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  1. The Pats have a lot of really good players and their share of greats. They also have GREAT coaches. These guys build a team that competes on the field and in the bank. And there is no such thing as karma.
  2. Brady has a lot more than a ring. He has five of them and four SB MVPs. We could go on and on, but did you see the fourth quarter of SB 51?
  3. I watched the game. My mouth was open and silent for most of five quarters. I don't know how you blame that loss on anyone. The Patriot players won that game. There were some amazing plays and a lot of willful players. Atlanta was ready to play, but was not ready for the New England Patriots. The Falcons are going to be a good team for a long time. So are the Patriots.
  4. Well, it looks like no one except New England and Atlanta had a shot. Who would have expected Dallas to bow out so gracelessly? Not me. In the end, it's all about match-ups and I think NE thumps the Falcons because Atlanta has no one who matches up with Belichick.
  5. I think Matt Patricia is the heir apparent. Josh makes a lot of money as OC. He gets to wear lots of fancy rings. He has already failed as a Head Coach. I think it would take a great opportunity to ply him away -- San Fran is not a great opportunity. Probably worse than Denver without a franchise QB.
  6. I agree. I believe THIS team is the one BB has been building his entire career. He absolutely dotes on the team as a whole and a LOT of players individually. Many of the players and coaches have been in this together for a long time and most of the new ones look like they are opening the biggest present under the tree when interviewed. Every time I watch Matthew Slater, I expect him to pull off the rubber mast to reveal Bill Belichick. Need to do a DNA test. I do not expect BB to retire any time soon, but I thought TB12 might. They had two impressive QBs in the queue and I thought s
  7. This is going to happen. Aging vets carried the Pats to their first ring. You need to pick the right ones. QBs must be taken when available then tried out and nurtured or moved out. You will need to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. LOL. Not going to happen. Yes. That's two guys. Good luck with that. Suck-for-Luck hasn't really worked out for the Colts, right? 1. Bring in a guy who knows he is there to build a team 2. Trade quality picks for quantity picks 3. Draft a lot of players 4. Build the defense through t
  8. I would take the over. My guess is that TB12 starts the game, runs up the score, and is replaced by Jimmy G. who will also want to put on a show. I suspect Michael Floyd will see the field and he *could* have an impact. Merry Christmas!
  9. Not so sure about that. Except for three uncharacteristic turnovers, the Ravens were not in the game. I never thought the outcome was in doubt.
  10. Someone needs to test the water in California.
  11. Special Teams pins the Ravens then the Defense puts two on the board. All three phases of the game, right?
  12. Fun to watch, huh? Jamie Collins did this for the Pats in 2015.
  13. tons of college coaches would like a shot. it's not the coach. it's the gm. need better, less expensive groceries. probably want to get out of the AFC east too.
  14. they are talking about building a wall between the colts and the end zone.
  15. "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell
  16. Started last Monday. Hate talk radio.
  17. It's a business. Bledsoe is STILL like a son to RKK. Always welcome in the owners box and home. Just been replaced on the field. It's going to happen to Brady eventually. It happened to Montana.
  18. Me-vi$ i$n't getting enough in endor$ement$ Me-vi$ want$ out of NY New agent$ offer $omething not ca$h related I can't imagine it'$ the latter, becau$e the Jet$ would probably love to get out from under that contract. $o, $omeone ha$ promi$ed lucrative endor$ement$ or $omething not ca$h related. Endor$ements would enrich the agent$ and it'$ not likely that hi$ agent$ would not be able or willing to $ecure endor$ement deal$. That leave$ Roc Nation a$ the likely motivation behind the change. Roc on!
  19. If the NFL is rigged, there has been no better choreographed season than the one capped by Superbowl III in which a handsome quarterback willed a scrappy gang green to the AFL's first championship. This, btw, is my favorite non-Patriots team. If we have learned anything over the last five seasons, it's that the NFL ownership is not capable of scripting anything. The deflate-gate drama has been grossly mishandled. Monday's game was poorly officiated, but I can't see how anyone could objectively say the Pats benefited from that. I'll concede that the official blew the whistle to protect
  20. The best chance for the Pats to lose is game 15. By the time the Patriots go to Denver, Manning may be done. It will be interesting to see how their defense does against a team with a winning record tomorrow. We already know the Jets can play with the Pats.
  21. I don't agree with this. The Pats have had a LOT of really good receivers in who have not worked out. Welker, Gronk, Edelman, LaFell, Amendola, Lewis, and Moss all seem to understand what Brady is going to do -- or at least what Brady needs them to do. Good quarterbacks always seem to have one or two guys who 'are on the same page', but, right now, Brady has five. The ability to make something work when things don't go as planned keeps the chains moving.
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