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  1. Most of our draftees from the recent draft got game time on the weekend; for the defensive players that's pretty good given where they were picked.
  2. So I watched the game and also noticed the line performed better when Becton was out, but I thought his side was Okay when he was in, the other side was trash. So my question is, the rearrangement of the line due to Becton's injury possibly put other players in better positions to succeed? Is this the view of other people here? Or is it just the line was better overall with Becton out? Because I find the latter hard to believe though it seems the view of some posters here from replies I've seen in other threads. Having said that if the line overall performs like it did that first h
  3. Arguably, given what it shows in terms of mental acuity, it is.
  4. Tony Pauline seemed to take great pleasure in dunking on him at a now failed forum.
  5. Mims isn't really the type of receiver for this system, which is not his fault, and doesn't mean he won't contribute. It's just how it is.
  6. The issue I have with takes like these is these guys do not have the same information that someone like a Douglas does: for example the Vikings took Darrisaw but he's actually a risky pick because of red flags. Also, someone like a Teven Jenkins (who was mocked to the Jets quite a bit with that 23rd pick) came across as dumb as a box of rocks in his pre-draft interviews. Like these other players are not gold chip standard prospects like AVT; yes, in trading up you lose those draft picks which sucks but in exchange you get the surety of having the most "fool proof" line prospect in the entire c
  7. If we don't trade up AVT would be a Raider. I think its also obvious, looking at the lack of consensus with these picks across the NFL, that there is a lack of depth in this draft. I think trading up to get the best guard and losing picks that in other drafts might be the equivalent of 4th rounders is good business, but that's just my take on it.
  8. Next years draft is a LOT deeper, by a huge factor, with a lot of the college returnees due to covid. I'm very happy to keep next years pick/s.
  9. I think its pretty clear we traded up to get above the Raiders to get this guy.
  10. PLO

    Pro Day Results

    I think also Becton's off/on season due to injury should lean us toward a player who can potentially play inside or outside along that O line.
  11. PLO

    KC Cuts

    Both cuts save them something like $18 million against the cap? They're still over it BTW.
  12. I think its obvious they're going to plough a lot of draft capital into their O line now. They'll go early and often there fa sure.
  13. Chiefsplanet in a bit of a meltdown over this, but it saves them a big amount on the cap, even if they're still over it.
  14. That's very harsh. You can criticize Darnold for his play but he's really been an exemplary citizen while part of the Jets organisation. He's a bad player but a good person.
  15. Apparently, according to Tony Pauline, feeling around the league is he'll be traded. Makes the most sense for Joe Douglas. This is the key decision of Douglas' tenure....rolling with a new QB does buy Douglas another year's time feasibly if Darnold keeps up his horrid play of the last few years.
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