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  1. You don't need to justify with a disclaimer. It is implied. It's ok to be upset about not having Knapp as a QB coach, it should go without saying his death is tragic and most unfortunate for his family. God bless his family!
  2. What a bunch of chicken littles What makes it even more hilarious, and pathetic, is the fact one play was commented by 7 different beat writers, and some of you treated all 7 as 7 different plays. It's training camp, it's a new system, new rookie QB, injuries and rotation on the OL, it's practice against another team. These practices are probably better than the pre season mgames. Lawson had a good day against one of the better LT's in the league in practice today too. Not every play will be a win by one player. It will always be a back and forth. The overreaction here is just insane.
  3. Nugent is not even in an NFL camp. Folk is a jag biding time until the Pats find a real kicker, and Meyers wasn't worth the money the Hawks gave him.
  4. Not only that but camp is 3 days old, it’s called rotation to evaluate players at every level… As usual, the knee jerk over reactions ensue…
  5. I live in the Charlotte area, have my two tix for me and the kid, can't wait! Will monitor thread to see where folks will be at!
  6. Has nothing to do with him being negative, he's just a douche, and you are just unaware. His line of questioning with Corey Davis asking about Darnold then and now is all one needs to study to understand how much of a douche Rich Cimini is. He always has an agenda of controversy, that is the issue!
  7. Cimini is a douche period! And yes, he's a good writer, but a douche!
  8. Accurate. Also, why the NBA cow tows to the protectionism of communist China. Complete hypocrites!
  9. I absolutely hate the new NFL numbers rule... WR's wearing single digits, TE's... Ugh!!!
  10. He is? He's 23 years old, 2 years older than Wilson. Just like you hope that Wilson would come in and develop into a franchise QB, so too still can Darnold, and Darnold has shown far more potential than Wilson ever has.
  11. And what have the rookie QB's in this year's draft proven? There isn't one QB that is more polished than Darnold, none that come with the experience, and Darnold is the same age as most of them. People forget how young Darnold is. The contract issue is a valid point to the contrary. Darnold not having a QB coach was extremely detrimental to his development, that has been fantastically addressed with the hire of Greg Knapp. Saleh and Lafleur invested/hired the right coaching for Darnold and sure any other prospect for that matter. Darnold will immediately be so much further ahead than any draft pick, and the worst of it all, is spending the draft capital Douglas has obtained and spending it again on another QB prospect. Trade down and really infuse this roster with talent and build around them.
  12. This is a GREAT post, and so FEW comprehend this when discussing Darnold, or the state of his career and what Gase has done to damage his career to this point. The pundits don't talk about it, the talking heads are simply unqualified to discuss it at the level that is described in this very post! It is important that everyone grasp this when discussing whether the team should move on WITH Darnold, as opposed to moving on WITHOUT him and with a new recruit, i.e. Zach Wilson. Wilson would only present a NEW set of challenges in development of an NFL franchise QB, Wilson may *not* be able to make that jump. And it is very debatable whether who can when comparing Darnold to any QB in the 2021 draft class! My point, Darnold has proven plenty to warrant still that opportunity with a now upgraded and qualified Jets coaching staff!
  13. Trade for Watson at a bargain without mortgaging future, or stay with Darold! More simple!
  14. This is such a dumb argument, that continues to be replayed here... So JD and Saleh would be stupid to cash their chips on Darnold, who is still only 23 yrs old and was the #3 overall pick less than 3 yrs ago... As opposed to giving up on Darnold, and drafting the next guy and who the hell knows if Fields or Wilson become the QB that apparently Darnold cannot be? And if Darnold goes some where else and shines, and Fields/Wilson flounders, aren't we in the same spot? Absurd... Darnold is better than both Fields and Wilson right now, same amount of potential, debatable whether more or slightly less, but Darnold has 3 yrs of experience and growing pains, and has displayed toughness in playing the position and knows the NFL game. He's a much better fit in the system that is coming to the team. Staying with Darnold or trading him away and going after the next guy (unless it's Watson) is just as risky. Except, sticking with Darnold, allows to build big time around him. And I sure as hell don't want to give up the farm for Watson.
  15. Exactly! Most are just glossing over this, but this is 100% key. If Shanahan is that high on Darnold, he isn't going anywhere... Good. We have the right coaching staff to coach/fix Darnold, and the capital to build around him, draft and FA!
  16. I still think people are undervaluing our #2 pick. Any other team that makes a pitch for Watson, whether 2 or 3 first round picks, none of them have the value of a #2 overall, that has to be factored in. And frankly, Douglas should be very patient, Houston's leverage has been impacted because of Watson's no trade clause, it would be disastrous for the Jets to mortgage the future. If we include the #2 overall, we shouldn't have to offer much else. And including Darnold in the package can almost have the value of a #1 pick. #2 overall and Darnold is a better get for Houston than any other team that would offer 2 and even 3 first round picks!
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