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  1. Those throws are frustrating to watch. I do want to mention that on the first day or two of training all we heard was how Claiborne was abusing Anderson with the jam at the line but since then he has been torching every CB he faces. He's getting better and has a lot of room to grow. He's going to be special. If only he can keep his off field behavior in check.
  2. Let’s Talk About Matt Forte

    Forte is fine as the bellcow. He knows how to avoid and absorb the big hits which make him very durable. Barring any injury he can carry the load easily as he has done all of his career. Lots of gas left in that tank.
  3. Just 2 dudes bullsh*tting on Twitter...nothing to see here/nothing to read into. Is this really a story? Lol
  4. Where's The Outrage???

    This sounds like foreplay. Not for nothing this article makes me feel like Molly Brown is an effing psychopath. I am not condoning any type of abusive behavior or violence and do not know the story but I've dealt with some emotionally unstable women in my life. They are some crazies! Men don't grab womens wrists unless they are about to get punched or hit with an object. It sounds like he was defending himself there. I bet the Giants know this and are backing him up....some of them might have seen the crazy in person as well. Either way, f%^& the Giants!
  5. It's nice to have a front office that actually realize where the team is weak in and actually do something about it. Special Teams has been horrible this year. I feel like old regimes would hang on to these coaches because they were friends or what not.
  6. NjC- FU Rex Ryan you fat Slob

    That's the Raiders fault for not having him on the roster. They know the rules. They're not known for making the brightest decisions.
  7. Brick

    Unless another elite LT becomes free we need to keep Brick. But if he is not willing to renegotiate his contract, the Jets should Brick footage of him vs Watt.
  8. Fitz Paying Dividends Off the Field

    So when Marshall was staying in Geno's apartment, that was all any reporter could talk about. Not one person mentioned Fitz taking in Petty with his family. Amazing. Fantastic Article.
  9. Jets-Pats predictions

    It definitely is. Make sure to go across the street at halftime and get some vodka jello shots.
  10. Jets-Pats predictions

    I hope you're joking. If you're in the San Diego area, go to Henry's....100's of Jets Fans, loud chants, great food and drink.
  11. As long as we are ready and prepared for the mics to fail at the most convenient times and watch that play clock magically reset itself when it's about to run out we will win!
  12. "Sweats on the plane!"

    He must be a lefty
  13. Nice pic. If you watch that play again, Cro is with Benjamin step by step to the first down marker, he sees Manziel throw his way and Cro gambles thinking that the throw is going to be undreneath and leaves the WR to undercut the throw. We all know now that the throw is deep and Cro got burnt because of the gamble. His instincts on that play, while admirable, were wrong. Jarrett was playing the sticks not really covering anybody so yes, he should have given over the top help to Cro. Bad guesses for both of them. sh*t happens.
  14. I think this actually a good thing that is being showcased about Chan Gailey. He is adjusting his system to our personel. Having a great pass catching TE is a luxury and since we don't have one we're not going to be using our TE's very often. With all the large, strong and fast receivers we have TE is not a priority.
  15. Need a link? http://www.101livesportsvideos.com/videos/nfl-philadelphia-eagles-vs-new-york-jets/ Here ya go, 1080p