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  1. I'll take him back in a heartbeat over this joke of a coaching staff
  2. Wow Peake would have made the coolest TD catch ever if he held on
  4. Guys we can't fire Bowles and replace him with Coughlin he's like 70 and stuff
  5. Guys, Bowles should get another year. If we fire him after just two seasons we are the Browns.
  6. Hey Brady you might have 4 rings but I have 5 fantasy championships so suck it
  7. Fitz shouldn't even be dressed today let alone playing We should be watching Hackenburgh and see if he's anything but Jets
  8. I want to know how can anyone rationalize this coaching staff having another season.
  9. Fitz starts next week unfortunately. Don't be shocked if you never ever see Hack this season or any season
  10. At least we know a couple things: Petty sucks Bowles and the entire coaching staff deserve to be unemployed in two weeks Cut Folk
  11. Then bring back Nuge at the league minimum. He sucks too but at least he'll be cheap
  12. Folk cost us the Bengals came too Maybe Mac should be fired.
  13. Holy Moly $3.25 for a JAG kicker?!?!?!?!? Cut him and bring Bulluck back
  14. On the bright side if we lose this game and next week we might be able to get rid of Bowles and this waste of time coaching staff.
  15. I wonder if the media and NFL will go as easy on us if we signed Josh Brown.
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