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  1. In what way could anyone say that Bowles overachieved? good game plans, particularly on defense? Smart challenges? good time management? effective discipline? can you tell me how any of these apply to Bowles ? macc has put together some nice role players. We lack the star power. We lack the qb, beast RB, better C, pass rusher
  2. Marrone

    Ok. Youre right fans are dumb dumbs period
  3. Marrone

    Meh. Smart giants fans are aware that Eli is declining. Are aware of their opportunity to pick a new face of franchise. Not stick with eli
  4. Marrone

    Smart fans are correct more often than, or at least as often as, (our) GMs. Truly, I know a number of fans who: (Off the top of my head) 1. Never would have drafted geno, Petty, Pryor, Hill, ducasse, boar hunter 2. Would have never given real money to: Wilkerson, Sanchez, Harris, Fitzpatrick, Holmes, 3. Would have kept: Damon Harrison over Wilkerson. The list goes on. Smart fans get some wrong too, for sure. But GMs are just as bad if not worse. If you are talking about you average Jets fan who doesn’t follow any CFB, and rarely sees other teams play, then sure — they are clueless. If you’re talking about people who pay attention on a larger scale, their opinion can be pretty damn good, pretty damn often.
  5. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Jets learned how to win TM.
  6. It’s counterintuitive. But it’s completely true. People will blast you. But I totally agree
  7. He was supposed to cause turnovers? Meaning make interceptions? That was never his game. “Big hits” rarely cause fumbles
  8. Exactly. And Pryor was a somewhat “big hitter.” Which was appealing to our team in the middle of the NFL’s crackdown on big hits. 🤔
  9. Our 2012-2014 first and second round picks were disgusting. What a fail. Personally I didn’t like any of those picks at the time except for Sheldon and Amaro. I remember Amaro being a really fantastic receiving option in college and thought he would keep it up for us.
  10. Bowles: McCown Starter "Through End of Year"

    That just doesn’t make any sense...but awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. So, why do you guys hate McCown again?

    You know that your dad bought groceries because he went to the store and brought them home in plastic bags. You can see that he bought a DiGiorno Pizza because it was sitting on the counter a minute ago. You think he put it in the oven because the stove says 425 and there’s a faint hum coming from the kitchen. You’re getting hungry and you wonder whether the pizza is ready. Would Dad know if the pizza was any good when he bought it? Would he be able to tell whether it’s any good when he pulled it out of the box? Did he inspect it? Check the expiration date? From the couch cushion your ass is planted on you cannot see the pizza for yourself. Where is Dad? Has he checked on the Pizza recently? Is there any timer on the oven? Is Dad even paying attention? Would Dad know if the pizza was cooked even if he was paying attention to it? You want to eat the goddam pizza for yourself to see if it’s any good because these plain pretzels are somewhat tasty and kind of filling but they’re not a legit meal.
  12. IIRC, his only drug was weed. And the only “real” issue was that he didn’t think he should have to give it up, so he didn’t. This is all about background check type work. Who is he friends with, what’s deal with family dynamic, etc. You put that work in, trust the results and make your decision. Jetster I appreciate that you think outside the box and are willing to give consideration to these “crazy” thoughts. Don’t let the sheep hold you back. Guy is GOOOOOOD.
  13. Baker Mayfield

    In the year when there are legitimate (not sure thing but legitimate nonetheless) QB comparables to 1. Roethlisberger (Darnold) 2. Eli Manning (Rosen) 3. Russell Wilson/Drew Brees (Mayfield) we’ll be picking in the teens