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  1. Sanchez turning the ball over and Schotty calling WR reverse plays with slow Jerricho Cotchery helped Rex was the best HC we had since Parcells, statistically he might be better... Sorry
  2. Would he be signed by another team? i don't think so
  3. If Goodell was a real commish he would suspend that dumb POS like Fay Vincent did in the early 90's with Steinbrenner
  4. This franchise is headed to a 10-15 year dark era just like what the Knicks and Raiders just went through Owner is an idiot, horrible management
  5. He's also ten times the Qb $hitzpatrick your boy is Ofcourse 10x 0 = 0
  6. Against a Bowles coached secondary with 0 pass rush? Absolutely
  7. You called me repetitive? Talk about pot calling kettle!
  8. Because it's Warfish You could be talking about Star Wars and Warfish would bring up Geno sucking
  9. Todd Bowles sucks petty will be the starting QB next year and he sucks too We will be lucky to go 3-13 Woody thinks he's doing something important as the ambassador to Aruba #becomeagiantsfan
  10. Rex isn't better than bowles hes way better
  11. So your saying his upside is Fitz?
  12. If Petty and Bowles are the qb/HC next year how does anyone spend money to watch this team?!?!??
  13. Knowing the stupidity of the owner and curse of this franchise we either trade for Romo or just stick Petty and Hack
  14. Cut Petty Cut Wackenburgh Cut $hitzpatrick (For Warfish) I'dcut Geno too but he's a free agent
  15. Tanny and Gase got lucky this year. Jets stink. Bills lost Watkins which killed their season
  16. Winston had a "tough rookie year?" Hackenberg and Petty couldn't have the year winston had in 2015 in their wildest dreams
  17. To call Bowles poor at game clock management would be giving him the biggest compliment ever. He isn't bad or poor -- he is beyond horrible. A 5year old girl who doesn't even know the rules could manage the game better than Bowles.
  18. Rex will improve MNF's ratings - bigly.
  19. Hiding horrible second round picks is Bowles' specialty. Look at Devin Smith he's been in witness protection for two years.
  20. Can I bump this thread when Hackenberg gets cut in 9 months after looking like sh_t again in preseason?
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