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  1. Is anyone running a Ninja Turtles yet?
  2. There will be a player safety taken in the 2020 draft in the 4th round or later that will have a better career than Adams.
  3. Can I please get voted in as Gm? I’d have brandin cooks, deshaun Watson, Myles jack included as my first rounders in last several years...
  4. I very much appreciate the work but unfortunate I gotta drop out. I’m in 3 leagues now and I think that’s max for me. Don’t want to be a lame owner in this one. Thanks again
  5. This is among the shallowest halfassed things I’ve ever partially read.
  6. I don’t know who’s better yet between baker and sam but I do know that their college stats are irrelevant baker was playing with joe mixon, sterling shepard, Dede Westbrook, cee dee lamb, mark Andrews. Familiar? And in that spaced out hyper-efficient offense scheme darnold had a year of juju who is fantastic. He also had Ronald jones (meh at this point) and that’s it, plus a much less qb friendly offense. physically and athletically their pretty even. I like having the taller, heavier guy tho, and I think darnold is more athletic for his size than baker. As far as arms, it’s hard to say. They’re both impressive and 2 years of growth at 23v21 is something to note. Accuracy I give baker in the consistency department and I’d say they are both able to make those wow throws for tight windows. I think it’s false to say that baker is so much better but slightly better I could certainly get (for now)
  7. Dont get it. where is there a duty, breach or causation?
  8. I have only ever done redraft leagues and I have found that ESPN and yahoo are fine for this. At some point recently I was told that espn and yahoo are poor platforms for dynasty leagues. Might anyone(s) have an expert opinion on this?
  9. People who can only spend 10-15 minutes on here per day appreciate the bite sized threads which draw our attention to specific issue.

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