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  1. 3 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    "Can't Wait!"

    Turns out, they could.  They thought beating New England was the Super Bowl.  Didn't even get off the bus.

    SAR I

    Sanchez turning the ball over and Schotty calling WR reverse plays with slow Jerricho Cotchery helped



    Rex was the best HC we had since Parcells, statistically he might be better... Sorry 

  2. 1 hour ago, Maxman said:

    Tyrod is my absolute # 1 hope for this offseason.

    Glennon, I have no idea about. But I don't want them sitting back, take chances at the QB position. If you have 4 QBs, you have no QB apparently.

    Knowing the stupidity of the owner and curse of this franchise we either trade for Romo or just stick             Petty and Hack

  3. On 12/25/2016 at 6:02 AM, MaxAF said:

    Todd Bowles is a D-back by trade. That's what he was as a professional NFL player. He's not transferring his knowledge to the players or he doesn't have a clue. The secondary has had so many blown coverages and looks disoriented out there most of the time. And that's game after game. No adjustments, no corrections game after game.  The defensive line's game scheme has changed and for the worse. They don't blitz like they did last year because the secondary can't cover in man to man. Same players as last year!!! Why is that???? The Offense....Don't need to say anything more. Just awful. He can't figure out how to win or motivate his players. Poor play clock management, ete,etc. This team is getting worse every week while Bowles says we got to get better. He may never be a good head coach but let him practice at being a head coach someplace else. Hire a veteran head coach, that is a winner and rebuild from there. Bowles has done the same thing week after week expecting different results..... Insanity. He even said he's done at the end of the season. Not only have the players quit on him, he's quit on himself. He admitted that he stinks so bad as a coach and has epically failed so bad that he's telling Woody to fire him. And I agree 100%.

    To call Bowles poor at game clock management would be giving him the biggest compliment ever.  He isn't bad or poor -- he is beyond horrible.  A 5year old girl who doesn't even know the rules could manage the game better than Bowles.


  4. 1 minute ago, JetFanWithNOPSL2017 said:



    Agree 100%

    The kid is 21 but a bust because they took it slowly with his rookie season. Meanwhile many of the loudest are those who cursed the Jets for ruining QBs Sanchez (1st round) and Smith (2nd round) by rushing them into starting as rookies.

    Damned if they do and if they don't in the weird and negative world of the working media and some of our draft "expert" fans



    Can I bump this thread when Hackenberg gets cut in 9 months after looking like sh_t again in preseason?

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