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  1. JetsHex

    Jets Offensive Line

    Continuity and development are the most important attributes of a good O-Line. The best O-lines are the ones that stay together for years. Johnson needed upgrading badly so having Long and Swanson there should be a big boost. Shell needs to improve dramatically and Winters has to play better than he has even when healthy to consider the O-Line good.
  2. Nah, that pick is going to be their replacement for Solder leaving. Hope that pick sucks!
  3. JetsHex

    I can't even....

    The base pay for McCown will be $4m with incentives that can get him up to $10m....the key here is incentive
  4. Love the talent but that guy is unhinged. He quit on the Chiefs so many times, it was ridiculous.
  5. JetsHex

    YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Cleveland, easily. Not only are they most likely to pay the most but they have Gordon, Coleman and Johnson to throw to and the 1st and 4th pick. Barkley is pretty much a lock to be one of those picks. Not a bad deal, skill player wise.
  6. About as much as the Redskins with Cousins does.
  7. JetsHex

    6 Possible QB Scenarios

    I'm good with Fitzpatrick who will play outside CB in the NFL. Any other S, absolutely not. But that was just this scenario. What I want is to sign T. Johnson and Breeland and draft Mayfield. But like you said, this is a deep QB draft and a very good QB is going to drop to the 2nd. I'm also not a fan of Darnold and Rosen playing in NY. Those So Cal boys don't understand how cold, rainy and windy it gets in the winter and that is when some of the most important games are played toward the end of the season.
  8. JetsHex

    6 Possible QB Scenarios

    I would actually love Fitzpatrick on this team. We sign another #1 CB like Trumaine J. on top of that and the Jets just might have the best defensive backfield in the game. But yeah, Jetsville would crumble but I'd rather have the dbs
  9. Young and dumb...so was I at that age. Hopefully this can be a life lesson for the kid and he can learn how to control his emotions and start understanding what is important in his life. It's time to cut those dreads, improve vocabulary and re-orient priorites. Every mistake and failure is a lesson learned.
  10. JetsHex

    Offensive Line Question

    To add to the correct answer above, Tackles are usually 1v1 against DEs and DEs are easily the best athletes on the field at all times. The combination of speed, power and finesse that these guys have nowadays is insane. If the OT can't match that with his own skill set then your QB is gonna have a bad time. There's a reason why even the most mediocre DE can make 10m+ /year
  11. JetsHex

    Any interest in Jarvis Landry?

    Yes on Landry, the value will be in his special teams. He's a premier returner that can take it to the house any time he touches the ball. Right now, our returners are bad
  12. Those throws are frustrating to watch. I do want to mention that on the first day or two of training all we heard was how Claiborne was abusing Anderson with the jam at the line but since then he has been torching every CB he faces. He's getting better and has a lot of room to grow. He's going to be special. If only he can keep his off field behavior in check.
  13. JetsHex

    Let’s Talk About Matt Forte

    Forte is fine as the bellcow. He knows how to avoid and absorb the big hits which make him very durable. Barring any injury he can carry the load easily as he has done all of his career. Lots of gas left in that tank.
  14. Just 2 dudes bullsh*tting on Twitter...nothing to see here/nothing to read into. Is this really a story? Lol
  15. JetsHex

    Where's The Outrage???

    This sounds like foreplay. Not for nothing this article makes me feel like Molly Brown is an effing psychopath. I am not condoning any type of abusive behavior or violence and do not know the story but I've dealt with some emotionally unstable women in my life. They are some crazies! Men don't grab womens wrists unless they are about to get punched or hit with an object. It sounds like he was defending himself there. I bet the Giants know this and are backing him up....some of them might have seen the crazy in person as well. Either way, f%^& the Giants!