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  1. Not very impressed by fields. Flame on
  2. It would be typical. Pay a fantastic but old and almost washed player for past production hamstringing the future in the process Whether due to cap devotion, the fact that we don’t draft a different guy, etc we do this. Almost always ya heard of bell? trumaine?
  3. This is a very hypocritical post. And wrong. Mahomes was not the guy most thought was going to be great. Exacto
  4. I just remember that diontae got hurt. If not you’d see more strongly the squeeze I’m referencing. They throw the ball like maniacs out there. So juju still gets targets. But check is average. What’s it called ypc? It’s not good
  5. Dude. Relax. Sucked is hyperbole alright. He’s not worth the money. Talk to me in a year or 2. If I’m wrong, you can be excited. I won’t care because I’ll still have been right that there are better options.
  6. This would be a horrendous use of resources. Sorry. For Godwin, fine. Juju sucks this year btw. And yes he has been squeezed out of targets. But there’s a reason why. Hes a good, not great receiver. You could draft someone this year in the second maybe third round without losing much (85% of him). What kind of crack do you smoke to want to spend 14M on a strong safety. We didn’t do it with Adam’s. Why do it now with a lesser player? And I dislike Adams. “Situational” pass rusher for 16M? God knows jets need a pass rusher. But not some maybe situation for 16M. This list sucks
  7. Dude was garbage last year. Why would be better this year
  8. Ty Johnson is good. Not saying he’s great. But he’s certainly good enough to earn reps on this team.
  9. I haven’t seen the fuss about lawrence yet. Not arguing against it because I haven’t seen him be bad either. Its an easier game when you’re surrounded by top notch talent nfl level players at every level. the little I’ve seen is mostly screens. Also, throws up where the big wideouts can get it. Im Excited to learn more as season goes on.
  10. Thanks. This was done naturally as an estimate job since we are so early here. more thank anything I feel it helpful to do this to take a step back and hope that what comes next will be better because it really should be possible to field a much better team as early as next year
  11. 2021 Cap: Roughly 70M Cap Plus carry over from 2019- 97M Cut: L.Bell, H. Anderson, J. Crowder. Darnold traded for a 4th in 2021. Conditional 3rd in 2022. Cap: 125M 2021 team: QB. Lawrence (1st). Morgan. Wiley vet (7M) RB. Etienne (2nd). Perine. Satellite Back (4th) WR. Robinson (17M) Mims. Cole (8M). Samuel (5M). Berrios. Developmental (6th) TE. Pitts (1st). Herndon. Griffin. OL. Becton. Lewis. Myers (3rd). Scherff (14M). Fant. Van Roten. Josh Andrews. CB. Austin. Hall. Adebo (3rd). Vet (8M) DL. Williams. Shepherd. Phillips. LB. Mosley. Cashman. EDGE. Barrett (16M). Zuniga FS. Davis. SS. Draft pick (4th) Free Agency Recap: We get a true number 1 receiver (Robinson) to go along with our new slot (Cole). We get a shifty speed boy (Samuel). The Oline gets its beef up front with Guard Scherff. We pick up a decent old QB to teach Lawrence a few tricks. On D we get a middling CB vet to have a veteran presence and a true pass rusher (Barrett). Recap draft. T. Lawrence (QB) 1 overall K. Pitts (TE) 27 overall T. Etienne (RB) 33 overall P. Adebo (CB) 65 overall J. Myers (C) 81 overall Even after these players, who are immediate starter quality, we get a satellite back early in the 4th, a new strong safety with the 4th rd pick from Darnold, a couple of developmental linemen in the 5th (2 picks) and a developmental WR in the 6th. CAP: Spent 75M in FA 15M for draft picks. 30M cap remaining.
  12. I agree with you. I think as kids we’re passion driven and that gives way largely to logic when we grow up. I don’t think you can replace the home team. i think you brought up the point that I’m more interested in, which is the casual interest in the new team. I think some people might take issue with even that. and then wen you have kids and you can potentially bring them to games for the new home town, does that play a part in the decision moving forward
  13. After you make a permanent or potentially permanent move, what are your thoughts on a change in interest to the new home team?
  14. If he earns a huge contract it’s the best problem we could have.
  15. I think Obrien the coach screwed O’Brien the gm. the offense targeted Hopkins within 5-10 yards of the LOS this year. Don’t ask me why. I don’t have the stats to show it but I’m sure they’re out there. The routes by Hopkins made Hopkins look much more replaceable than he actually is. stills and fuller talented but unreliable. Unless Hopkins is a really bad teammate this was a bad trade.
  16. It would be a typical jets draft. 1. wills has never played LT and here we are with a need at LT (could work out but why not just take Thomas) 2. Shenault is injured and a borderline gadget player. I know the skills are there but he is not polished. We need a starter day one. 3rd round: 2 defensive prospects who are over potential starters at WR/RB as soon as this year. NO
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