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  1. These rants always crack me up. It's football, it's a rough sport, injuries happen. If the injury happened in the first quarter, people would be bitching about that. It sucks, I hate it too, but it's early enough where moves can be made, and we were already pretty deep as others in the thread have noted... Let's not leap to start trashing the coaches, players have to play to get ready, it's a copout tantrum. We have some good young players at the position and I'm sure we can make a move for a player on another roster, lots of potential out there that will be released in two weeks. Everybody calm down. Now what is the status of Shell? THAT is a bigger concern.
  2. Actually, he missed two FG's. In fact, there were missed FG's throughout the games tonight. It is pre-season, and our new kicker has been with us for 3 days, without an off-season. Takes time to establish timing and sync with holder and long snapper. Leg looked strong, I thought he looked fine on the makes, and the misses were technical. The ATL broadcast were calling for the team to call Matt Bryant.
  3. If nothing else, this should be a lesson to our "Oh my god, our players suck, we are doomed" crowd after a pre-season game.
  4. I'd be curious to know if Falk got 3rd team reps today over Webb. With Cashman out, who filled in? With Jones waived at CB, what is the new rotation on 2nd team, and 3rd team?
  5. Worse than that is the perpetual play by play scrutiny of a training camp practice. If Leo doesn't get a sack on every play, or break up every play he's on the field for, trade him. If Poole doesn't come up with a pass block or an INT on every play, our slot corner sucks. It's camp, the offensive player wins sometimes, the defensive player wins sometimes. Players in this league our fans would trade the farm for are getting beat or losing their battle sometimes every day in practice, if they actually read other team camp reports. Fans have tunnel vision on this stuff, so annoying.
  6. you must liberal.. identity politics and always the PC police. Not once reading the opening post of this thread did I think racism... But everything said about Manish in the OP is accurate! He is a d-bag, and I don’t care what his ethnicity is!!!
  7. Would make sense to move him if another player of need becomes available. I've read rumors on a Lee for Eagles Aghilor type of trade. That said, why should we be anxious to move a player that *does* have talent. At worst, he shifts down on the depth chart, provides insurance, and becomes an elite ST'er because of his speed. Fans want to rush players off the roster complaining we have have player a and b already on the roster, and then in the next sentence, suggest we don't have depth, and bottom of the roster talent...
  8. I actually think Jets fans spend far too much time killing the GM overall, because it seems the "hip" thing to do and we have a lot of arm chair GM's in the fan base. Some deserve it, some don't. Always good to debate, but except for the few draftnik's or the people on the board that do some of this for a living or as a hobby and have *some* credence to their views, most of us don't have nearly the access these people do, and I always get a kick at how brash and naive fans can be on this topic. The Jets fan base overall are the most cynical in the country. I get it that the team has earned some of that, I've been one for over 35 years. But fans have no patience, and it drives me nuts. Anyway, I actually think Mac has done a good job overall. I look at the entire body of work. This team heading into this year, compared to what he had when he took over. There is a LOT to be excited about with this roster, going into THIS season. Every roster has holes, not every position and every slot on the 53 will be a first round pick. I think draft strategy requires to get the best talent first, tayloring to needs fit, culture, and player "type" based on coaching regime's strategy second. Like every GM, even the greatest ever, they make mistakes, they "miss," etc etc... Mac has done a good job getting this roster to where it is today, taking over a complete mess, with players that they themselves failed. Players like Wilkerson and Richardson, great talents that just decided to let themselves go... That's not always on the GM.
  9. A staple in Gase's offensive scheme.
  10. The biggest risk player was Austin, but was at a position of need, and the player was highly regarded that if healthy would have been a day 1 or 2 pick. Killing this pick is absurd. Debating there was another player on the board that would have been a better selection? Sure, always debatable, but who and why? All I see on the board are fans lashing out, Fire Mac, blah blah blah... Yet, our armchair GM's don't offer up their preferred plan. From what I've read, the Jets did their homework on these players, and with Austin's medical history. He may never work out, but in the 6th round, that is where you select a player like Austin.
  11. Why bother to inject reason and common sense, when it completely destroys the agenda and narrative of the pompous SOJF debbie downer know it alls of the board?
  12. What is the alternative? These are 5th and 6th round picks, it's the right place in the draft to go after high risk/high reward players. Taking a shot at a player that at one time was on the path to being a day 1 or day 2 pick is good strategy. You factor in current make up of roster, the work done in FA, and the work still yet to be done... Far too much criticism on players selected on day 3.
  13. Unless Jets get a great offer, he should go no where... Would be very good #3 MLB behind Williamson and Mosley. Rookie contract.
  14. Upgrade from Tomlinson, ST'er, and knows Gase/Loggains offensive system. Depth signing, Jets will sign more of these, not sure why people are freaking out. Seems like a solid depth player.
  15. https://twitter.com/rvacchianosny/status/1107799608766484480?s=21 Gase and/or Loggains connection. Young!
  16. Hopefully, the Jets can beat the Browns to the FA pick-up... Too soon?
  17. So is the fan base going to freak out about every piece of news that involves a player that isn't a name player? That $100 million needs to be used to rebuild a hefty chunk of the roster, not to put it all on big name players...
  18. As opposed to an OC with a defensive mind?
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