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  1. Wackenberg has more than just "minor mechanical issues." He is not intelligent, he's very inaccurate and can't read defenses.
  2. Not only did the Vikings screw themselves with that retarded Bradford trade they screwed any team that wants Garropolo Oh and we have 0 shot at him. Belichick would rather jump off a bridge than trade a good young qb to the jets.
  3. I'd be cool with either Watson or Kizer in round 1. Anyone but Wack/Petty
  4. Anthony deserved to get ejected but these refs are a special kind of awful tonight.
  5. This franchise is headed down a dark path 10 years from now you are going to look at Herm/Mangini/Rex as our golden age.
  6. Milliner sucked too but at least he was actually good in college. Unlike Crapenberg
  7. Powell - motivated because we buried him on the depth chart behind Forte because Forte is a name Anderson - undrafted rookie FA is hungry, really the only good thing Bowles has done in 2 years but then again Kottie discovered Chrebet Petty - looked average, was hungry because he was benched for Noodle-Arm
  8. Wackenberg is the one guy like 99% of NFL scouts all agree consensus is hot garbage. You know things are bad when Todd Bowles has to hide you.
  9. If we did we wouldn't have picked Hackenberg, Devin Smith, Stephen Hill, Vlad Ducasse etc.
  10. Team is going NOWHERE. We will be worse than the Browns next season book it.
  11. This team is going nowhere. How anyone could pay money to watch this sh_tshow next couple years is amazing
  12. Well if he is not supposed to be talented why is he even on the friggin roster? What is this a welfare program?
  13. I have a bad feeling that's Woody's plan is Romo
  14. If Hack is even remotely as talented as you guys think he is he should be starting. Especially over a bad qb like Fitzpatrick.
  15. Cool. Our game plan is to go 0-16 in 2017 to get Lamar Jackson!
  16. I'd take RG3 over any qb on our roster and I think RG3 totally sucks.
  17. They're right. And I'm telling you now unless Mac knocks it out of the park in the offseason and has a great draft and signs Glennon or Taylor this team is going at best 3-13 next season.
  18. The Colts keeping Pagano and Grigson for another year is almost as perplexing as the Jets keeping Bowels another year. In the end it's simply a matter of bad ownership and management at the top. Irsay is a drunken idiot rich kid. Woody is just an idiot rich kid.
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