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  1. QB's are always taken at the top of the draft. That's how totally mediocre prospects like Goff and Lynch are taken in the first round. Even Geno Smith would have been a first round pick in 2013 if he hadn't come off as a complete tard in interviews. I wouldn't be shocked if Kizer, Watson and Trubisky were taken as the top 3 picks.
  2. Outside of the Decker injury we've been very healthy this year. And Decker's injury was mitigated by Enunwa and Robby Anderson playing well. Bowles is a disaster. I hope Woody enjoys the next season when we go 0-16 with this dud.
  3. Only reason we didn't lose that game was Powell played brilliantly
  4. It's really a gay argument. (and by gay I mean lame not homosexual which is fine) "We'll be duh Browns if we fire a guy after one season." Fun Fact: The Green Bay Packers, class organization of the NFL, fired a Head Coach after one season when the team went 8-8!
  5. And I'd still take 3/4 of those guys over Bowles
  6. Dave Butz Bacarri Rambo Mack Strong AC Slater
  7. That posh job will be Rex Ryan's posh job this time next year
  8. Yeah it's only been rumored for over a year now. MNF ratings are down big this year ESPN is cleaning house.
  9. Rams haven't had a much better season than us and Goff looks even worse than Petty
  10. Awful players don't have 23,000+ points, a NCAA championship, 10+ playoff NBA appearances and first ballot access to the hall of fame but I'll take your word for it. I'll go back to the football forum and listen to people tell me how Todd Bowles needs another year to run this team into the ground and Petty is the next Brady he just needs the greatest ever O-line in front of him.
  11. He fell on the sword to save his career. Tanenbaum knew he would never work in the NFL again if he threw his owner under the boss and said he pushed the Jets to make the dumbest move ever.
  12. Well yeah because that's exactly what happened.
  13. drdetroit


    Before you say he's never coaching again -- that's not true. Rex is taking his job on MNF. Gruden needs to coach again next year which is why he is being linked to the Rams.
  14. Gruden and Coughlin are both available and people are pining away for this clown. Yes, Gruden is available Rex is taking his MNF gig so he has to coach next year
  15. Carmelo has 2 years left on his deal after this season you guys act like he's under contract til 2030 He takes the spotlight off KP and allows him to develop his game. Without Melo the NY media would be crushing the 21 year old KP every game. Oh and he does make the team better
  16. Celtics are just a better team. Our only shot at the 3 seed is if the injury bug gets them
  17. I'm down. Bowles at HC, Petty at qb we should be good for 0-16 next season and the number one pick Lamar Jackson
  18. Symptoms of a larger problem The players don't believe in Bowles they know he's an empty suit
  19. It's not just Bowles who deserves to get fired the entire staff deserves to lose their jobs The defense is atrocious, special teams is literally a joke, our OC can't develop a Qb and there's no reason to keep the same playbook neither Petty nor Hack are the answer
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