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  1. Mac shouldn't be allowed to ever sign or draft a running back ever again.
  2. Jesus is that true? Petty didn't even have a completion!??!!/
  3. Rain stopped! Petty come back we are now allowed to evaluate you!
  4. So we don't get to see Hack because our retarded coaching staff
  5. Burris is just tremendous Lolz at fair weather New England fans looking for a fugese flag
  6. Yeah I love how we're not allowed to evaluate Petty it has to be sunny and 75 degrees with the world's greatest OL
  7. 0 pass rush from the edge and you guys want to reach for a mediocre OT or Safety at 5
  8. Don't forget Tyrod Taylor may also be getting cut and Cutler, Kaepernick and Palmer are absolutely getting cut. Romo and possibly Garropolo will also be available via trade
  9. Well if you believe the people who know everything we can just trade down and get a million picks at will
  10. Metaphor for their turd of a season remember people gloating about the Bradford trade when they were 5-0? Lol
  11. Watching the game, rooting for the Jets and petty to show me something
  12. Well that's your opinion. Maybe your right but Kizer, Watson and Trubisky will all probably get drafted top 10
  13. If we're not signing Glennon or drafting a QB I'd be ok with a second for McCarron. I'm not a huge fan of his but he's probably an upgrade over $hitz, Geno, Petty and Hack Better chance of me hooking up with McCarron'scwife than of Belichick trading Garropolo to us
  14. Warner, Brad Johnson and Dilfer also say really
  15. He's not getting Osweiler money. Osweiler was way more high profile plus his own team set the market at $45 mil. The Bucs won't even attempt to make an offer
  16. I love the argument "the Bucs didn't think much of Glennon they drafted Winston" Winston is a potential future top 3 quarterback and the best prospect to come out of College since Andrew Luck
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