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  1. I agree with you. I think as kids we’re passion driven and that gives way largely to logic when we grow up. I don’t think you can replace the home team. i think you brought up the point that I’m more interested in, which is the casual interest in the new team. I think some people might take issue with even that. and then wen you have kids and you can potentially bring them to games for the new home town, does that play a part in the decision moving forward
  2. After you make a permanent or potentially permanent move, what are your thoughts on a change in interest to the new home team?
  3. If he earns a huge contract it’s the best problem we could have.
  4. I think Obrien the coach screwed O’Brien the gm. the offense targeted Hopkins within 5-10 yards of the LOS this year. Don’t ask me why. I don’t have the stats to show it but I’m sure they’re out there. The routes by Hopkins made Hopkins look much more replaceable than he actually is. stills and fuller talented but unreliable. Unless Hopkins is a really bad teammate this was a bad trade.
  5. It would be a typical jets draft. 1. wills has never played LT and here we are with a need at LT (could work out but why not just take Thomas) 2. Shenault is injured and a borderline gadget player. I know the skills are there but he is not polished. We need a starter day one. 3rd round: 2 defensive prospects who are over potential starters at WR/RB as soon as this year. NO
  6. When you as a fan (many have on this site) have put together better mock offseasons on a consistent basis then what your GM did, knew that certain deals were bad right off the bat, had better ideas of how drafted players would turn out, you certainly deserve to have an opinion.
  7. Jets drop winters, Williamson they’re probably in the 30M range. Plus next year they drop bell, and Anderson. They’re probably closer to 130 then the 90 I saw earlier listed. Add 7-8 starters from the next 2 drafts and you realize they have a ton of cap space to add top tier talent plus extend darnold.
  8. It seems you do. You named the top 10 safeties going back 40 years. Meanwhile you could name 10+ DEs from the last 2-3 years who are worth that money. market dictates the worth of these players and the fact that so few safeties earn the big money speaks to their value in the system
  9. So called fans of his? no sir. We are on the hook for being fans of the team, not the player. when those interests are aligned, perfect, go player! When those interest are in conflict, then you need to consider moving the player. Here, JA will seek payment of 15+ milllion. And I am happy for him to get it...no ill will here towards the man. But I see it as a bad investment for the team I’m a fan of. So I want him to be moved rather than pay him. You gotta take into consideration that these guys are mostly SO close in terms of skill. Theyre phenomenal athletes. So many of them are really similar in that regard and in terms of how good they are. A few guys are really truly special even amongst that group—Brees with his accuracy, guys like M Thomas who just catches everything, Revis in his prime, guys like von Miller, JJ Watt, etc. you should absolutely pay guys like that. but when it comes to a position like safety...I’ve really seen only see one guy in my life who has really been worthy of that designation, Ed reed. additionally, because of supply and demand, you’re forced to pay a ton for your qb, your edge, top notch OL, a top WR and a top QB. That’s where your money and your top draft picks should go.
  10. If you can get a 1st for Jamal ya take it.

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