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  1. No. When JG went to SF the handshake had TB12 finishing his career in SF. Josh will go with him and there will be picks. SF, NE. TB12, and the NFL will make a ton of money. TB12 and the Pats will defeat the 49ers this season and there will be a rematch next when we FINALLY learn if it is Brady or Belichick that makes this train run. Sounds like professional wrestling, but isn't that what the NFL has become? The other GOAT will be BFFs with TB12 and console him when Brady loses to Belichick. How else could all of this end?
  2. A little less secret is that he eats and breathes football. Tuesday, he was interviewed on the local sports radio station. One of the guys commented that he was wearing the same clothes as he wore during the game, "It's a short week."
  3. Robert Kraft is STILL a fan of the team and the players. I love to watch the locker room celebrations. During those moments, Mr. Kraft looks like he believes he is the LUCKIEST guy in the world. No other Patriot owner has ever felt that way. Great post varjet!
  4. I have always believed TB12 would finish his career in SF -- home team, mirror of Montana, all that. When Jimmy G went there, I felt like a blockbuster trade sending Tom home in exchange for his heir apparent would be poetry. Can you see it? The undefeated Patriots beat down the upstart (and undefeated) 49ers in the Big Game then BB and JG vs TB12 and Shanahan (and Welker).
  5. I think the spelling error made the thread 1000x better.
  6. My favorite Jet of all time is Joe Namath. All he did was promise to win a championship and deliver. Every team needs a guy like that. The Jets should be sold to a management team that is at least represented by Namath. He could recruit other winners. That would be something.
  7. Probably not. When BB replaced the franchise QB with a 6th round pick, he built a dominant defense and coached the QB not to lose. Now that Brady is past his peak, Coach is focusing on defense again while looking for a QB who will not lose games. Not sure that guy in on the roster (I think he is in SF), but that is the plan...again.
  8. There's this show where Brady walks out of a massage parlor and into a limo...
  9. It probably is. No sense straining his confidence in a blowout.
  10. Lack of faith in the kicker. Been a tough year at that position.
  11. The Patriots put up a combined 65 points against the Jets and Giants. Don't you think it is possible the Pats slipped into bend-don't-break? That differential, btw, is greater than the season's differential for all teams except the other undefeated team.
  12. Now Pittsburgh is CRUSHING the Chargers. Maybe New England made some pretty good teams look bad...
  13. The Jets suck and the Dolphins suck, but the only team that has beaten the Bills is the team that won the championship a few months ago.
  14. Every other team in the division plays a perennial Superbowl contender at least twice each year. Put those teams in another division and maybe they split or take a pair. The Pat's strength of schedule is poor because every team on the schedule is probably going to lose that game. The AFC East teams are probably going to lose two. It's not like the NFL scheduled the worst teams to play the Pats. It's not like the schedule is random. There are rules and the rules dictate that the best team in the NFL will play all their games against lesser teams. Get over it.
  15. As long as BB is at the helm, the Pats will dominate. Right now, we are witnessing the transition from a QB team to a Defensive team with a solid running game. This will preserve TB12 and facilitate the assimilation of the next QB. This team will regress to the norm once Coach is gone, but Bill will transition away from TB12 deftly.
  16. For a Pats fan, this was the first time the game felt like a win from kickoff. Scoring was close, but the game wasn't.
  17. I did not remember that. I do remember the Colts being in the AFC East. And the Colts/Ravens thing. Thanks for encouraging me to google this and learn a little more about the origin of the NFL.
  18. Remember the last time these teams met in the Big Game? Ricky Proehl stared into the TV camera. and proclaimed, “Tonight a dynasty is born, baby.” That clip made in into Three Games to Glory. I wonder if he remembers the moment as often as I do...
  19. Maybe that undefeated season that eluded them? Final FU to Shula et al? Keeping an eye on Butler and Garoppolo.
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