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  1. Unfortunately i can see Glennon to LA or AZ and Taylor to Denver. Meanwhile Bonebrain Woody trades for Romo and he goes on IR by week 1 of preseason
  2. No question Taylor or Glennon make more sense. Romo wouldn't last 5 minutes behind our OL
  3. I know you guys don't think Garrapolo is good but he is. Sample size is small but enough to show he will be an effective starter He's no Hackenburg but still
  4. Jets are the Washington Generals of the NFL
  5. We're going 0-16 next season. In the long run maybe it's for the better we get Lamar Jackson in the draft plus once Trump fires Woody from being ambassador he can focus on football and hire Harbaugh
  6. Hackenberg stinks and has shown 0 progress in practices with reps Cody Friggin Kessler, the Browns rookie backup, is better
  7. I can't believe the litany of lame excuses This franchise is headed to a dark, dark place
  8. Great points Sperminator A better HC/QB combo and we are 8-7 or 9-6 and in the playoff hunt
  9. Ok. I'll lump you in with the posters who said Jameis Winston was "100% lock to bust" just 2 years ago on this board This franchise is cursed and headed to a very dark place for many years. So root for Petty his ceiling might be a NFL JAG, or Hack whose ceiling might be special ED. Meanwhile Brady and Eli will collect more rings.
  10. Why Fitz is starting: 1. Hack is embarassingly bad 2. Hack is an embarssment to this GM 3. Hack is an embarassment to this Coaching staff 4. Hack is an embarassment to this Owner 5. Hack can't even throw a ball
  11. Hey if he's so good why can't he even dress for a game? There are 7th round pick qb's dressing for games.
  12. They could literally hire anyone off the street and they would do a better job than Bowels. But Woody doesn't care, just like Mike Francesa said, the results of the presidential race is all he cares about he probably told Bowles to botch the Colts game on purpose just to make Mike Pence feel good.
  13. Brady has already said he's playing until he sucks. He's still by far the best QB in the world and looks healthy. You ride that b*tch out for another 3-4 years.
  14. Flynn had one good half playing against the worst secondary in the NFL. Garropolo had a good game facing a top 3 pass defense. Big difference.
  15. Gary Myers is a Jet hating Giants fan but I have to agree with him. Bowles is a waste of time. That said, maybe the bright side is if we go 0-16 next season we get Lamar Jackson and I might see a Super Bowl in my lifetime.
  16. Another crappy road loss. Great. Forget about 3rd seed. Knicks need to get 4, 5 or 7th seed just to get to the second round.
  17. We have a dumb negligent owner. The idea some qualified individual out there doesn't want an NFL HC gig is ludicrous
  18. Don't hurt my feelings Hackenberg goes from showing nothing in preseason to to showing nothing and now he's the next Peyton Manning.
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