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  1. Sanchez played very well in the playoffs. His problem was inconsistency during regular season And I thought Denver made a big mistake cutting him and going with Siemian/Lynch and turns out it probably cost their season
  2. Hack was garbage in college once Allen Robinson left
  3. Our starting Qb next season is not on this roster if he is, this franchise is ******
  4. Rex is a better coach than Bowles.
  5. No they'd just be blaming the O-line for Lynch being horrible
  6. Lee had a fine rookie year. We need to switch to a 4-3 anyway and try to finally develop some pass rushers The only guy I take over Lee at 20 is Hunter Henry
  7. Mac reached for Crapenburg because all the cry-babies who were screaming for that stiff Lynch
  8. If you think OL is the only difference between Prescott and Petty/Hack you are terribly mistaken
  9. Makes you long for the days of Dumbway and Tanenbomb giving out 5 year guaranteed deals like candy
  10. Lol Don't bother with these guys they think Bryce freaking Petty should be the starting QB next season without even a vet to compete with him
  11. The Pegulas are showing themselves to be impatient Terry is used to making immediate cash with his fracking business and Kim, who actually manages the team, is used to everything being great in her life That's why Rex is getting fired after two years and not even having a losing season
  12. Skrine has had a terrible year but a lot of that I think is the fault of bad coaching, 0 pass rush and overall frustration If we get rid of this God-Awful coaching staff and somehow add a pass rusher in the draft he can bounce back next season
  13. Harris is a good run defender but horrible in pass coverage. Cut him and sign Jamie Collins
  14. Obvious cuts - Fitz, Forte, Clady, Mangold Possible Cuts - Decker, Harris, Revis
  15. Cardale Jones looked good in preseason and has been looking good in practice. Has higher upside than Taylor and way cheaper
  16. Tyrod Taylor with our receivers would be a force to be reckon with He's had a good season throwing to absolute scrubs
  17. Not seeing what you guys are seeing. The guy is a stiff. Blame the OL all you want I don't see him being even average
  18. The decision to reject Manning was a total F up on his part. Brady I can't kill him for every other NFL team passed on him.
  19. Parcells was openly telling the NY media why he didn't want Peyton Manning. It was because we already had Neil O'Donnel and the roster had so many holes he needed to trade down to get more picks.
  20. Bortles is not my first choice but if we can get him for a 3rd sure I'd take a shot with him.
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