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  1. People will anyways moan and complain. He didn't give up any due 1st rounders and the chance to draft a franchise QB is worth the 2nd round picks every day of the week.
  2. namloc

    Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    He ran for 767 yards on 237 attempts.
  3. namloc

    Anyone bet yesterday?

    Pats/Jags on the under of 46.5 - won. Eagles +3 - won. Eagles/Vikes on the under of 38.5 - lost.
  4. namloc

    Pass Interference Penalty

    Spot of the foul is too much. Make it a 15 yard penalty and automatic 1st down. But also make it an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against the DB. So that means commit two of those in a game you get ejected. Then there'd be real consequences for deliberately committing PI.
  5. namloc

    Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    He'd get crushed in the NFL if he tried some of those moves.
  6. I reckon we'll get to 5-5 alright, although Miami's resurgence has been unexpected.
  7. Thank god that's over. What an embarrassment. Coaching and D in particular were abysmal.
  8. What a moron. You can't take the bloody sack!
  9. Good job. D playing like a bunch of kids though so doesn't matter.

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