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  1. Gase was treated very well by management here: many other franchises he would have been fired mid-season. There were also no stories leaking of ownership/management being unhappy with him. I think the way he was treated will reflect very well on the Jets with prospective coaching candidates.
  2. So where will the pick fall if the Seahawks lose? I guess dependent on other results tomorrow?
  3. Not really seeing the connection, TBH. Outside of skin color and the fact they both play/ed the same position.
  4. Haven't read the entirety of the thread but one of the issues with Lawrence is his deep-ball accuracy? Fields and Wilson are a lot better than him in that regard, or do I have it wrong?
  5. It's not: you can go back over and compare prospect evaluations from the two, quite a number of them are very different as were their rankings from year to year.
  6. I think the basis of it was was prospect evaluations and just general insider info from around the league. Bitonti was associated with a draft/news aggregation site at one stage and they had disagreements over some things from that site. I don't think it helped Bit was/is a Democrat supporter when Pauline was a die-hard Republican. It got quite toxic there at one stage between the two as I remember it.
  7. There was a long-running thing between CBNY and Bitonti on the other site, not over politics. CBNY had/has excellent sources.
  8. Thing is with Harris compared to say an Etienne is that Harris is an immediate 3 down back in the NFL, he's already an excellent blocker in pass protection and an exceptional pass-catcher, and his size indicates there is nothing that will stop that from transferring to the NFL. His quick twitch in short areas is exceptional. He's the prototypical first round talent that plays a second round position. I would love him on the Jets.
  9. Yeah, I think we just have different views of what Douglas is trying to achieve. There's a reason he asked for a 6 year contract, of which he's only 16 months into. To be honest, I'm glad this team is as bad as it is because I don't want a squad that is just treadmilling it year in and year out - I want the full rebuild with as many draft picks as possible, which is what we are currently getting. As I said, this has Process 6ers written all over it, and I'm happy about it.
  10. I don't think it has been "more of the same", which you can see by his drafting and his FA moves, or lack thereof. I don't think Douglas should get any blame at all for what's happened this season and I think the approach he is taking is the correct one. End of the day its about titles, not about finishing in 9-7/5-11 territory season in season out. If we have to go backward to move forward to those goals I'm all for it.
  11. Yeah, but Douglas wouldn't have to tank if the roster had any talent on it to begin with. You can't fix a 53 man roster in a season or two that's been abused for years and years in the manner the Jets has. Look at what Idzik and McCagnan left him to start off with; the shocking head-scratching FA contracts handed out, the terrible drafting. This is very much a 76ers situation when Sam Hinkie got there. He obviously has to completely dismantle the previous mistakes made first before we can move forward as a franchise.
  12. Saying JD "built" this roster is ridiculous. The lack of talent on this roster is squarely at the feet of the previous two regimes.
  13. This has Sam Hinkie #TrustTheProcess all over it.
  14. It will be like a fantasy football draft. We'll go back to back at the end of the first round with picks 32 and 33.

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