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  1. Can Jalin Marshall surprise?

    Peake should be above him too imo
  2. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    Wut. I’m saying that his detractors including me have exaggerated how bad his accuracy is. I would still agree that he is not as accurate as other very good prospects in the past. im more worried about his “processor” so to speak.
  3. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    To be honest I’ve Killed Allen for his inaccuracy for over a year now. I think that the issue was semi-overblown. What I find to be a killer for him is what was said in orlovsky’s evaluation. Basically said that Allen cannot read defense/process information. We’ve just seen that in Sanchez and geno. No thanks. Of course orlovsky could also be wrong
  4. Dog or Cat Person

    Dog person first but cats are awesome too. Have both. Love both.
  5. MFB Part Deux

    Nice work ctm. Wish I could have seen through it
  6. MFB Part Deux

    vote crusher
  7. MFB Part Deux

  8. MFB Part Deux

    Unvote vote crusher
  9. MFB Part Deux

    vote crusher
  10. MFB Part Deux

    Holy hell
  11. MFB Part Deux

    Wondering the same
  12. MFB Part Deux

    I am happy with lynching her. I had you second and ctm, if scum, has had me fooled however, please make the case. I defer to you. At least if I’m convinced ur not scum
  13. JetNation 2018 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    my selection**
  14. JetNation 2018 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    sorry man you got me moments after my trade