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  1. For me, its PManning, he was not reliant a HOF coach to make him what he was.
  2. The same idiot who signed Bridgewater?
  3. PLO

    Did the browns blow this?

    Basically everything you've written about Mayfield's so-called "positives" in that post is wrong. How is a 23 year old 6 foot QB without the athleticism of a Brees or a Wilson a safe pick? How is his arm strength "about equal" when his deep passes hang in the air? They also wasted a pick on him, the Giants and the Jets were never going to pick Mayfield: they could have picked him up at four. The Jets were expecting to pick Rosen but were doing backflips when the highest QB they had on their board falls in their laps at three. Then the Browns compound their mistake by picking a guy who may not even be the best corner in this class over the best pass-rusher. Make no mistake, the Browns got played by the Jets FO: weeks and weeks of chatter about how the Jets were going to pick Mayfield and he was their guy, all of it pure smokescreen. The Jets were never going to pick the 5th best QB in this class at pick 3.
  4. PLO

    Did the browns blow this?

    Eagles show how you win and its not through coverage, its through pass rush. They passed up a golden opportunity to ensure Myles Garrett isn't facing double blocking on every down. Its an epic failure. Mayfield couldn't beat Mahomes out for the QB job at Texas Tech, a guy who went 12th in the draft at a much younger age, its arguable he's not even worth a first round grade. Mayfield is a midget QB without the athleticism to compensate: in my opinion this is a Jamarcus Russell level mistake.
  5. PLO

    Did the browns blow this?

    Do you think the Ravens would swap Jackson for Mayfield right now? I don't think they would. The Browns have destroyed an awesome position going into the draft.
  6. Count me also happy with Bridgewater, provided he checks out medically.
  7. Holy hell the Dolphins are terrible on offense, not really sure what that says about our prospects today given we pummelled them last week.
  8. PLO

    Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    We had a secondary ranked 59th in a league with 32 teams? Seems like addressing this issue was rather pressing then: good pick.
  9. As an example, the Wiz was really high on a reciever in the 2015 draft and reckoned he would be the best WR in the class overall, I'm pretty sure that that was Devin Funchess, the Wiz had him as a first round prospect. Pauline had him as third round and was critical of parts of Funchess' game that the Wiz was positive on.
  10. Well, I'm pretty sure it isn't, not a big thing though. If you go back and look at previous draft posts from the Wiz and compare it to draftinsider/analyst (Paulines websites) they are very different in terms of rankings/assessments. Pauline gave up JI and forum posting around the time he got the short-lived gig with Sports Illustrated - he has genuine inside information in the NFL and proved it repeatedly on JI and at other junctures. Total moonbat political outlook though.
  11. Two different people, Tony the Wiz is not Pauline. Pauline is a rabid Republican and was way over the top in the political forum on JI, but I think its easy to separate that part of him from the draft guru he is. He really knows his draft stuff and is a genuine insider for the NFL.
  12. PLO


    Would prefer D'Onta Foreman in the 3rd/4th; spend the earlier picks on different positions.
  13. "Heat of the moment" is what happens in most crimes. Doesn't excuse them though.
  14. PLO

    Darron Lee

    Yesterday I was wondering about the same thing with Bowles chewing him out - apparently he whiffed on a tackle for the Bills last TD, haven't looked at the replay to confirm, but that would fit. Bowles was p*ssed!

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