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  1. BrickTamland

    Under the Radar free agent signings

    No. You pay humphries 5m and then you have both. I see Tampa games living in Gainesville, Florida. He is a big piece even if it’s 5 catches for 40yards. i also disagree with the premise of your thread. I had an off-season plan where we spend roughly 65 million and we are totally revamped. It’s not perfect but it’s good. I’ll repost when I can
  2. BrickTamland

    Trade for Bortles?

  3. BrickTamland

    How will this offense improve next year

    Resign: WR, Enunwa-8M WR, Anderson -3rd round tender-3M CB, Roberts-3M FA Signings: WR, Adam Humphries-5M WR, Chris Conley-6M TE, Jeff Heuerman-3M RB, Mark Ingram-7M G, AJ Cann -8M DE, Demarcus Lawrence -18M Draft 1. Jonah Williams, LT 3. Hollywood Brown, WR 3. Michael Jordan, G/C .... I spent 61M, got 3 starters in the first three rounds and the team is respectable, young and on its way. This is not even hard. With no Leo on my team, I’ve still got 50+ million to fill out my roster and carry over a good amount of change into next year.
  4. BrickTamland

    Should they just IR Darnold?

    I saw him listed inactive
  5. BrickTamland


    Fair enough
  6. Fans are supposed to give a care about the coach’s wellbeing after they are fired? That’s hilarious. Coaches in the nfl are set for life. They get canned from one place and they are recycled from team to team til they call it quits. HA
  7. We need a thread about the number 1 overall pick being within reach
  8. BrickTamland

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    Lol. Nah. I was right when I wanted him fired after losing to KC in 2016 with like 8 turnovers. I was right when I wanted a free bum see Petty to tank us for a Free Darnold. I’ve been plenty wrong but not on this and way more right then the Jets mgmt
  9. BrickTamland

    I hate to say, I told you so

    He’s completely correct. Was on that train since KC 2016
  10. BrickTamland

    Long Term Damage To Fan Base

    Great post. I’m sure you can get a nice brunch or something with the boys for the price you’d pay on traveling, food and such at the game. More worthwhile currently.
  11. BrickTamland

    Bowles' ineptitude - when did it happen?

    What it comes down to though is that there is something or someone lurking in the Jets that forces them to pick defense in first round, to pickup high priced FA on Defense who don’t pressure the QB, and to force a ball control offense. It’s so gross and stupid. I don’t get jets games locally where I live now so it’s a nice break. Much easier to be a casual watcher and just “care” more from a team-building perspective. Though, when it’s easy to pick players better than the jets do, that too is upsetting.

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