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  1. Glennon Cutler Tyrod Taylor if Bills cut him McCarron via trade Kizer, Watson Trubisky in the draft But yeah like you said no one.
  2. If it wasn't for Allen Robinson Hack would have never even been drafted by a NFL team. Guy is a total bust. Wait for the cherry on top next week when Cardale Jones starts and has a good game facing us.
  3. Coaching staff is garbage Mac has potential as GM
  4. Second season ending leg injury in a row. He's going to be RG3 2.0
  5. Remember in the Arizona game when Carson Palmer saw Sheldon Richardson lined up at OLB on the edge so he audibled a run and David Johnson ran on that side for a 80 yard td!
  6. It's close Btw if we go into next season with Bowles as HC and Petty at QB we will go 0-16.
  7. We're going with Bowels and Petty next year which means 0-16
  8. Raiders would have to win in a shootout. Chiefs just manage to win. I don't know how they do it but they pull stuff out of their ass
  9. Is it really more ridiculous than saying Bryce friggin Petty should be our starting qb next year?
  10. Pats fans would love to see us continue with Fitz or Petty for another abortion of a season
  11. Not necessarily. But I do know for a fact Petty and Hack are not the answer.
  12. Bowles lost the team way before that. Probably week 3 at KC the season was already over.
  13. This franchise is headed to a 10-15 year dark period like what the Knicks and Raiders just experienced unless something radical like getting rid of Bowles and cutting alot of the crappy veterans is done in the offseason.
  14. This idea that Mo Wilkerson was the better value is totally flawed: 1. Wilk's contract was for $90 mil. Snacks deal from the Giants was $45 mil. 2. Yes Wilk had sacks but alot of that was because Snacks was eating up blockers right next to him. 3. Anytime our defense didn't have Wilk over the years and someone like Coples started in his place there was basically no difference. And this is a bad situation that is going to get worse. Mo's problem isn't physical it's that he was never that great to begin with and he has no motivation now that he has the payday. Bowles will be back next season so enjoy the continued sh_tshow.
  15. So glad we gave this clown $90 mil instead of keeping Snacks at $45 mil
  16. I agree Bowels is safe. He's going to get another year and we will go 1-15 or 0-16 next year
  17. Defense is too soft plus they won't be able to protect Rapistberger
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