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  1. My goal is Super Bowl. Your goal is to watch scrubs Mac reached for in round 2 embarass themselves
  2. I actually saw Rodgers play as a rookie in 2005 in an actual game and again in 2007 in the game Favre got hurt in. But then again, I'm sure Rodgers actually looked like an NFL qb in practice early on, unlike Mr. Hackenberg.
  3. So go ahead and call everyone who doesn't think a one-read qb who can't read a defense to save his life like Bryce Petty is the next Brady a neophyte.
  4. Rex is going to broadcasting. ESPN probably already has a contract waiting for him.
  5. Wow what an intelligent post. "I disagree with you so you must be 12 and play Madden!" Enjoy watching Petty and Hack embarass themselves next year. Both are horrible.
  6. His career is on the line next season. If jets don't make the playoffs or at least come close both he and Bowles will be unemployed.
  7. Stop alright. You think Taylor sucks even though he's been very good last 2 seasons with mostly crap wide receivers and a Head Coach who knows 0 about offense. Yeah I'm sure Bryce Petty would look great throwing to Robert Woods.
  8. There is a better FA class this season. Besides Glennon and possibly even Taylor at QB there's quality starters available at positions of need for us. What Mac needs to do is cut as much of the dead weight as possible (Fitz, Forte, Breno, Clady, Mangold, Harris, Gilchrist, Decker) to get us the cap room
  9. Well hey if we start Petty next season we can go 1-15 and then get Lamar Jackson. Alright!
  10. Clady wasn't a horrible move we got half a season out of him and Brick retired out of nowhere when it became clear we were going to ask him to take a huge paycut.
  11. Because Taylor also averages about 40 yards per game rushing while his receivers were JAGs. I did plenty of research skippy. Are you going to tell me next that Karlos Williams is the reason Taylor had a 99.4 QBR in 2015?
  12. He is a smart player Maybe not as smart as Harvardboy who thought it was a good idea to pick on Richard Sherman in the Seattle game but we all can't get a 1500 on the SAT.
  13. Crazy thing was that actually turned out to be a great move. Bills have the second highest rated OL in the NFL after Dallas.
  14. At least she'd be nice to look at the press conferences.
  15. Taylor can actually go through progressions though, unlike any qb currently on our roster. I get the issue with him being a running qb but Taylor can actually still sit back and make reads unlike RG3 who became hot garbage the second his running ability deteriorated at all.
  16. Bills should be starting Cardale Jones. Unlike Wackenberg he actually looked good in preseason. But a 40-year old Korean Model is making their personnel decisions.
  17. He gives us the best chance to win!!!!!!!!!
  18. Sign one of the veteran qb's available in the offseason whether it be Glennon or Taylor and draft a qb who played in a pro-style offense.
  19. This isn't the 90's. Rules favor passing so even most rookie qb's should be able to show something. Goff, Lynch, Hackenberg -- all have looked horrible in regular season games. Hack is lucky the jets CS is hiding him he is HOT GARBAGE.
  20. So Lesean McCoy, a part-time RB, is the only reason the Bills had a top 10 offense? He had a very good season but jeez, even the Jets have better players at the skill positions.
  21. Grigson is a horrible GM so...
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