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  1. BrickTamland

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    I didn’t mean to sign up for this game. Please replace me. I will not be valuable.
  2. BrickTamland

    What a joke the nfl is

    It’s not worth my time to write any more. But just note the following. They had maroon 5 and sicko mode for halftime. They had a penalty on a gorgeous tackle in the first quarter. They had a hold on a play where the defender had nowhere to go in the 4th. They had a team in the Super Bowl who was there because of a failure to call a pi on a tackle where the defender was ultimately fined. I loved this game and that is over. Still get remotely excited for jets but not really.
  3. BrickTamland

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    Lol nah. This was a nice pass with the defenders back to the ball. You get the catch or the penalty. This is the worst miss I’ve ever seen
  4. Wow. I totally agree. He’s probably my favorite player in the draft.
  5. BrickTamland

    This Oughta Be Fun

    Lol you work for Jesus or something? This guy ain’t so bad just wants to win and not be pestered with bs 500 times. Meh
  6. BrickTamland

    Kliff Kingsbury to interview with Jets

    Wow. We are in the mix for some interesting options. I dig it
  7. BrickTamland

    Jonah Williams or Josh Allen at #3?

    Ferrell looks legit too tho. switch to a 4-3 May be the best move long term anyway
  8. Burnett was supposed to be a mid to late round pick. Jets got a steal as a udfa and are the best suited to use him (usc connection).
  9. BrickTamland

    Would you approve of a Jim Caldwell hiring?

    Living out of market the past 2 seasons I have not had jets on local. This year the jets should be decent and I plan on getting nfl ticket. If we hire Caldwell I will not get nfl ticket. I will not watch games. I will continue being a passive fan. (As passive as possible for me)
  10. BrickTamland

    Chris Johnson: New coach will report to me

    Classic, especially considering all the bigger money is going to average or worse players: Williams, Johnson, beachum. Come on man. Wake up Johnson. Get the best guy to run things without frickin qualifiers on power

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