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  1. What is the point of this critique? 3 QB's on the active roster, that is pretty much a common for all teams, and like many teams, they are loading up on extra QB's because the current rules allow for 6 extra players with veteran experience.
  2. If he won't be available for several weeks, makes more sense to put him on PUP for the 6 weeks.
  3. Another SOJF narrative destroyed!
  4. Wearing masks has not fixed this problem. I know this is not a political board, but what is "fixing" the problem is actually multiple fold. The virus has mutated, many times, not as severe. Our therapies are now more advanced, more is known how to combat it, and most of all, we are moving closer to herd immunity, and this is something a political faction of the country tried to fight against, avoid getting to herd immunity. The lockdowns were too far extended, they were politicized, info was politicized. CDC just made a change in how they have certified Covid deaths... Here is the bottomline as applicable to this thread, athletes have very little to no risk, there hasn't been one death of an active athlete due to covid. With the protocols they have installed which makes sense, they should be playing.
  5. Because the risks are being far overplayed, and there is no reason every sport should be playing... The risks are below 1%, the NFL is about to play, all pro sports are playing, in Europe they are playing, we just learned only 6% of those who perished was actually due to the virus. The virus has mutated, no longer as severe, treatments are better, more advanced, an overwhelming majority are asymptomatic. Play football and all sports, including fans in the stands even if it means a phased return to full capacity!
  6. Don't be so myopic. Smith came on late last year, was getting more reps, and was obviously looking good in the off-season during workouts in addition to what he showed on the practice field last year and then in games late to suggest he was a player the team felt good about. Should we expect him to become a Julio Jones, of course not, but a solid rotation player, yes. And again, you're still selling Perriman way short. We all know what he has been for the start of his career, for some players, the bulb goes on late, the game slows down, etc... He will be our #2 at the least.
  7. Leeewwwwww.... Man, I'm good... How the hell are you? I just may have to make the trip down to Miami and rekindle old times since they appear to be letting fans in down there! Hope you are well pal!! On the golf course still?
  8. LOL, favorite? I'm quite familiar and fond of twin brothers who may have an argument! Congratulations on your graduation, and good luck, welcome to the real world!
  9. You are downplaying the rise and potential of Smith, and Perriman put together a monster 2nd half of the season seemingly finally blossoming into the player he was drafted and perceived to be. First week of camp he was lighting it up and showing quick and early chemistry with Darnold. You are downplaying his value and potential. Mims is the unknown, fair, but. he's a first round talent that looked the part right up to when he went down with the hamstring...
  10. I don't think Robinson or Richardson are any better than what Hogan and maybe even Moncrief can bring. I/m actually kind of excited to see Hogan as our #4 WR fill in, and maybe Moncrief has a come back. Injuries derailed his career, but he was once a stud on the rise. And if this is who I think it is, how you doing pal? Hope all is well with you!
  11. But it's not just a single rookie, it's a first round talent that is out, but it is further compounded by Perriman and Smith being out, two experienced players who were at the top of the depth chart. 3 key players at one position, that has a tremendous trickle down effect, would affect every team in the league!
  12. Perfectly said. And those talking about Trevor Lawrence, I mean, the level of stupidity with that talking point...
  13. 3 of our top WR's are injured with minor injuries, they happen, they had no offseason, it's been two friggin weeks. This is not a "OMG what the hell is JD doing" thing, this is 3 damn players at the top of the depth chart at one position thing. People need to relax. What GM in the league is going to make roster decisions before camp starts to guard against multiple players going down at one position? The answer is none, the panic and hysteria is stupid!
  14. No where to be found? Well some of them are hurt so...
  15. What are you basing this on? Darnold missed almost half the season last year, our backup QB went down, considering how the team finished, I'd say he is a guru to get the team to reset itself when Darnold did come back!
  16. Without a mini camp and OTA's, i'm expecting a lot of this, and so should all the doom criers. I've actually been pleasantly surprised that the Jets seem to be in pretty good shape all things considered... (Knock on wood)
  17. So on the second full team practice before pads with about a month before the season starts a couple of players being out could be a problem all year? Media sucks!!!!
  18. College athletes are among the lowest risk for COVID-19. They have access to the best doctors , trainers and diets in the world. With proper safety protocols, there is no reason they can't play. The over-politicization of this virus and misinformation is influencing these decisions in college sports, and obviously with anything else.
  19. Except they weren't on the field while Perriman was putting up big time numbers...
  20. Are you being a douche? Just look at his stats in the second half when he was forced into a lead role due to injuries to Evans and Godwin. This isn't hard, it's an accurate assessment. But whatever, keep douching...
  21. Can't evaluate Perriman based on career. A light went on for him last year, as others have highlighted. He was a beast down the stretch last year. Others mentioned it, but after a solid rookie year, he had inconsistencies, but how much of that was due to Flacco not being that great. He was let go, bounced around, then last year got an opportunity in TB. If you evaluate how he developed last year, it's as if things started to come together. The highlight reels speak to it. We can't evaluate Perriman vs Anderson based on their 3 years in the league. Sometimes, players need time to figure things out in the NFL. Talent has always been there, he is far more gifted than Anderson overall. Speed is same, but Perriman brings strength, and better athleticism. Look at what he did last year with the Bucs, that is the player we are getting, who may have started to find himself in the league.
  22. How do you think you contracted? Did you travel or exposed to anybody that did? Thankfully, sounds like you are past it, just the quarantine, Godspeed!
  23. He shouldn't be judged on the failure of Kalil. It was one of his first moves. The failure wasn't because Douglas made it, it was because Kalil wasn't ready, or can no longer perform at the high level he once did.
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