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  1. Well, I guess people do mistake Tony the Wiz on here for Tony Pauline so another mistake won't matter that much. However its 1.30 am here right now (in Wagga Wagga, NSW where I am without doubt the only Jets fan resident) and its past my bedtime, so I'll leave you ladies and gentlemen to it.
  2. Oh, he's definitely had his misses over the years - but he's a level or two above beat reporters or your run-of-the-mill "for NFL network/ESPN/SI etc" draftnik. Anyone who is in the predicting future business is going to get things wrong occasionally. The thing I found most objectionable about him was some of that political stuff on the JI board he typed up as CBNY and the fact he really looked down his nose at certain other posters (some probably deservedly so) - the inside info he had on the game was generally solid stuff all things considered.
  3. That would be sort of unusual given I'm currently typing this from the country of Australia. Not to mention my name isn't Tony.
  4. Pauline has been a Jet fan probably longer than you've been alive - there's even youtube footage somewhere of him sitting in I think the Marriott back in the late 1980s with Jets gear on at the draft. As a number of posters on here know he used to post a bit on JI when it was still solvent: his pro-Republican rants were quite over the top at times but his draft stuff and insider knowledge was money 90% of the time. Sad to say he's likely very much on point with this take - most of the time he usually is and you can be damned sure he has a few connects to the Jets given he's a fan and has been in the industry for decades.
  5. I rate the Athletic, but I'm also a big basketball fan, basically all of them are excellent over there including Connor Hughes. If you're a fan of several sports its well worth the sub. Its one of the few places where they are still doing actual journalism and using the online medium to its fullest extent with video breakdowns of various plays etc. Recommended.
  6. For me, its PManning, he was not reliant a HOF coach to make him what he was.

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