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  1. Don't count out the Raiders and Chiefs in afc even if the pats have home field. Also, the Seahawks and Giants both in NFC have their number.
  2. Jets are headed for a 10-15 year dark period like what the New York Knicks and Oakland Raiders both just went through.
  3. The announcers were KILLING BOWLES for this.
  4. Disagree Bowles is getting another season. That's how inept this organization is and it is headed to a 15 year drought of crap like what the Knicks and Raiders just went through.
  5. Guys, Bowles is coaching this team next season. Woody is too preoccupied with being a master in the political arena (UK only has two years to fully execute Brexit watch Woody screw that up too!!!)
  6. Fitz sucks Petty sucks Hack sucks Geno blow Time to move on boys
  7. Rex Bowles is going to get another season and we go 0-16 next year with Petty/Hack while Woody helps the UK botch Brexit
  8. And he hates Belichick more than we do. He might even take a discount just to play for us.
  9. Fire: Bowles, entire coaching staff Hire: Tom Coughlin, Charlie Weis as OC, Perry Fewell as DC, Throw money at Westhoff see if he changes his mind Cuts: Fitzpatrick, Forte, Folk, Decker, Gilchrist, Harris, Clady, Mangold, Hackenburg, Calvin Pryor, McClendon Signs: QB Mike Glennon, LB Jamie Collins, LB Michael Morgan OT Andrew Whitworth, C AQ Shipley, RB Andre Ellington Resign: ASJ Draft: 1: Tim Williams - DE Alabama our first real edge rusher since we lost Abe 2. OJ Howard - TE Alabama best TE in the draft and the next Jimmy Graham and yes, I think he can fall to us at 37 Hunter Henry fell to round 2 last year 3. Julien Davenport OT Bucknell - has nice measurables and NFL scouts from all over the country are going to his games at Bucknell and saying he could be a Left Tackle in the NFL. Definitely a project but that's why we sign Whitworth. 4. Budda Baker - Safety UW has great instincts and toughness. Excellent game speed. 5. Kevin King UW - big and fast CB from Washington with fluid hips. Had an unbelieveable one handed pick recently. A project but won't need to start right away. 6. Obi Melifonwu - Safety UCONN - big, smart player who led UCONN in tackles (118) to go along with 4 picks. Was 14th in the entire country in tackles. Should be a solid starting Strong Safety for us for a long time. 7. Trade to Cleveland for Josh Gordon Offense- QB: Glennon RB: Powell WR: Marshall WR: Enunwa WR: Anderson TE: OJ Howard/ASJ LT: Whitworth LG: Carpenter C: Shipley RG: Dozier RT: Shell Defense (4-3) - DE: Tim Williams DT: Leonard Williams DT: Wilkerson DE: Jenkins OLB: Jamie Collins ILB: Darron Lee OLB: Michael Morgan CB: Justin Burris CB: Marcus WIlliams FS: Revis SS: Baker/Melifonwu
  10. Our roster isn't that bad. New England doesn't have that much a better roster overall the difference is Brady and Belichick.
  11. Maybe it is the right strategy after all. Bowles + next year's schedule = 0-16 Which also =
  12. What are we building? The worst team ever?
  13. Good, Hopefully this is the catylyst for the entire Coaching Staff GETTING FIRED
  14. Was hoping $hitz would throw another pick before half
  15. Keep Bowles, Have Petty and Hack compete at QB next year!!!!!!
  16. He doesn't care he's helping Trump make America Great Again
  17. Rex is a way better coach than Bowels. If we bring back Bowels next season we might not win 3 games
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