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  1. Agreed. He is awful. Sammy is not a special player at all. He’s not the answer. Gase and Douglass didn’t pick this scrub and they shouldn’t be responsible for his ineptitude. The jets will move on in 2020. Gase will draft his own guy. Darnold is an epic bust.
  2. If by year 2 you still suck (darnold does) then you most likely are not a special player.
  3. He is a bad QB. PERIOD. Bottom 5 in the NFL. We need to come to terms that he is not a special player. Not even close to special. He is a below average turnover prone QB who cant handle pressure. It's time to stop wasting time on this dud.
  4. minchew is much better than Darnold. all you had to do was watch today. He is actually far superior. Darnold is a bottom 5 starting QB. Darnold is not the answer. Time to cut bait and get Tua.

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