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  1. As long as BB is at the helm, the Pats will dominate. Right now, we are witnessing the transition from a QB team to a Defensive team with a solid running game. This will preserve TB12 and facilitate the assimilation of the next QB. This team will regress to the norm once Coach is gone, but Bill will transition away from TB12 deftly.
  2. For a Pats fan, this was the first time the game felt like a win from kickoff. Scoring was close, but the game wasn't.
  3. I did not remember that. I do remember the Colts being in the AFC East. And the Colts/Ravens thing. Thanks for encouraging me to google this and learn a little more about the origin of the NFL.
  4. Remember the last time these teams met in the Big Game? Ricky Proehl stared into the TV camera. and proclaimed, “Tonight a dynasty is born, baby.” That clip made in into Three Games to Glory. I wonder if he remembers the moment as often as I do...

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