is a punter who is worse than Braden Mann.

    Thank you JD. Thank you. 

    Or, he brought in a punter by design to motivate and put Mann on notice because they still value and believe in his potential?

    Nevermind that, did anybody expect Ray Guy to be available after week 1 of the season?

    I know critical thinking is not a Jets fan strong point, but a little common sense should apply every once and a while.

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  5. 2 hours ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

    Payton isn’t happening but I think they could have had one of his top lieutenants, Dan Campbell.

    Disagree with me all you want, but I can’t put into words how much better I’d feel about the direction of the franchise with him compared to this mess with BS.

    Campbell isn’t eloquent or book smart.

    But unlike BS, he’s an authentic leader, a good coach, and the team is legit turning around with him at the helm.

    You mean the Dan Campbell up in Detroit?  What the hell has he shown?

  6. 10 hours ago, greenwichjetfan said:

    I'm all out of ****s to give. Give Payton whatever he wants to come here. This team has too much talent on paper to be this bad. The training camps are bad, the practices that we've seen are bad, the in-game decision making is bad, the weird decisions on who plays and who doesn't is bad, and the actual games are bad.

    If nothing else, Payton will at least put the talent on the field and put them in good situations to win their plays. Whether they win games or not is up in the air given that he had a top 10 all time QB and had losing seasons for like 3 years in a row, but at least the Jets will be fun to watch. At this point, that's all I want - is to be entertained. 

    Nothing here you said about Saleh and the jets play yesterday is true, this is SOJF bullsh*t..

    You want Payton, fine, but writing off the current coaching staff when it was the Jets that outplayed the Ravens on BOTH sides of the ball, and if not for two critical and timely turnovers, and various dropped balls including another fumble they recovered but end the drive because the fumble recovery brought the ball back behind the yard to gain first down, we are in position to win that game!

  7. 1 hour ago, ASH1962 said:

    Just watch the Giants play. Came back to win a game they were down 0-13 in. It is amazing what competent coaching does. 

    Watching them play the exact same way I wish my team would play is really depressing. When was the last time our team came back from 0-13 and 13-20 late in the 4th to win a game? I honestly cannot remember us ever doing that.

    And we also saw multiple good teams lose this past weekend, in much worse fashion than the Jets did....

    Rams, Titans, and Bengals all lost, and the Packers lost bad and they have Aaron Rogers.

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  8. 1 hour ago, jNYC1 said:

    I think many see Duane Brown on IR and think there is a chance he comes back after 4 weeks…

    Since he’s a tackle, I can’t see him playing through a rotator cuff injury after 4 weeks of rehab given the range of motion required in pass protection.  

    It would be better to think - probably out for the year and move on intellectually and emotionally.

    Thank goodness we don’t have much dead cap $, since the $ on injured reserve are starting to climb.


    That is exactly what is being reported, that he is out 4 weeks, the team expects him to return at some point. It's not all bad!

  9. 3 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

    Signing a 37 year old tackle was always going to work out. JD once again fails to fix the line. It proves to be his Achilles heel.

    I love these responses...

    No, the position was addressed in the draft, they've been also developing players on the roster. Hermanns was actually on the team last year, but apparently all the fans that love to bitch and moan don't even know he's been with the team for two years. In training camp, Hermanns actually rotated with the starters when Becton first went down.

    When the starter and his signed back up go down to injury, and yes, extremely unfortunate if not unlucky, you don't say the GM didn't address the position. 

    But JD did address it, just like he addressed many other positions. Our starter tomorrow was actually drafted in the 4th round. That is actually a GOOD thing, and a GOOD reflection on Douglas that the player is much further along than the team anticipated.

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  10. Bryce Hall is not only making this team, he will start ahead of Gardner. The overreaction of his play on Monday is just more knee jerk reactionary SOJF blasphemy!

    I think Smart has a shot on the IDL over a player like Shephard. I also think Solomon Thomas has a. place on this roster, though I struggle replacing him with the 6 on your list. 

    Nice job!

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  11. 10 hours ago, Zerovoltz said:

    The Jets are in disarray.  At the conclusion of the season, they need to clean house again.  I know you guys are tired of starting over every 2-3 years but that’s where you are

    The team needs people at the top that know how to fix this.  By fix I mean 1.  Finding a QB and 2.  Building a roster and depth.  3.  Competent coaching.

    Go hire Payton and let Payton pick the GM.  Same setup as KC.  

    Payton knows QB talent, he knows football.  He put together teams that were consistently competitive and always built with good depths through good drafts.

    in addition, having a coach who is also the de facto O coordinator ensures continuity with the QB and offense whereas having a D minded coach that ends up with good offense, having the o coordinator poached.

    Paton can fix your mess.  Write the check or the Cowboys will.

    This ******* guy

  12. On 8/4/2022 at 6:55 PM, Larz said:

    Would it make sense to wait like 2 years before we draw any conclusions?

    No way, for some here, a player only gets 10 reps at a training camp practice followed by a couple of beat reporter tweets on a single play to determine that the sky is falling and the player is a bust. 🙄

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  13. Love having Flacco on the team, he is a perfect fit. He’s still got ability, is a perfect mentor for Zach, and he is playing at a high level based on practice reports, but it is practice.

    Can’t we just leave it at that instead of going to extremes?

    Im ok with Flacco having to start a game if need be until Zach is ready.

    The bigger story here is the second season of Mike Lafleur is off to a great start, Zach was starting to look good; and Flacco seems to be firing on all cylinders. 

    Even bigger take away? This team has some good offensive talent, something we haven’t had in a while!

  14. 10 hours ago, JiFapono said:

    This board had a mental breakdown after an absolutely meaningless preseason game and here we are reading reports the Jets were damn near dominant vs. another NFL team in what is actually the only meaningful preseason event and suddenly the team that picked 4th overall and 4 picks before the Falcons, is doing what they should be doing.  lol 

    Yep, Jets fans suck!

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