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  1. There are QB's currently not even in the NFL who are significantly better than Crapenberg
  2. And if Bowels gets another season he might have .200 career winning percentage by the time he's fired after next season
  3. They all sucked because none ever had a qb except for Mangina for half a season Bowles is by far the worst but he's almost a victim because he's totally unqualified to be a head coach
  4. Not pro-Rex I just think he doesn't deserve the scorn and hate He's responsible for 2 of the 3 best seasons I ever got to see as a jets fan.
  5. Y'know Rex has a better career winning percentage than Bowels?
  6. Petty, Hack, Hoyer as our depth chart next season at qb? oh my God I want to throw up
  7. There are no OL players worthy of a top 10 selection this year The Giants have arguably a worse OL than us. Flowers is actually worse than Ijalana yet they're going to the Super Bowl again
  8. If Hackenberg was on any other team he would have been cut already
  9. Well besides almost going to the super bowl with a rookie qb he did nothing your absolutely right
  10. Meyer would get destroyed in the NFL. Ditto for Saban. It's easy to be good in college when you can pay blue chip all-world athletes six figure salaries to play football and pretend to major in basket weaving
  11. What's the irrelevant point? Mangini has sucked everywhere not just here
  12. I think the problem is anytime this organization gets stuck with a total liability retard in either the front office(Idzik) or coaching staff(Schitty, Bowels) there's the 10% of fans who know everything and think they are doing a swell job in spite of everything indicating the opposite
  13. Flaws and all Rex is a way more capable HC than Bowles. Half the posters on this site could probably out coach Bowles
  14. With a real coaching staff Smith is salvageable. I meant Devin, Warfish, not Geno
  15. You guys are such homers Hack is horrible. Our coaching staff is hiding him for a reason I don't see the Tampa coaching staff forcing Glennon to wear fleece sweaters on the sidelines and fill water bottles like Hack
  16. And Mangini just set the world on fire HC with the Browns and DC in San Francisco
  17. All Rex did was give most jets fans the best 2 years they ever saw
  18. Sanchez sucks but if Denver doesn't cut him they probably make the playoffs and possibly challenge the pats in the playoffs sanchez is only 1-0 vs Brady and Belichek in the playoffs
  19. He sucks cat outta the bag
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