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  1. Glennon is not going to get $72 million but maybe 3 years $35 mil
  2. Glennon's play next season will be unpresidented
  3. I think women smoking is the most unattractive thing ever EXCEPT when Sean Young did it in Blade Runner
  4. ok Have you ever seen an Uwe Boll film? Comparing the two is like comparing Rich Kotite to anyone decent.
  5. Burris has also shown flashes this season. I'd be ok with Burris starting at CB and Shell at RT next year. That is what the draft is supposed to be for.
  6. Right now Wilkerson might be the 3rd best DE on our own roster. That's how garbage he is.
  7. The sack Petty took with Suh and Wake pancaking him was Miami using the same blitz twice in a row and Petty not recognizing it before the snap.
  8. huh? Oh yeah you're still mad we didn't keep Idzikiot
  9. Or they can sign Geno or Fitzpatrick
  10. In this pic McCarron looks like a teenager with a wealthy father who bought his son a high priced escort to take his virginity:
  11. 2. Not that it really matters the Giants clearly have been way better managed than Woody's jets. Which is part of why I want Coughlin.
  12. Surprised the "classy Giants" would pick this guy to be the face of their franchise he looks like a truck driver from Wisconsin
  13. He's not a franchise qb but he's probably better than both Petty and Hack
  14. Agreed but your idea that the Giants playing well motivates Woody to suddenly be a a caring owner doesn't make sense. Woody does care, his problem is he's not bright and meddles. I'd rather Woody go be the ambassador to Lichtenstein and let Mac do his job next offseason
  15. You guys are nuts. Our QB's have been wet garbage this year. Marshall has played hard. He is the one veteran worthy of keeping.
  16. Not what I'm seeing Marshall is the only vet who has played hard this season.
  17. I admit it. I was one of the 1% of posters who said Snacks was more valuable to our defense than Mo.
  18. Last time the Giants won a Super Bowl Woody Johnson told Mike Tanenbaum to trade for Tim Tebow Nuff Said
  19. He hasn't been good but he has shown more promise than your boy Mo who you wanted us to pay $100 mil for
  20. I love the posts in this thread from ignoramuses acting like I'm saying we should give Whitworth a 6 year deal. Really we would only have to give him a one or two year contract
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