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  1. Debunking the anonymous scout quote about RB Anthony McFarland A quote recently attributed to an anonymous scout alleged that running back Anthony McFarland of Maryland had “horrible football character.” That’s news to the people at Maryland. I spoke at length with Terrapins running backs coach Elijah Brooks yesterday, and he described McFarland in glowing terms. “Anthony always showed up at practice. He loved competing, and we never had issues getting him going during the week,” Brooks told me. He described his time with McFarland as “fantastic” and said the running back was “a fierce competitor and also respectful … he was a great teammate, and other players gravitated to Anthony.” More importantly for McFarland, coach Brooks told me that he’s spoken with almost two dozen NFL teams and passed on these same sentiments about his star running back. link
  2. PLO

    Zone Blocking Lineman

    Not much discussion of Hennessey ITT, surprising given he's apparently tailor made for a zone blocking scheme, and had an excellent combine. If we were to double dip OL in the first three rounds he would definitely be a target.
  3. He's not that athletic and doesn't project that well. He would be a big reach at 11 overall.
  4. PLO

    Ezra Cleveland OT

    This. So much of this. Cleveland would be a reach at 11 but his profile fits seemingly what the Jets are after. In a trade back scenario he's a guy they would conceivably draft.
  5. Espenesa could well be available to us with our second round pick.
  6. It does. If they go offense it will likely be WR.
  7. Problem is apparently he'll have trouble in that exact same scheme. Doesn't have it between the ears apparently.
  8. PLO


    Epenesa could well be there in the second round.
  9. Yes, but that's his floor outcome. Like when you pick him you don't know that's exactly what will happen because his upside is as an OT. Like he could "end up" as a guard, but he could also "end up" as a high level OT. If you think his outcome more likely to be a guard fair enough go WR at 11 than hope an Austin Jackson or someone else falls to the second.
  10. That's fair but you'll not know that when you draft him - his upside is as a high level tackle in the NFL. The floor is as a guard. A better knock on him for the Jets is the lack of IQ given the schemes Gase runs offensively.
  11. Even if he ended up as a guard I'd take him at 11 if he were available.
  12. He tested fine, physically. The issue with him is between the ears, apparently doesn't have the highest IQ and will have trouble processing complex blocking schemes in the NFL. A lot of teams have apparently taken him off the board as an OT and see him more as a guard.
  13. Jedrick Wills is very much in play for the Jets, not sure of his ability to work in a zone blocking scheme though.
  14. PLO

    Ezra Cleveland OT

    4:30 PM ET (via Tony Pauline): Who are the Browns eyeing in the NFL Draft? Tristan Wirfs was the offensive tackle most coveted by the Cleveland Browns but he is assuredly out of their reach in round one now after his sensational workout on Friday night. So where do they look? It’s still very early but a source today further confirmed what I posted on Friday – the Browns likes Ezra Cleveland so trading down 8-to-10 slots in round one and then selecting the Boise State junior would be a contingency option. Link

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