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  1. J-Diddy

    One Quarterback for One Game

    brett favre- no question the best qb ever
  2. J-Diddy

    Cousins Comments On Bates

    Cousins would be the BEST jets QB since Joe Namath. PERIOD.
  3. no real advantage to go for 2 there. u cant be serious? that failed conversion made the game a 2 score game 9 points instead of 8 points (one score).
  4. Bowles is worse than Rich Kotite. Kotite had some success in Philly. Great Defenses and Randall Cunningham. Bowles is completely clueless. I would be shocked if he knew why going for a 2 point conversion and failing in the 3rd Quarter was idiotic, unless you are playing for a tie.
  5. J-Diddy

    Jets 1-0 Start

    in all seriousness if Peterman Starts I will be placing a nice bet on the jets to win outright. Moneyline dream scenario IMO! I will probably cover the ML bet with a +9 bet also. Jets will start the season 4-1. @ Buff- WIN (PETERMAN) @ Raiders - LOSS Home opener vs the Dolphins - WIN Home vs Jacksonville - WIN @ Clevelend - WIN 4-1
  6. J-Diddy

    The Jets will start 1 and 0

    Cousins is tailor made for the WCO... Very accurate and decisive.
  7. J-Diddy

    The Jets will start 1 and 0

    Jets will purchase a QB next season. Jimmy G. or Cousins will be under center in 2018. We have the loot.
  8. J-Diddy

    The Jets will start 1 and 0

    4-1 after 5! At Buff - WIN AT Raiders - LOSS Home vs Dolphins - WIN Home vs Jaguars - WIN At Clevelend - WIN 4-1
  9. Jets will be 3-2 after 5 sitting pretty.
  10. Of course Hack is the starter. They wanted him to "win" the job but the plan is Hack for 2017.
  11. The player that starts game 3 in the preseason is the starter. That's not nuts. It's just factual. They wanted him to earn it for sure and that's why it hasn't been announced officially yet but mark may words Christian Hackenberg will be the Jets Starting qb to open up the season. Thursday Hack will get 1 or 2 series and give way to McCown in relief.
  12. Fact - Hack has received the lions share of first team reps for weeks. Fact - Hack started the ever important dress rehearsal preseason game 3. Fact - McCown has barely even practiced with the team and has even been electively running laps to get in a workout. Fact - Petty has been working as the #2 QB for some significant time and has received the #2 QB Reps accordingly. Fact - A QB must practice with the team to become comfortable with the players and system. I've never seen a team not even practice their healthy starting QB and then start that guy anyway?!?! Sure, Peyton Manning didn't play in the Preseason sometimes but he certainly practiced as the starter. **All indications are that Hack is the #1 QB and Petty is the #2. McCown will dress out of respect but be paid to hold a clip board and assist with Hack's development.**
  13. J-Diddy

    Training Camp Practice 8/24

    Jets QB Josh McCown didn't get a single rep today in practice. The rep breakdown: Christian Hackenberg 18, Bryce Petty 14, McCown 0. Interesting. The Jets play the Giants on Saturday night. Rich Cimini, ESPN Staff Writer
  14. J-Diddy

    Training Camp Practice 8/24

    Either hack or petty will be opening day starter. Giants preseason game will determine. McCown is garbage.

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