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  1. I just don't think we need Cro at this point, it's overkill. I still like the potential of Milliner and McDougle, who will only benefit from having Revis around.
  2. LOL @ braindead Patsfans who think the Pats defensive system made Revis, the same system that has been pedestrian at best for years... BWHahahahaha, nothing better than scorned Cheats fans. I can't wait for the deflategate penalties to come out!
  3. Ugh, why do we need to worry about Richardson next year? Richardson still has 3 years left on rookie deal, with the 3rd being a team option which will certainly be picked up.
  4. Pats fans are eating that story up to, they actually believe that homer drivel crap! LMAO
  5. LaCanfora is a Patriot homer also scorned with Revis going back home Richardson has 2 more years in his rookie deal and a team option. That is 3 years left on his rookie contract, and then the Jets can use the franchise tag. LaCanfora is a moron!
  6. Nothing better than scorned Pats fans The cherry on top of this off-season will be the penalties that are due to be rolled out for deflategate! Gonna be fun!
  7. Or I could be wrong... LOL I have to believe Cro is no longer in the cards.
  8. No reason for the Jets to sign Cro now, not with Skrine signed. Cro is asking for 6 m per that is overkill at the position. Milliner and McDougle coming back, there is still promise with both of these players. Then we have Williams who really impressed off the street last year, that is 5 deep, a very stout CB group. I think a Ghilcrist signing as a hybrid S/DB and it's a wrap for the secondary. LB is next position to address, and offensive skill players.
  9. Hell no to Fitzpatrick, rather go after Ponder, or Jake Locker
  10. That some pathetic trolling, do better!
  11. Don't know but he is usually a legit source and he out it up less than 30 min ago..
  12. Why now with Revis and not two years ago? Because the current and future cap is higher than it was two years ago, and now the timing is much better for the jets while they don't have to pay a QB, and they can still fill out rest of the roster amicably... Bring Revis home and let's retool this team. Revis and either House or Skrine to go along with Milliner, McDougle, and Williams.
  13. I'm convinced Hardy could be signed at a bargain.
  14. I wasn't talking about Cary Williams Kind of referring to Tramon Williams
  15. Well they did go after Iupati. Carpenter isn't a scrub, he's 26, drafted 25th overall, but some would argue he hasn't lived up to that status, I trust a talent evaluator like Mac, and we should give the benefit of the doubt to this new regime at least for the first year or two, no?
  16. Can we wait to see what happens with Revis? Still solid to good CB's available... Cro would be a very good signing and far better than any player available the Jets tried to sign last year except for maybe V Davis. House Culliver Williams Skrine Cox There are still good players available, Maxwell and Jackson were severely overpaid for different reasons.
  17. You call me out and then tell me to take it to PM? LOL, ok.
  18. I have been reading this thread just fine...
  19. Former first round pick 4 years ago, played along side Giacomini, talent is there, needs maturity, has been a starter... Still upside if he puts it together, value signing. Former Alabama player.
  20. Good reason? Same story as last year? In what regard? FA starts tomorrow? Draft is still two months away What top guys did we miss out on that you wanted to sign that were a fit for this team?
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