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  1. Agreed. He is awful. Sammy is not a special player at all. He’s not the answer. Gase and Douglass didn’t pick this scrub and they shouldn’t be responsible for his ineptitude. The jets will move on in 2020. Gase will draft his own guy. Darnold is an epic bust.
  2. If by year 2 you still suck (darnold does) then you most likely are not a special player.
  3. He is a bad QB. PERIOD. Bottom 5 in the NFL. We need to come to terms that he is not a special player. Not even close to special. He is a below average turnover prone QB who cant handle pressure. It's time to stop wasting time on this dud.
  4. minchew is much better than Darnold. all you had to do was watch today. He is actually far superior. Darnold is a bottom 5 starting QB. Darnold is not the answer. Time to cut bait and get Tua.
  5. macagnan is the worst. i hope he's fired in 10 minutes! Officially a Gase fan now.
  6. praying the jets dont open on Monday night at home. what a waste of a home game as a season ticket holder who HATES attending NIGHT GAMES..
  7. SNF is the Pats banner day celebration FWIW
  8. not when the jets are in a playoff run and the home game is against the Pitt, Giants, Dallas, New England, or Cleveland.... Good seats will be well over face value.
  9. do you want to win games? because beckham is like the best player in the entire nfl. he would help the jets in every way.
  10. i would trade the #3 pick for beckham without hesitation. he's a generational talent and is well worth any single draft pick if you already have a young franchise qb.
  11. Yes. Bought them from a ticket representative at the NY Jets.
  12. I was able to obtain a 2 season tickets in section 220a row 2 without a PSL just a month ago. 95 a ticket. Mine as long as I want. I get playoff rights and all without a PSL. This is a very desirable section on the jets sideline with a great low row.
  13. Hello Rhg - I just became a season ticket holder. I went with the corner endzone Mezzanine section 220A and obtained two seats in row 2 for 950 each. its a great view and civilized. Bathroom access and Concession access absolutely blows away non club seats in the lower bowl. I usually pay 150 a ticket for a few games a year on stubhub anyway. Goal is to sell some and attend for free. High hope for this season. Best part is no commitment, unlike PSL which is a waste of money. I have playoff tickets (if applicable) and the option to keep my awesome seats indefinitely. #InS
  14. Im so excited I became a season ticte holder. no PSL section 220A. 95 bucks a ticket. no commitment and ROW 2.
  15. Cousins would be the BEST jets QB since Joe Namath. PERIOD.
  16. no real advantage to go for 2 there. u cant be serious? that failed conversion made the game a 2 score game 9 points instead of 8 points (one score).
  17. Bowles is worse than Rich Kotite. Kotite had some success in Philly. Great Defenses and Randall Cunningham. Bowles is completely clueless. I would be shocked if he knew why going for a 2 point conversion and failing in the 3rd Quarter was idiotic, unless you are playing for a tie.
  18. in all seriousness if Peterman Starts I will be placing a nice bet on the jets to win outright. Moneyline dream scenario IMO! I will probably cover the ML bet with a +9 bet also. Jets will start the season 4-1. @ Buff- WIN (PETERMAN) @ Raiders - LOSS Home opener vs the Dolphins - WIN Home vs Jacksonville - WIN @ Clevelend - WIN 4-1
  19. Cousins is tailor made for the WCO... Very accurate and decisive.
  20. Jets will purchase a QB next season. Jimmy G. or Cousins will be under center in 2018. We have the loot.
  21. 4-1 after 5! At Buff - WIN AT Raiders - LOSS Home vs Dolphins - WIN Home vs Jaguars - WIN At Clevelend - WIN 4-1
  22. Of course Hack is the starter. They wanted him to "win" the job but the plan is Hack for 2017.
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