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  1. Yep Petty has no ability to make pre snap reads and shuffle his protection. The guy is not good I don't know if Petty is even good enough to be a backup
  2. Wanted him in the '14 draft I saw him play at Rutgers that one season knew he'd be good or at least decent
  3. Because Mac panicked and reached for a 7th round pick QB in round 2 because loudmouth idiots in the media and his own staff wanted us to draft the stiff Paxton Lynch How much you wanna bet dumbass Woody wanted Lynch?
  4. We already know $hitz and Petty are crap. Might as well verify Crapenberg is too
  5. I agree he is the only assistant on Belichick's staff I think has potential McDaniels is an overrated tool
  6. Hey, that numbskull is about to be my country's ambassador to Monaco
  7. No that was Mike McCoy and John Fox McDaniels is the idiot who used a first round pick on Tebow
  8. I don't get the man-love for this arrogant douche. He was a total flop in Denver
  9. So what's your point? We might hire a worse head coach than Bowels? That would be very difficult to do
  10. Yeah I get it your this big contrarian Bowles is garbage. Ok yay let's wait one more season to fire him The point is to get better not except horrid football and a coaching staff that would get fired by any other owner
  11. Cimini is a moron Y do you guys even listen to anything this guy says?
  12. If the Browns make a couple good moves they could be competing for a wildcard next year. Meanwhile unless there's a radical overhaul of the coaching staff and roster I can't see us going better than 1-15 next year. Seriously.
  13. At least we know one thing today: BRYCE PETTY F'N SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HANNUKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Not crazy about him but if this is the only way we can get out from this Bowles' nightmare please sign me the f up
  15. How are we so much better off than the Browns? We won 3 more games this season? Wow. I'd much rather be in the Browns' situation. They have the #1 pick in every round, they know they don't have a real qb on their roster and they don't have friggin Tom Brady in their division.
  16. If any of us had a year like Bowles just had we would all get fired at our jobs and probably never let back in that career field ever again. Enjoy going 0-16 in 2017 guys
  17. It's crazy how they get all the breaks. Everything goes their way. Meanwhile watch us have to endure Giants/Pats SB3
  18. Hackenburg is moist garbage. Petty couldn't even complete a single pass today. Time to move on boys.
  19. And Bowles vaunted first season you argue merits an extension was the result of a cupcake schedule
  20. So easy to score on a Bowles coached defense Just throw to the RB who will run a seam route against Harris or throw to whoever Revis is covering one on one
  21. The people who know everything say we can't fire someone every 2 years because we become the Browns So we have to stick with a complete dud coaching staff for another horrible season next year
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