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  1. There have been rumours the Jets are shopping the pick, if true it probably tells you something about what they feel about the quality of player that might be there when the pick rolls around on draft night. The only teams that would want to trade into the pick will want a QB, so we're looking at very few contenders for it, crippled even further by the fact this QB draft class is historically bad.
  2. How is Linderbaum going to be a "dominant pro"? He's not even dominant in college. Compare Quenton Nelson college tape to Linderbaum and get back to me. Nelson stood out at all levels in college. The only place Linderbaum is dominant is in space against LBs who are 60 lbs lighter than him. He requires the assistance of his guards to help him handle NFL-caliber DTs. Watch him at the line of scrimmage and tell me he's "dominant" in college. He would be a massive, massive reach with any of our first or second round picks. A lightweight center who likely can't play guard.
  3. Pickens is a third rounder for me, I honestly see close value between him and a Christian Watson in the 4th round, and, to be honest, I don't really see how either player fits our system. We already have a Mims on our roster who these players aren't that far off in terms of output/style/capability.
  4. Not sure about there being a drop off with the WR position, its a quality class, and deep, just lacking top end talent. You can definitely wait on the position until round 2 or later and still pick up good players.
  5. Yep, they just updated, 4 it is.
  6. Tankathon has our pick at 5 overall?
  7. Realistically there's no WR in this draft worth either of our two first round picks. The last two drafts were historic for the position but this one lacks genuine top-end talent.
  8. Tell me you haven't seen him play without telling me you haven't seen him play. He's nothing like Adams as a prospect, he's bigger, taller, faster and unlike Adams, an actual free safety. He's had 16 pass deflections during his college career, but also, most importantly, has been lined up across the defense and has made big play after big play, often against soon-to-be NFL players. The latter is the reason opposition QBs throw away from him. You want a ferocious tackler who has slowed down Najee Harris and Travis St Etienne? Or picked off Trevor Lawrence? This is the guy.
  9. Hamilton only played 7 games this season, 6 really as he was injured early in game 7. He's a better prospect by some distance compared to Ed Reed, who wasn't even the first safety picked in his draft.
  10. Are you the guy who would take Linderbaum at 4 overall? Or do I have that wrong?
  11. I'll be looking out for his wingspan measurements because in pass-rush terms, he's got T-Rex arms. One reason why he doesn't have that many sacks, together with his stiffness. With a class this deep I think he would be a very big reach inside the top 10 TBH.
  12. I am very doubtful we pick a WR with our two first round picks, so therefore players people have mentioned like Jalen Tolbert or David Bell make sense for us in the second round. If we don't draft one in the second round someone like Christian Watson makes sense in later rounds, but I would prefer a second round WR TBH.
  13. No way, there may be actually only 15 first rounders in this entire draft, but the actual second rounders could be 50 or more players. It is a deep deep class lacking true top end talent. Which is to say by trading up into the "first round" you're effectively trading two second round picks for one second round pick. Haven't looked at a trade chart to confirm it but that doesn't look like good business to me.
  14. I honestly don't see it with Karlaftis. I don't think he's a genuine top 15 pick and think there's much better value to be had at pass rush with our second round picks. I would take Ojabo with the Seattle pick though.
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