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  1. We're not resigning Geno. Fitz is a goner and tbh it wouldn't break my heart if we also cut Petty and Hack.
  2. Hackenberg's problems can't be fixed. If your footwork is that bad it's not going to be reworked at the NFL-level. He could be 21, 31, 11, 2, 61 it does not matter.
  3. With scrubs like Marquise Goodwin and Robert Woods as Taylor's primary receivers. Did you Taylor play @Seattle? He would have won the game if it wasn't for a botched call by the refs -- Fitzgarbage and Petty only wish they could play like that.
  4. Knowing the history of this franchise we'll take a pass on Glennon and Taylor and go with Petty, Hack and a 3rd or 4th round pick scrub like JT Barrett or some crap and go 1-15 next season.
  5. Pass on Cutler Not only is a he a prima donna he's having surgery on his throwing shoulder. Let the Rams go waste money on him
  6. Did Geno Smith insult you in public or something?
  7. Fire Bowles, promote Gailey to HC and hire Rex back as DC.
  8. Goff is horrible. As bad as Petty is and I don't think Petty is good at all he is better than Goff and Lynch. And I think Petty sucks.
  9. This I agree with. Harris has to go. Him and Pryor. They are both total liabilities in coverage and the reason why every pass catching RB and TE owns our defense.
  10. Sure I can wait another 9 months to cut him. Because that may very well happen.
  11. Watched the entire thing and hey I recommend putting it on mute because you can still see in minute detail just how horrible Christian Hacknberg really is.
  12. Hackenberg has problems that aren't fixable. His mechanics are FUBAR
  13. I'd be willing to put up with having Bowles back another season IF we signed Tyrod Taylor.
  14. Bills are turning into a complete sh_tshow. Fire Rex even though they were competitive this season and 8-8 last year. Benching Taylor to start EJ Manuel over Cardale Jones just shows stupiditiy on their part. Kim Pegula is running the show up there in Buffalo. Beautiful lady but she knows nothing about football.
  15. I think Mangold is done and even if he's not he is not worth even $5-6 mil which is the most drastic paycut he'd be willing to accept. Even if his ankle heals properly he's at best an ok player at this stage of his career. Sign AQ Shipley from Arizona to be our starting Center next year.
  16. He was horrible. When you're facing 3rd stringers "not bad" isn't good enough especially when you're supposed to be a future franchise qb.
  17. And Snacks helped Mo rush the passer by eating up blockers. Just like he's doing now for the Giants.
  18. What preseason were you watching?!?!?!?!?!? Hackenberg looked horrible facing 3rd stringers. No feet, totally inaccurate he can't hit the broad side of a barn with his throws, can't make reads but then again didn't even know any of the offense so who knows. If it he didn't have Allen Robinson his freshman season I doubt he would have even been drafted by an NFL team let alone 2nd round pick.
  19. Ofcourse it is in a 3-4 defense. Which is why it was dumb resigning Mo at $90 million when we could have kept Snacks at half the money.
  20. For those who still don't think Hackenberg is anything but a wasted pick:
  21. Not true. He was bad in college after Robinson left, putrid in preseason and has been so bad in practice
  22. Ludicrous plan to waste a roster spot on a 4th qb when most teams only carry 2
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