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  1. It was reported that the Jets are getting inquiries, not shopping him, big difference.
  2. Have to think an Osi signing cancels out Pace or Babin, probably Babin. Osi is actually younger than Babin.
  3. Your policing of Jets fans on this forum is annoying...
  4. Agreed, once we signed Marshall, we need a speedster. Moore is also a KR and PR, also a need with Harvin moving on. This move doesn't mean we can't draft a WR either, just allows us more flexibility in strategy and execution. Moore was a stud his rookie year, it is fair to ask what happened last year and year before, though the QB position and offense has been in complete disarray for several years over there. I would guess that last year was a growing year for Carr and the conservative offensive game planning to limit Carr's mistakes impacted Moore's effectiveness in any downfield opportunities and in the passing game as a whole.
  5. In three years, the Jets could be looking to dump Cromartie's contract at a minimal cost, and if Milliner rebounds well enough, we would have a recovered and better developed Milliner to take his role on his still rookie contract. I don't think Milliner is going anywhere, there is value in keeping him on the team, and in 3 years if he gets healthy and recovers. He's young, it will take a little time, maybe another year, but he can rebound from that Achilles injury.
  6. TJ Barnes is a player that replaces Ellis on the Jets depth chart, he was added to the PS 2 years ago, then added to the defensive line rotation last year, even playing ahead of Ellis. Interesting that Ellis got a 1 yr deal and Jets elected not to match or counter... Could be they are happy and high enough on Barnes to replace the role and hole left by Ellis.
  7. Interesting that it's only 1 year and Jets didn't match or offer a new deal. Remember, TJ Barnes was the big NT that was added to the rotation last year and even played ahead of Ellis last year, if he continues his development, we may not even miss Ellis, but instead add another low-tier RA or a player to fill out depth behind him.
  8. He didn't suck last year, he was hurt during training camp, and was never healthy when he did eventually get back on the field, only to get hurt again with the Achilles injury. It's too early to give up on Milliner.
  9. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Damn .. Fireman Ed clearly revved up <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Jets?src=hash">#Jets</a> nation! <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/RestoreTheTradition?src=hash">#RestoreTheTradition</a></p>&mdash; Tyson Rauch (@TRauch21) <a href="https://twitter.com/TRauch21/status/578021227098456065">March 18, 2015</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  10. JetsTalkRadio had Ed on their blog talk show...
  11. Is that Cromartie contract official? I've yet to see anything published about the contract yet? I didn't even see the Jets announce it?
  12. A deal for Rivers would probably include a contract restructure, turning salary into bonus, to lower his cap hit for this year, there wouldn't be any issue financially I a move for Rivers.
  13. Last years 4th round pick Shaq Evans, and late season performer Chris Owusu There is also Walter Powell, 7th rd pick Enunwa, and TJ Graham who I beleive is also under contrar for one more year
  14. Love it, Jets fans are a unique brand, it's time the fan base galvanizes and restores the positive energy of a fanbase hungry for a successful product on the field, to take it back from corporate, and it starts with Ed. The fans that hate need to get over themselves, nobody is better than the other, but their is no stadium experience better in the country when 80,000+ are rocking the stadium with Ed leading the chant!!!
  15. Ed deserves this movement, it's time to eradicate the negativity of a frustrated fan base and restore some positive thinking, there is no greater fan base than Jets fans when we are all on the same page, when we aren't attacking each other, and yeah, when the team is playing well... Proud to be a fan, just wish we could lose the SOJF and re-energize without the excessive cynicism. My avatar returns... #bringbacked
  16. Gurley isn't making it to the 2nd round, I want him too!
  17. LMAO this is absolutely tampering, would love to see Johnson throw this right back!!! Can't wait for the Flats homere to defend this!!
  18. As time goes by, the more I think that the Marshall trade will impact the plan going into the draft. With Marshall, White and Cooper are no longer at the top of the list. I think many of us forget the Jets have a legit trio of WR's now with Decker, Marshall, and Kerley. They also have young players who have potential in Evans, Powell, and Owusu. There is talent now at this position, both established and young, I think OLB is now the biggest need on this team except for maybe QB... I think #6 is a pass rushing OLB, Marriota, or a trade down, I really think this is our direction. I suppose they could still consider Cooper or White if either or there, but I think they will not be at the top of their draft priorities before OLB and QB. With Marriota, I really don't know if Marriota is enough of a home run pick to use our #6, and we need this #6 pick to be an impact player right away, not a QB that will take a year when the Jets just drafted one that only completed year two, showed promise last year to finish the season, and is still young and developing in Geno. Some fans want to rush Geno out the door, they will be doing the same with Marriota after one year when they realize Marriota will also be a developmental project.
  19. Gurley and Gordon are the only two that are worthy, and if the Jets trade down a bit in the first round, both will and should probably be considerations. i'd have no problem with Gurley with a mid-first round pick.
  20. I think the Jets will target RB early, if they trade down, could be as early as the first, but I agree, pass rusher looks to be the pick at #6, and even if they trade down, I could still see pass rusher and then RB, WR, or maybe QB depending on who is available. Low first and 2nd round is in the Hundley and Petty territory. I like Mannion as a middle round project. I think the Jets will still bring in another WR, a Cecil Shorts or Demarius Moore type, who I think are the type of WR's that are a better fit to be added to the WR unit.
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