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  1. BrickTamland

    Pass Rush

    Resign Anderson and Enunwa now pls
  2. Good list. it all starts in defense for me. Play Man, starting with a bump at the line. None of that 8 yards deep garbage. on offense, just be diverse. Tosses outside, deep shots, and hope for the best. We can’t have a tremendous percentage of throws within 1 yard of LOS
  3. BrickTamland

    Tailgate Menus Jets vs Broncos

    Some strange concepts here. Love it
  4. I appreciate the reply. I'll address in red.
  5. We’re about 5 above-average players from being an afc contender. Bell would be 1/5. You’re exaggerating. 1. Quality playmaker (Bell.) 2. quality WR 3. quality Lt 4. quality olb 5. Quality LG getting a good player at those 5 positions and adding them to our current squad makes this a 8-12 team in the league. At that point, to be a CONTENDER, wed just need sam to evolve. THE problem, above these 5 players, the Bowles.
  6. Y’all crazy. top 20 offensive player in the league at 26 years old. And yes, we will resign him after or the pick will be nominal...guessing a 4th/5th can become a 2nd/3rd.
  7. BrickTamland

    An extremely pre-mature Mock

  8. BrickTamland

    Culture “Change”

    OL: Kalil/Iupati/Paradis is a start. Guard is really not that hard to fill. I admit I am not a OL person. Keep in mind it’s september and the high rated players will be shuffling and getting injured. Apparently the following will be FA in 2019. Decent names on there and that’s just the first bunch
  9. BrickTamland

    Culture “Change”

    Got no beef bud, but we’re all brainwashed into thinking this is soooo hard. It’s really not. It’s a stressful job and there are bad breaks and the press is rough, but there are dozens of player evaluation systems, eyes are helpful too. Of course they miss from time to time. I’m happy to provide responses and will do so shortly.
  10. SIMMIE COBBS it is a shame they cut burnett
  11. BrickTamland

    Culture “Change”

    And I just did a bit of research and realized that the jets will actually have in the vicinity of 130M after cutting Beachum and Winters in the offseason. So yes, next year could be the beginning of some nice FA acquisitions. Just pray that they do it right, for once.
  12. BrickTamland

    Culture “Change”

    I’m about to fix em for next year. In 10 minutes or less on my phone. Here we go. cap space starts over 105 million (no Leonard Williams) QB. Darnold. RB Crowell still under contract Powell resigns for 6M. 3rd round draft pick speedy boi. WR ENUNWA signs long term 5-70M. KEARSE gets 1 year 6M. Anderson gets the RFA tender 3M We poach Simmie Cobbs from Redskins staff. Deontay Burnett gets chance. Andre Roberts signs for peanuts. TE. Sterling signs for peanuts Herndon OL. 1st round pick on bpa OL. High price FA on left side. (12M) spencer Long 3rd round pick on the other guard Brandon Shell DL. FAT. Mclendon 1-6 SHEP. ANDERSON signs for 3-25 NO WILLIAMS. LB LEE AVERY JENKINS COPELAND LUVU high priced fa (3-50M) CB Johnson Claiborne (1-7) Nickerson S Adams Maye wilcox Middleton Spent about 78M. Have about 30M to fill up with bums and carry some over to next year. Your welcome. And yes I could pick the RB too once we get to April. I will defer to others for the OL picks. it took me 16 minutes
  13. BrickTamland

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    Yeeep. I made a thread on this about 3 weeks ago. 14M is 3 decent starters
  14. BrickTamland

    Jets Waive ArDarius Stewart

    Fair criticisms here...his WR draft picks have been sh*t. It’s honestly a pretty easy position to evaluate too. Unfortunate.
  15. BrickTamland

    2019 Cap Outlook!

    On D we need to sign: Mo Claiborne (6M) Henry Anderson (7M) On O we need to sign: Enunwa (14M) Robby tender (4M) ___________________ That’s only 31M before we get to the real issue—the Offensive line. We will be fine.

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