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  1. So because I don't agree with your assertion that they are equal players, I'm a dope? Interesting tactic. The bold again, doesn't make sense. Two different players, different roles with their respective teams, very different skillsets, and you're wrong, a player's skill does make them better. It happens in all sports, there are players that are very talented, and not so much. SJ's talent and ability is better than Kerley's.
  2. However you want to spin it, the facts are Johnson is a better WR than Kerley, the two have completely different skill sets, this is fact, this is what I'm arguing, and there are no flaws with that!
  3. Everybody is fixed on the 10 million With the amount of cap space we have, if Mac can still be creative, and still get some bargains during the early part of FA, there is no rush to release Harvin until the point that they have to, in order to avoid giving up the 4th. We should work the FA market with both aggression and smarts, and if the Jets can make a coup in the first 10 days, and we can still keep Harvin, or Harvin remains a fit based on the players we would have signed in the first 9 days until the Mar 19th decision date, and we can still fit his cap number into this coming season, we are back to the same place again next year, and next year's strategy will be based on his performance this year, he has a good season, we re-visit a restructure, if not, we let him go without a cap hit. The current deal he is on also has positives for the Jets, as the cap continues to balloon the next couple of years, there is not as much risk keeping him this coming season if FA plays out in a way that either we need to address WR, and lose out on other options in Cobb, Maclin, and Smith.
  4. If we can land Cobb at the contract the Jets were hoping to restructure Harvin with, ok... I would even extend the same for Torrey Smith or Maclin Otherwise, there is really no reason we should be hurrying to waive Harvin without a replacement.
  5. Fasano would be "ok" What about Jermaine Gresham? Would rather have Virgil Green or Lee Smith in FA
  6. So can I. What exactly am I not aware of and arguing against the facts? No reason to get all full of yourself, I understand some of what you're saying, and wasn't looking to get in the middle of your pissing match, but I disagree with your take on Kerley vs Johnson.
  7. I made my own argument based on something you said, you also said I was wrong, and I wasn't, I don't care about that "other dope's" (your words) comment So, do we do this all day, or do you need the last word?
  8. Heh, I have no stake on whoever "the dope" is you are referring to and his argument, I'm making my own regarding Johnson the player vs Kerley the player. I like Johnson, I think he'd be a good pick-up and we wouldn't have to spend a lot of money to get him, his FA value isn't exactly very high right now.
  9. Ahh, I knew my details were fuzzy on how he became a 49er... Thanks for clarifying...
  10. Huh? Who is saying this? My want for him to be good? All I've done is present the facts, and my opinion of him as a player compared to Kerley, and what I think many in this thread are presenting as to why they want to see the Jets pursue Johnson. You are trying to suggest we have Kerley so we don't need Johnson, which is silly, they are both very different players, we need a player like Johnson, if he's healthy, and because he would have quite a bit of value coming in having played and excelled under Gailey and his system.
  11. Stevie Johnson put up numbers of 79 and 82 catches for over 1,000 yds and 6 and 10 TD's 2010 and 2012, both under Gailey. The Bills then drafted Manuel under Doug Marone, and the offense has been in shambles since. Johnson was then let go after the 2013 season to test the market and I believe had been injured in the late part of 2013. Folks aren't overhyping Johnson, they remember the planer he was under Gailey, as a #1 WR who put up good numbers. Kerley would not have been able to put up those same numbers, his ability on the outside is limited, despite being a very good slot WR, who is a tough gritty player.
  12. I'm not wrong, the stats don't tell the entire picture, as I eluded to. Kerley is a 5'10 slot WR, he has good ability in the slot, not very much of a threat on the outside his height and lack of size hurts him. Stevie Johnson is a player that can play outside, two very different sets of ability in both players.
  13. Using their stats the last two years to compare the players is fallacy. Two completely different players, different skill sets, different abilities, two different teams with two very different offensive situations. Where they do compare, like Kerley, Stevie was also being used as the #3 WR and probably some #4, but which also does not speak on behalf of their abilities. Kerley is nothing more than a #3 WR, SJ has #2 WR ability.
  14. All true, but too many want to pretend it didn't happen, not sure why, Geno is still only 23 years old, fans don't have patience to let young players develop. They all have to be stars out of the gate.
  15. Loaded with RB's with what type of back? The combine numbers were disappointing with this years group, very few explosive talents like Spiller, we already have a very good RB in Ivory with what this draft offers. That said if Gurley made it to the 2nd rd I'd be very interested.
  16. Sure thing, you can't come running to defend them fast enough, eh?
  17. That is if McKenzie the Raiders GM didn't sleep through his performance.
  18. Chris Conley should be given some attention, his combine is off the charts impressive... Looked good in WR drills.
  19. Perfectly stated! I chuckle at all of the injury prone players argument, football is a contact sport, injuries will happen, it has nothing to do with the players past unless there is a chronic condition involved. Now I player that doesn't rehab properly, or isn't being given the proper time to recover from an injury is at risk of reinjury but that too is subjective, and every occurrence is very independent on the individual player, A player will recover, rehab, and return from an injury to play at an optimal level at varying rates.
  20. Are you seriously trying to praise the Pats because they released a player who they knew would be in the middle of a murder trial? Do you homers have any pride?
  21. Hilarious really, denial and defensive tactics overdrive everywhere!
  22. He didn't suck, he went through what every rookie goes through, mental errors and missed assignments. Physically, he has all the tools, and he showed plenty that he can be a really good player, he will make a jump in year two.
  23. It is amazing how fans today put such high expectations for rookie players
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