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  1. Is Cro'sbhistory a new story for you?
  2. Sherman, Chancelor, and Thomas, sure top 3 might be slightly better, but they don't have the depth the Jets have now.
  3. Cromartie's contract pretty much means the Jets should have no interest of moving on from Milliner, it makes no sense to give up on a player drafted 9 overall after two years until he's given proper time to evaluate coming back from injury once healthy.
  4. This is far different than the 20 million folks were throwing around last week
  5. TJ Barnes, not Antwan Barnes the LB TJ Barnes is our 6'8 330 DT/NT that was in rotation on the DL last year in place of Ellis
  6. How do you figure? Vickerson is an established player, Douzable played one year at the NFL level last year, Ellis was in and out of the line-up? Nevermind that, Ellis and Vickerson do not play the same position or the same roles.
  7. This right here is why your entire angle and spin is so downright delusional. Fact, Revis wanted the Jets last year before he became a Patriot, Woody had already talked about how Revis was a talented player and his contract demands influenced the team to go in a new direction, did this stop Revis from giving his agents the directive to first check with the Jets before moving on? No Fact, the media had their own agenda in interviewing Woody about how Woody did not want Revis on the team, Woody simply responded with a rebuttal that the media was wrong, this in no way influenced the Pats to either low-ball over offer an open check to Retain Revis, it was already well-known, the Jets weren't the only team interested in Revis. LOL @ you for thinking that the only way Revis knew that the Jets were interested in his services was because of Woody's interview to the press during last season, when you yourself have admitted there are ways for agents to find out about their clients' interest on the market I mean, would you please shut up, the amount of crap you are throwing on this board is just so delusional, it's embarrassing even for the more savvy Pats fan, and you are usually better than this.
  8. Nah, I don't think I will. And LOL @ you thinking the homeristic drivel you're bringing on this topic is adult-like.
  9. I know I'm probably being biased, but I can't think of another secondary in the league with as much talent, both established and potential that is as good or as deep as our secondary in the league. This defense has a chance to be special, and I mean historically special, and will be together for at least another 2-3 years.
  10. My thoughts is Meyers is a dumbass and a hack, he knows nothing, the game passed him by a while ago... He thinks Mariota is going to be a star, how rich, how ingenious. Don't disagree with the thought, but coming from Meyers for me deflatriots it!
  11. Great find, and boom goes the Pats fans hope the lame tampering charge will come of anything against the jets. Now about deflategate?
  12. Woody was responding to the criticism of the media that the owner didn't want Revis last year, I love how you Pats fans have deluded yourself into the lame tampering charges that we all knew was going to happen regardless, all anybody needed to do was refer to the 30-30 on Belichick, that entire organization, top to bottom, and their miserable insecure, inferiority complexed fans are obsessed with the Jets. And LOL @ you and any delusional Pats fan that thinks Mehta got *ANY* information from the current Jets regime!!!
  13. Wow a couple of names that stand out on that list.. DE Adam Carriker, former first round pick, why has he fallen? RB Mike Leshore, nice player coming out, was good early in Detroit. A couple of ex-Jets in Aaron Berry and Johnny Patrick The rest.. Meh Didn't the Jets bring in QB Josh Johnson to work out?
  14. Vickerson isn't filling Ellis' role, he's probably filling Douzable's role, and is a better player. Barnes, for now, fills Ellis' role, and basically platooned with him last year.
  15. 6'5 300, it seems Bowels and Rogers have been searching for veteran DL depth with length, fits the mold, still a quality player, just turned 32, this has nothing to do with Ellis going to Giants.
  16. And you know this was a purposeful leak by the Jets how?
  17. I thought I read that Gresham just had hernia surgery?
  18. What is the rush with extending Mo? The Jets have leverage, no need to rush and sign him now, part of the plant with their FA moves more than likely was to use this year's cap space to front load on some of their lucrative contracts, i.e. Revis, there is no reason to hurry up and expand that on Mo when we still have him on a rookie deal. I think it will get done, eventually, but it doesn't have to be done before the draft.
  19. Exactly Half the folks in this thread keep calling Brewer a OG, he was drafted as an OT, and has ability to play LT, he's still a prospect, and was a 4th round pick, worth taking a flier on, I'll give Mac the benefit of the doubt here, he no doubt scouted him.
  20. I still haven't seen the contract details on Cro, am I missing something?
  21. Isn't Ray still working his way back from injury?
  22. The rookie you want to draft also has never caught an NFL pass. Evans, Enunwa, Powell, and Owusu are all players with potential, who have been training and developing at the NFL level already, and in Evans and Owusu, there is some ability there that we should be developing and have a chance to fill the #4, 5, or 6 WR roles
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