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  1. The one team I think people are underrating is the Panthers.  I know they have no weapons at WR but Cam is playing out of his mind and they have a really good defense.  They also beat the Seahawks on the road.  Their biggest test comes in two weeks against the Packers at home.

    Carolina (15-20, 0-0-6, 52, 28/7)
    Sun 9/13        @ Jacksonville    W 20 - 9 (2-5)
    Sun 9/20        Houston    W 24 - 17 (2-5)
    Sun 9/27        New Orleans    W 27 - 22 (3-4)
    Sun 10/4        @ Tampa Bay    W 37 - 23 (2-4)
    Sun 10/18        @ Seattle    W 27 - 23 (3-4)
    Sun 10/25        Philadelphia    W 27 - 16 (3-4)

    My eyeballs tell me they are good, but who have they beaten?  Looking forward to the Packers game almost as I am looking forward to Packers vs Broncos.  The season is about to start getting interesting.

  2. What was the official drop stat on that game?  That is an official stat now, right?  I keep reading that LaFell had 11 drops, but I think they only credited him with 3 official.

    I don't know.  Do they track that?  Is it like wild pitches and passed balls?  They were saying eleven and twelve after the game.  I heard Bo Bo had six.  There were a lot of dropped balls, though, and that hampered the Pats -- especially in the first half.  There are always dropped balls, but there seemed to be a lot in this game.

  3. Im usually not this high on our team, but i believe this team is top 5 in the NFL only behind Pats, bengals and broncos. I think we are possibly better than the Packers, panthers and cardinals. Wanted to know what you guys think, its been a surprisingly exciting year.

    It is tough to say.  Will be until the Undefeateds start playing each other and/or the Jets.  I don't think the Jets are as close to the Pats as it looked Sunday.  Lots of pieces missing from that offense and twelve dropped balls is simply a drive killing anomaly.  EPSN puts the Jets at #8.  I expect the Broncos and Falcons to fall, but I'm not ready to demote the Packers from #2.  Top six OK?

  4. When I was a kid, most people I knew rooted for the Jets and Joe Namath to win the Superbowl.  This was partly an AFC/NFC thing and partly a Joe Namath thing (I still LOVE Namath). For most of the time between Superbowl III and the eruption of the Border Wars, I don't think the rivalry was much more than that of two crappy teams that play each other a lot.  Things heated up beginning with the seduction of Parcells then Curtis Martin.  Then the greatest head coach in the history of sports left the Meadowlands for Foxboro.  And there is Revis.  During this Border War, the Pats have dominated by most measurements, but the games between the two teams have been close enough that each game is nationally anticipated.  

    As a Red Sox fan, I totally get the 'cheatriots' line of attack.  Until the Sox won the World Series in 2004, our 'reason' for coming up short always involved the Yankees.  They bought Ruth, every great player since, and all of those championships.  

    It's not just a Boston-NY thing.  Boston-Montreal was probably just as heated.  

    New York - three: The Jets, Giants and Bills...Out of division rivalries are less common; Bills and Jets are a rivalry, but have a bigger enemy in NE

    Pennsylvania - two: the Eagles and Steelers...Out of conference rivalries are even more rare

    Maryland/DC (virtually the same) - two: Ravens and Washington...Skins/Cowboys/Gints are the historic rivalry; again conference

    Florida - three: Jags, Bucs and the Fins...Out of division, out of conference, and too much suck to get excited about

    Texas - two: The Boys and the Texans...Out of conference

    Ohio: - two: Browns and the Bengals...Bigger enemy in the Steelers; the whole Indy-Balt-Cleveland thing probably conjures more hurt feelings

    Missouri - two: Chiefs (wanted to spell it the Chefs) and the Rams...Out of conference; who roots for the Rams?  

    California - three: Da Raidas, 49ers and the Chargers...are practically in different time zones...


    NY Jets and Boston Patriots have history, proximity, competitiveness, and familiarity that is uncommon in pro sports.

  5. Is Jimmy willing to stay in NE that long? Brady is talking about another 4-6 years of football. Jimmy G. is under contract for what, another 3 seasons?

    Kid may actually want to play!


    Worked out OK for Aaron Rodgers.  He 'learned the game' for three years before going under center.  If Brady is still playing in three or four years, my guess is that Jimmy will get his chance somewhere else whether he likes it or not.

  6. Did you notice all his boys are named after men in the Old Testament? It's safe to say he takes his faith a little more seriously than just going to Mass on Sundays. From everything I could find on the internet, he seems to be a very moral guy. I would hope even the biggest Patriot homer fans would concede he's cleaner than Belichick.


    I don't think we know enough about either guy to judge their morality.  There are some priests who have demonstrated piety who have lived incompatible lives.  

  7. It's becoming more and more difficult to take the game seriously... 


    between cheating, drastic rule changes, PSL's and the many greedy money grabs this league has taken...the popularity will begin to decline and their lack of integrity and greed will eventually cost them the league.  


    I, for one, am just about done.  


    I solved this problem by turning off my radio and tv between games.  Sometimes, I even avoid fan forums.  The games are as good as they have ever been.  Parity is as good as in any sport.  The media, on the other hand, is not.  

  8. Everyone loves Joe.  From his SB win to hitting on Suzy Kolber, Joe's a guy every other guy wants to be.  I also happen to agree with his assessment of the interception.  I think Lockette blocked Wilson's view of Butler until it was too late not to throw the ball.  


    NAMATH: This was the 49th Super Bowl, so I’ve had the honor and pleasure of being to several Super Bowls over the years. This was one of the best games I recall, if not the best. The most exciting, other than playing in one, you see. Well, there have been some other good ones, too. The finish was dramatic. You know, I am a guy that believed Pete [Carroll] made the right call that didn’t work. Earlier in the game, there were situations where [Marshawn] Lynch was stopped for no gain. When you see eight New England Patriots at the line of scrimmage to stop the run, that’s not just eight players up there, that’s eight Patriots that are pretty darn stout, or they wouldn’t be there in that position in the first place. Given the belief that Pete knows, with his coaches, exactly what they want to do in a given situation, what is the best opportunity, I really believe he called the play that they figured would be best with single coverage, and not butting heads, and in that given situation, with the time and the one timeout. It just didn’t work. That young man [Malcolm] Butler made a great play. I don’t believe Russell Wilson saw Butler. Having played the position before, had he seen Butler in that break position, he would have maybe put it on the receiver’s back shoulder. But it was such a flash, you know. From where Butler was, and came from, I really believe Russell didn’t see Butler, and he threw a strike right out there in front of the receiver. If you get real picky, you would have thought that the receiver would have been coming harder inside, a step faster. When I watch his body movement, watch his break inside, I don’t think it was as explosive as it could have been. I give all the credit in the world to Butler for making an absolutely great play and, wow, what a hero, coming from where he came from onto that team. What a finish for the season for him, boy.


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