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  1. 1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

    They never try to add to the defense. The defense has been vanilla for years. TY Hilton/ Moncrief is a good WR combo. Dwayne Allen is a solid TE..I don't know what the issue is besides defense.

    They have tried to add to their defense.  Their defense sucks, their OL sucks, really the only FA the Colts added over the years that worked out was Gore.  They're badly coach and their GM makes dumb moves like trading a first round pick for a running back.

    All Colts fans wish they could fire Pagano and get Bruce Arians back.  Literally all of them.

  2. 1 minute ago, rangerous said:

    there is a bright side.  if mac truly has a plan that includes bringing in good players and changing the team's culture then maybe it will all work out.  the thing is he will need some time to yield the results.  bowles may or may not be the coach.

    Mac's strategy is go 0-16 next year, blame Bowles, tell idiot Woody who will be busy being the ambassador to Monaco that Bowles should take the fall and if he gets to pick Lamar Jackson in the draft at 1 overall he can bring the jets back.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    They almost fired him a year or two ago...I have no idea why. He really is a terrible coach. Franchise QB and still can't win the division title in the worst division in the league.

    The Colts are just as big a mess as the jets are the only difference is they tanked one year and got Luck.


    Irsay is almost as dumb as Woody.  Grigson is a horrible GM and Pagano is a nice guy but a lousy HC.  I live and work in Indianapolis no one there thinks Pagano and Grigson deserve to keep their jobs - and they've made the playoffs and gotten to a AFCG together unlike Bowles.

  4. 8 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

    Dark era? Remember the 1970s?

    Way things are going, with Woody getting lost in his own world thanks to his politics, Bowles and the rest of this crappy Coaching Staff being allowed to have jobs, and a dumb one read qb like Petty being our starting qb next year I could see us not making the playoffs again until maybe 2030 after Woody dies of old age or sells the team

  5. 2 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    I don't see it. We may not have that many building blocks..but 10-15 years? Nah.

    We're already halfway there.  It's already been 6 years with no playoffs.  We're giving a God-Awful incompetent HC another season and possibly going into TC next year with a scrub (Petty) and a total waste of time (Hack)


    The Jets are becoming what the Knicks were for about 15 years.

  6. 1 minute ago, Pac said:

    It's amazing how many people are blaming talent.  This was supposed to be 1 of, if not the best Ds in the NFL.  On offense you had one of the best WR tandems in the league returning and added a very talented Forte.

    This team sucks because of Fitz and Bowles.  Bowles deserves to be fired for pining for a sh*tty qb, then losing the team when that sh*tty qb played sh*tty.

    This shouldn't be a hard decision.

    The HC/QB combination is everything in the NFL


  7. 2 minutes ago, jetrider said:

    6. The OL will get Hack killed

    5. Hack's inexperience will get Hack killed

    4. A combo of the above will get Hack killed

    3. Buffalo is using a scrub backup QB, Jets are using theirs  (Fitz)

    2. If Hack starts, Marshall and other big names will bench themselves to avoid risk

    1. Woody wants to fill as many seats as possible

    7. Hack is horrible and Mac and Bowles want to avoid the cherry on top of a wasted year by starting that abomination

  8. 1 hour ago, NoBowles said:

    Here's a question for you, if you fire Bowles, does he get another coaching job? If you think the answer is no, why retain him? I'd be shocked if he would get another job after getting fired. Just like Rex won't get another HC gig.

    Nobody is hiring Bowles.  His only shot is Arians taking him back as DC

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  9. 3 minutes ago, section314 said:

    Rex took over a 9-7 team two years ago, Bowles a 4-12 team. The Jets win Sunday, both teams would be 15-17 over the last two seasons. Tough to make the argument that Rex is a way more capable HC than Bowles.

    And when Bowels goes 1-15 next year with Petty, Hack and Hoyer at QB will you still be citing the greatest achievement in human history going 10-6 against a joke schedule in '15?

  10. 58 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    We could have kept Snacks at a lot less than half if he was extended a year earlier. Had one year left as a RFA and nobody showed interest in surrendering the 2nd round pick for him, suggesting he probably won't break the bank a year later. A good/smart GM would have used these 2 things - the year of injury risk at low dollars, and the lack of interest - to suggest he should cash in now while he could. 

    That was the time to extend Snacks. Not a year later, after his injury risk was gone and when any team could then sign him without the worry about surrendering a high draft pick to the Jets. But hey, look at all the cap room we saved by not locking up Snacks, so we could then go 10-6 against a schedule that screams at least 13 wins.

    Such a waste.

    Sperm, I got a bad feeling Woody is the real GM and has been since the Tebow debacle

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