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  1. People who can only spend 10-15 minutes on here per day appreciate the bite sized threads which draw our attention to specific issue.
  2. Jon not hooking up with Dany killed thousands. What a goof
  3. While I get that the rookie contract allows for the most big ticket items around the qb, it seems to me absolutely crazy to suggest that we have a 2 year window... IF darnold is the man, then we have a 15 year window.
  4. I’ll give you this. I didnt watch much football last year. So if you’re saying he went from good to bad last year then you may have a point - except my counter would be it was a tumultuous situation and not really representative
  5. Wrong. I wanted to draft him out of Stanford in mid rounds. The dude can play 2 spots. We needed a reliable backup at RB and we also needed a guy who can play as receiver. He’s a backup for us and a very good one.
  6. 😂 maybe 7th. tomlinson. Ivory. Thomas Jones. Little Leon. Forte? And several of them were just for a couple year or on end of the career. Get over it bro. I’m right or just about. Jets history or rb = meh and Montgomery at least has some wiggle
  7. Lmao at a few reactions here. Montgomery is a top 5 back the jets have had in the last 15 years. Bell is no.1 of course Rb2 was one of the top 4 or 5 needs on this team im happy as hell on this one
  8. Source of the quoted material—out of curiosity. I was discussing with someone the other day
  9. So a 1 year starter 5’10” air raid QB in a no-defense conference and with character concerns is the top player in draft.... Followed by a 1 year starter DT on the Alabama defensive line. yikes Exactly. Exactly Exactly Exactly Exactly
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