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  1. LOL, some things will never change. I'm a homer because I chose not to run around screaming like a bitch that the season is over after two weeks. You can take that shoe and...
  2. Oh, so this is now acceptable behavior again on a message board. Good to know.
  3. Dear SOJF, The season is not lost, it’s two weeks, even if we start 0-3, Darnold comes back after bye, we have plenty of time to make a run, this is a good team that is just broken with untimely injuries at a point in the season where schedule is tough and it’s a new system on both sides. Step away from the ledge, put away your chicken little suits, and stop ******* whining!!! Oh and JD, sign Taco anyway, continue to add talent, evaluate, develop! Go Jets!
  4. 10 pages for this complete non-story and waste of time!!! The guy hates to lose and didn’t want to be bothered by the animals on social media... Moving along!
  5. You do realize a good QB also plays a big role in his protection with the calls he’s making on the line pre snap and getting rid of the ball matters? Siemien was very green and not yet comfortable in the offense. Darnold is light years ahead of him in every category in this regard and would have had the defense on their heels earlier. Siemien had 8 in the box staring at him after the second 3 and out. That and Garret committed his second roughing the passer penalty and should have been thrown out of the game. I mean do fans know football anymore?
  6. This is great news! So he will miss two games and be ready to go coming out of bye week! To think I was hating the week 4 bye, it may now salvage our season!!
  7. Antonio Brown had Ben Rothlesberger throwing to him, what has DT had at QB since 2014?
  8. Is the DT trade official so the Pats can’t reneg?
  9. RayRay. And my grip is just fine, and no we aren’t gonna suck, playoff run is possible with this team!
  10. He never called out a player by name. You’re wrong!
  11. I bet this move was in the making for the last couple of weeks. Even before the Brown pick up, Thomas was not a lock to make roster and Pats were deciding to put their first round pick on IR. We know Douglas and Gase gave indication that the roster was not set on final cut downs and that they were possibly working on things, and they responded directly to questions about the number of WRs kept on 53. We found out the Kalil pick up was in the works for months since Douglas was hired. I think the same thing applies to Thomas. I had a feeling a move like this for a former Gase player would be made.
  12. He’s the same age as Antonio Brown and younger than Edelman! Only issue is his injury and DT claims he’s better than before, feels great, and looked great in pre season!
  13. Every single fan on this site was a douche yesterday after the game, and rightfully so. So ******* what our head coach was pissed off and a douche a day after a tough loss in his first game... Jets fans are the worst... Shut up already!
  14. I love these arm chair gms... So now the same ole jets fans rant is how our new gm botched the K position? What ******* choices were available to him? It isn’t like he had a shot at Morten Anderson in his prime and Justin Tucker available to him. Holly Hell Jets fans suck sometimes.
  15. When polite missed that TFL in his first or second play against Philly I knew he was gone! The ball carrier bounced right off of him!
  16. Exactly! I ******* hate dickbag Cimini!
  17. You mean like every other team in the league?
  18. Perfect, I’m not the only one ready to throw something at my TV
  19. McGuire is the better RB over Cannon, but Cannon has more tools and plays ST's, McGuire does not playing ST's. Cannon is making the team, he looked good last night and I see a player whose confidence is growing. He still runs like a 15 year old on a growth spurt who hasn't figured out his maturing body yet, but looked more poised last night.
  20. I love KRL, but his observations this time are too targeted. This game was a great test for the team, with multiple key players out. I even like the fumble and the team getting down early 10-0 early to see how they would respond. For, they responded in a big way and tied the game in the 3rd quarter when by that time all depth players were on the field. The Jets played the Saints tough, and hung with them. Sure, Brees didn't play that much, but they have had success all pre-season long and I though the Jets showed some grit both offensively and defensively. We can debate on individual player performance, but taking this game and forshadowing for the season is nuts, it's completely irrelevant. The real evaluation should be done in the first 4 weeks, and there will be growing pains because it's a young team new coaching staff, and we will have key players coming back from injury (i.e. Winters, Osemele, Williams), players working themselves back (Bell, Kalil). For me, I was excited about the team coming back to tie the game, then I look at individual player performances and their performance trend in the pre-season. Seeing Bertolet have the game he had was huge. Seeing Robbie Anderson improve his route running was nice to see... Seeing the potential Montgomery has in this offense continues to be encouraging. I thought the young DB's played well. I thought Campbell, Brown #25, both showed up. The LB's that stood out last night were Hewitt, Jenkins, Langi, Burgess, and McClellan (ST's). It was interesting to see the players that got on the field with the starters and with the 2nd team. Langi was one of them, he got on the field early. McClellan immediately showed up when he was out there. Burgess came in after Langi but was on the field with Cashman. I thought Cashman looked timid at first, but once he had confidence with his leg, I thought he stood out. DL play for me was fun to watch. Continued development of Q. I think there is a real roster battle for 2 spots been played about by Fatukasi, Kaufusi, and Shepherd. I think it's close, but Shepherd looks to be the guy that's behind. #98 K Phillips for me shows up, didi t last night, and against the Falcons last week. I thought Shell being back solidified line play. Our OL is drastically improved and deeper. The punter battle is interesting, it's a real battle that none of the beats are even talking about. Edwards is my choice, but both appear to be really competing... I think Gase wants Webb to get the #3, has better physical tools, but is simply not executing. Falk is meh for me, he manages the game, but doesn't really see the field well for me. Good chance #3 QB is not on the roster, or that only 2 make the active roster to start with a QB being put on the PS. This last week should be crazy, and I don't rule anything out, a major trade, a ton of moves, etc. Overall, I think the team is where it needs to be, and the potential of a playoff season is still very much plausible.
  21. No team targets a player on an opposing team in the pre-season, that is just ridiculous. There are no injury reports, teams don't game plan for opponents, and if they do, it's extremely basic, to think the Saints targeted a player with Williamson getting hurt is bonkers.
  22. Basham isn’t going anywhere and is looking to be a fixture at OLB. Both Williams and Vitt have spoken very highly of him.
  23. Truth. A deal for less than giving up a first rounder should be strongly considered. My only concern is with Clowney's knee, is he fully healthy off of micro-fracture surgery? Last year would indicate he was, and he's now 2 years removed. A 3rd round pick in 2020, and a 4th or 5th in 2021 if we extend him.
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