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  1. Jaguars out of Cousins race

    God bless OP Down goes another domino
  2. The (only) Draftable Players at 6

    yeah i lean that way too. so much talent tho darnit DJ Chark a nice prospect i just learned about. 6'2, fast, smooth runner but quick feet to go along WR class better than i was initially led to believe
  3. The (only) Draftable Players at 6

    thoughts on antonio callaway?
  4. I hope he can be the first guy to run that much and succeed. I really do. But i wouldnt bet on it.
  5. The (only) Draftable Players at 6

    Thanks man. I barely have seen him but he was a force in the championship. I thought he might project to 3-4DE. Perhaps he would make a perfect 5th rounder then
  6. The (only) Draftable Players at 6

    Indeed. I like trenton thompson of GA.
  7. The (only) Draftable Players at 6

    interesting on ridley, a 4.3 at the combine and we are not disagreeing. To be fair to mike williams though he was a size strength amd speed guy that was always given the “prototype” label. Not so for ridley, the smoother player. on vea. You may well be right on him from a talent perspective. Personally i couldnt stomach it unless perhaps were moving to 4-3. But i think we need a few new players if that were the case
  8. Could Quenton Nelson Play Tackle?

    How bout C
  9. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    whatchu call ME/?!
  10. The (only) Draftable Players at 6

    Pre-Combine and with an open mind. QB: In my opinion, all three of these guys are starting quality players with high upside. A lot will depend on their surroundings. Additionally, they all have their warts. I leave Allen off this list because of his horrid accuracy. I wish Allen had turned out to be better. The list is based on my risk assessment. 1. Baker Mayfield (off the field stuff is meh to me; easy conference play goes against him; shortish; hard working; chip on shoulder; needs to win; fantastic accuracy; scrambling ability) 2. Sam Darnold (great accuracy; reads defenses; turnover prone; cali-goofy) 3. Josh Rosen (great pocket presence; beautiful passer; injury history; family wealth; liberal attitude and potential fights with management) RB: In a draft full of RB talent, Saquon is the one who stands out. It would not be the best pick by value, but this team has been so offense-devoid that I could be more than happy to bring him in. 1. Saquon Barkley WR: None. The combine might make this a possibility if Ridley or another guy can put up insane numbers. I'll keep my eyes open. TE: None. There's some nice talent though. OL: No legitimate LT for this spot. Nelson is the prize. As a G, this is a hard pick for me to accept, but at least its offense. 1. Quenton Nelson DL: None. LB: All of these guys have gotten to the QB in college. They're all instinctive and fast. I do believe all will be successful NFL talents, however, my personal favorite, Evans, has an injury history that worries me. Importantly, think they all have the speed to play outside. Unfortunately Chubb looks a little more to me like a 4-3 DE than a 3-4 OLB but others have tweened before. 1. Bradley Chubb 2. Roquan Smith 3. Rashaan Evans CB: Not even including Fitzpatrick on this list, as he is not a CB. This list is way up in the air until combine results. 1. Denzel Ward 2. Josh Jackson 3. Mike Hughes If I had to make an ordered list, it'd be something like this (PRIOR TO ANY FA SIGNINGS AND COMBINE). I do not yet have a hard stance on QBs -- the list is more a reflection of my risk assessment. 1. MAYFIELD 2. DARNOLD 3. ROSEN 4. BARKLEY 5. CHUBB 6. NELSON 7. SMITH 8. WARD 9. JACKSON 10. HUGHES 11. EVANS