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  1. BrickTamland

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    This definitely true
  2. BrickTamland

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    I’ll give you this. I didnt watch much football last year. So if you’re saying he went from good to bad last year then you may have a point - except my counter would be it was a tumultuous situation and not really representative
  3. BrickTamland

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    Wrong. I wanted to draft him out of Stanford in mid rounds. The dude can play 2 spots. We needed a reliable backup at RB and we also needed a guy who can play as receiver. He’s a backup for us and a very good one.
  4. BrickTamland

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    😂 maybe 7th. tomlinson. Ivory. Thomas Jones. Little Leon. Forte? And several of them were just for a couple year or on end of the career. Get over it bro. I’m right or just about. Jets history or rb = meh and Montgomery at least has some wiggle
  5. BrickTamland

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    Lmao at a few reactions here. Montgomery is a top 5 back the jets have had in the last 15 years. Bell is no.1 of course Rb2 was one of the top 4 or 5 needs on this team im happy as hell on this one
  6. Dude is probably the 25th best rb in the league
  7. BrickTamland

    Leonard Williams. He could be on the verge of becoming primetime.

    Leo should already be gone.
  8. BrickTamland

    Da’Zarius Smith

    Source of the quoted material—out of curiosity. I was discussing with someone the other day
  9. BrickTamland

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    So a 1 year starter 5’10” air raid QB in a no-defense conference and with character concerns is the top player in draft.... Followed by a 1 year starter DT on the Alabama defensive line. yikes Exactly. Exactly Exactly Exactly Exactly
  10. BrickTamland

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    The guy plays a position where you occupy blockers. But but he penetrates!!! So does Leonard Williams right? I think the whole DT in the top 15 trend is a running joke He literally has to be as good as kris Jenkins to avoid being a massive waste of draft capital. You want to bet on that?
  11. BrickTamland

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    I am happy to eat crow if becessary but this whole quinnen Williams “omg what a catch!!” theory is a bunch of BS
  12. Isabella would do the trick
  13. BrickTamland

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    We could still get Houston in here. I’d love it
  14. BrickTamland

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    GREAT point

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