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  1. In that Indiana game I believe he was missing many weapons due to Covid protocols. The ultimate test was just played against Clemson and Fields blew away his competition. I'm actually wondering if Jax still takes Lawrence.
  2. Harbaugh is my one and ONLY #1 on any list! This would be a Parcells level hire as far as I'm concerned!
  3. KRL has always been an observer of great insight, once again he nails it
  4. This! AJ Green is exactly who I see in Mims. A little of Allen Robinson as well. Either way Mims is looking like he could be a steal in the 2nd round is definitely #1 WR potential. He's a little raw, but the natural talent and ability is definitely there.
  5. Gase has destroyed the offense. Darnold is a victim. Jets need to fire Gase now just to get a good evaluation of him for the rest of the year before giving up on him.
  6. It was Darnold's fault on a throw that was perfectly thrown to a WR running his out and the defender railroaded him? Hmmm...
  7. Who's hiding dipsh*t? So we are aloud to call out posters now, eh? Hmmm
  8. How is this on Gase? Greg Williams runs the defense?!?! Another agenda driven tweet from the Gase haters...
  9. The ignorance of SOJF. There is NOTHING that provides ANYBODY any evidence that Lawrence is as good or better than Darnold. He is just the big name in college football today carrying the usual hype of big names. While he does have talent, there are PLENTY of holes in his game that impact his potential at the NFL level, and some of those holes are bigger than Darnold. Giving up on Darnold for somebody nobody knows ANYTHING about or how he will do in the NFL after essentially one season is just beyond stupid. No tank, no Trevor, and even if we struggle this year, Darnold has still shown PLENTY to be a franchise QB at just 23 yrs of age, and has proven enough that our focus would be to continue to build around him. The OL was addressed in a major way this past off-season, continue to build the rest of the offense and fix the holes on defense with any draft capital. That said, we have a full season to evaluate his progress and some of that is still TBD.
  10. This statement in bold face is just stupid. Anybody can access and follow his off-season work, who the hell puts in that kind of work and obtains the comments from his coach in Jordan Palmer to do something he doesn't want to do? So you don't think highly of Darnold, that's fine, but making sh*t up to make your argument doesn't serve you well!
  11. He put up numbers on piss poor CB play by Desir who was benched after giving up multiple 3rd and long first down plays. Allen showed no such swagger and composure on both fumble plays, and had Darnold done that you would have berated him for it. Once Desir was benched and the Jets D found their grove after their first stop, they were a different defense. The secondary definitely has a lot of room for improvement, as does the back 7 and really the entire defense. But it was week 1 against a quality opponent, on the road after no pre-season. That said, the play Baldinger breaks down here on Darnold is abysmal, no defending it. Darnold lost his head on that play, especially not throwing it out of bounds. He's still young, he's still learning, but in no way should anybody be giving up on him. He's shown far too much potential and has proven it already.
  12. It's hard to change perfection.
  13. This is simply FALSE! Not competitive doesn't come back from 21-0 to make the game competitive. If that Herdon fumble gets overturned as it should have been, there is a good chance we score on that drive to get within a score at that point in the game.
  14. And this is just another one of those plays that didn't go our way that could have been the difference in the game. Our cynical fan base is acting like we were the Browns getting demolished by the Ravens yesterday 38-6. There is no sugar coating that there is very little to like about the game, but the team got it together with a critical turnover and by putting up a FG before halftime, that was a huge momentum shift, and it was the break the team needed to get a little confidence. That call on Herdon was BS, he never made a football move, should have been overturned, and at that point in the game the offense was starting to put it together. Football is a complex game, 16 other teams lost, some whose expectations are sky high like Brady and the Bucs looked awful. No pre-season, so many variables that go against us and many teams. It was one game, nobody should be judging this team until after the first 4 weeks.
  15. The overreaction was just ridiculous. Even writing off this season after one game is ridiculous. Yes, there were many parts of the game that were ugly. From Darnold's poor play, which did include dropped passes on multiple 3rd down plays that would have extended drives. It was a perfect storm of breakdowns that put the Jets behind initially. I'm actually happy the Jets made a game of it. Injuries to key players once again hurt us. We could never get a momentum shift in the first half. Also have to give Buffalo defense credit. But take a step back, no pre-season, game on the road, the off-season has been anything but normal, and the Jets are rotating a lot of new into the roster and on the field than Buffalo was, that has an affect on a team. Buffalo had that edge, an offense and defense with little roster turn over at key positions. Darnold has all new weapons, a returning Herndon, a completely brand new OL. And say what you want about Darnold and the offense in the first half, but the defense couldn't get off the field. Multiple 3rd down plays they should have made a stop. Cashman going down early hurt the middle of the defense. And the penalties killed us, like I said, a perfect storm of breakdowns, nothing went right, it wasn't just one player, one unit, or one thing. One less penalty on a critical 3rd down could have made a big difference. Now they have a full game under their belt, the injuries were minimized. We probably lose Bell and Cashman for a couple of weeks, but we get back Mims and Williamson next week... Let's be patient for the first several games and see what they do before we start calling for regime change. Fickle fans don't realize that firing the coach every other game is NOT a solution!
  16. Far too much overreaction to an obviously piss poor lazy ESPN report that is obviously wrong!
  17. Could this quote be any more pathetic? Osemele played what, 2 games? The media narrative with Gase and the sheep who buy into it is just shameful and ridiculous.
  18. So what is the current status on fans in the stands? Is it a week by week thing, or have determinations been made for the entire year?
  19. What does this have to do with Gase? The anti-Gase brigade will stop at nothing to chastise. Gase doesn't pick the captains, they are voted by the players....
  20. What is the point of this critique? 3 QB's on the active roster, that is pretty much a common for all teams, and like many teams, they are loading up on extra QB's because the current rules allow for 6 extra players with veteran experience.
  21. If he won't be available for several weeks, makes more sense to put him on PUP for the 6 weeks.
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