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  1. That's fair... I'm sure they will evaluate very closely Fields, Wilson and Lance, assuming Lawrence goes to Jax, and they should evaluate them inside and out. The new staff should also bring in Darnold and completely debrief him, evaluate him too, see where he is at. Explore it all. Just saying moving on from Darnold as a definitive action is not necessarily the right move.
  2. Love the idea of Saleh bringing in some experience too. I hope Lafleur will do that on offense especially. Just want stability, I have to think Saleh will look to find the right balance of talented coaches, young, endless skillset for the modern game of football, strategic hiring on experience, and stability where they aren't all gone in a year or two.
  3. And we could also resign Darnold at a discount because his current value is questionable, and if he bounces back next year, and time it right, we could resign him on a favorable contract that allows the team to continue to build.
  4. It makes ABSOLUTELY NO sense to give up on Darnold after one poor season when the ENTIRE team was poor, injured, bad coaching, just a bad year from top to bottom. It started out bad with no training camp. A replaced WR unit, all injured, Darnold had nothing to start with. The RB's sucked, Bell got injured, Gore is a nice story but he's 37, nothing left in the tank, not good in the passing game. Our TE play sucked... The offensive system and decision making sucked. There was NO LIFE in this team this past year. Darnold is 23 years old, he now has a couple of years experience. A new QB means we start over, growing pains, development, etc. And how the hell do we know Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, or any of them will be any good? We don't. We have the former #3 pick in the draft that HAS taken and PLAYED well under a system much like Lafleur is going to bring, it is literally a perfect match for Darnold. We have draft capital, BUILD around what we already have. Replacing the QB means we start all over and spend some of that capital meaning we can't address the other areas of the team that need to be. The formula of moving forward with a new regime, and building on what we have is the right one.
  5. Is there a target for that “veteran” coach out there that Saleh may want to consider to bring experience and somebody he can lean on? (Not that I think Saleh needs it, but I appreciate it when some of the younger coaches do it.)
  6. I hate jets fans... Ignore the damn pundits and clickbait In JD I trust...
  7. I think I will survive, which was the point of the post. Not sure what your angle is here... If Douglas wants him and Douglas views what happened in Philly being a complete aberration and something that Pederson did not have control over, he will be at the top of the list. If Douglas is also high on other candidates and there is somebody else they've looked at and feel is a better fit, and if what happened in Philly, Douglas views that as a negative, then I trust it. My spidey senses tell me Pederson is going to be strongly considered and Douglas is going to at least bring him in for an interview. If he doesn't, we will know quickly that Douglas and Pederson may not be as close as some have suggested.
  8. Bottomline, we will know real fast how close or how high a Doug Pederson is on Joe Douglas' list. If it really was a very strong relationship as most are saying, there is NO way Douglas does NOT bring in Pederson for an interview and Pederson vaults to the top of the list. There is no way Douglas is going to move on without doing so because he's interviewed a bunch of other coaches already and he's said to be "high" on any of them.
  9. I'd take Bill Parcells in a nano second. I just know he's retired and past his coaching days. Poor analogy!
  10. To be hired for the job they are in, they were fired from a job they had previously!
  11. WTF? What the hell else is there? What other criteria do you want to use to hire a coach? How well he can evaluate the flight crew?
  12. And how do we know that move was Pederson's? Sure reeked of an issue where the owner hated the Giants and ordered the move to screw the Giants.
  13. So we should hire a coach that has never been fired? So who is that coach, because it means the coach you want us to hire has never been hired either... Pederson is a very good coach and won a SB 2 years ago with a backup QB, he was able to make that QB look good TWICE. The Eagles team this past year was a complete disaster, injuries up and down the roster. There is NO reason why we should NOT want Pederson to take over this Jets team. Sure seems like his wings were clipped and he wasn't able to make the changes he needed to since his former staff got raided. In Joe Douglas I trust!!!
  14. No it isn't, not at all. Keep the identity politics and SJW BS off the forum!
  15. My choices are: 1. Jim Harbaugh 2. Matt Campbell 3. 'Wink' Martindale 4. Pat Fitzgerald
  16. Why the **** does this question have to be injected here? Always somebody that has to make a perfect football thread about race.
  17. In that Indiana game I believe he was missing many weapons due to Covid protocols. The ultimate test was just played against Clemson and Fields blew away his competition. I'm actually wondering if Jax still takes Lawrence.
  18. Harbaugh is my one and ONLY #1 on any list! This would be a Parcells level hire as far as I'm concerned!
  19. KRL has always been an observer of great insight, once again he nails it
  20. This! AJ Green is exactly who I see in Mims. A little of Allen Robinson as well. Either way Mims is looking like he could be a steal in the 2nd round is definitely #1 WR potential. He's a little raw, but the natural talent and ability is definitely there.
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