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  1. Re, the Bucs, are you referring to Wirfs? He's a right tackle, was always projected that way pre-draft.
  2. Peyton basically invented the hurry up/audible/two minute offence used across the league today. You can paint it anyway you want, but the way its used today was first done by Peyton, that's a fact. What did Brady come up with? Playing with a GOAT coach and fantastic rosters? Don't get me wrong, Brady is a very good QB, but come on. Social media and the Press has a massive influence on GOAT conversations, sometimes for good, often for bad. For example for the bad, the Ringer website would have Brady as the GOAT because their owner is a massive Pats fan. These types overly influence
  3. You're a good poster, but this take is embarrassing. Peyton most definitely changed the game. Don't decide to die on a hill that isn't defendable. Retreat, take another position, because all of this is easily researchable. Brady as the GOAT is like taking Kanye West over the Beatles. Like I said, embarrassing. I can't believe some of the takes in this thread, but then, given the influence of social media (anti-certain-scientific-fact-stances etc) its understandable.
  4. Not if you ask actual people in the league. Peyton definitely changed the QB position. That's a fact. Can't say the same about Tom "I fell into the best situation possible with the best coach of all time" Brady.
  5. It isn't though, its a terrible sole argument for GOAT status, especially in a league with huge relative roster sizes (compared to other sports) where coaching is massively important (again, compared to other sports given the importance of pre-planned plays for basically every snap).
  6. The hurry up offense and the 2 minute drill, while not "invented" by Peyton, were certainly perfected by him. Every QB who uses the hurry-up today, including Brady, owe Manning a massive debt. He most certainly changed the way the game is played. Can't say the same for Brady....if you were being unkind you would say Brady is the greatest system QB in the games history, but definitely not the GOAT overall. In my lifetime there have been very few players who have changed the game: Lawrence Taylor is obviously one, Peyton is another.
  7. Peyton changed the way the game was played though, Brady didn't. Brady was made into Brady by Belichick, there's a reason he was picked in the 6th round. In 2007 he had arguably the greatest roster ever assembled to play with but couldn't close the deal. I'm not saying he isn't great, inarguably he is, IMO he isn't the GOAT.
  8. Titles isn't a good argument though. Never has been, never will be.
  9. The comparison was to show how bad the "number of titles" argument is, which it is. You're saying Brady is/was a better QB at his peak than Mahomes, which is patently absurd. Brady could only dream about making some of the throws Mahomes can. That's a fact. The fact one has one title and the other has seven doesn't mean Brady is or was a better QB than Mahomes, just means one has had the greatest coach of all time in his corner for most of his career, and then got to hand pick a team laden with talent where he could go to after his Pats career finished.
  10. Issue is he isn't the best "by every possible metric", he was never as good as Peyton at their respective peaks, never as good as a Rodgers or Mahomes among others. Quite simply he just couldn't do what those others could or can. He's the winningest QB of all time and has a number of other stat lines that just show his longevity. You could argue he's had the most valuable career, and that's a very good argument given his longevity. The best, though, as in the best overall peak? He quite clearly isn't the best and never has been. For me the main prop for "the best" argument are the
  11. Brady isn't the best QB ever though, for me that's not even close. Brady won the SB last year but was he a better QB than Rodgers or Mahomes for the season? Not even close. Takes 46 players out of a 53 man roster to win games.
  12. He took Matt Cassel to a 11 and 5 record. For me, others will disagree, he's the GOAT coach and for me, also, Brady is the one who is over-rated. There are few, very few, seasons where I can definitively state Brady was the best QB in the league for that season, let alone the best of all time. Not saying he's not a great, just not the greatest. I think title wins are largely over-rated for QBs especially given its a 46 man game. There have been big games where Brady's deficiencies have been well on display and he's been exposed. I think he was exposed the other day vs the Patriots
  13. I don't understand the "he hasn't drafted well" posts in here, he's drafted excellently. Look at our D and the number of players on it picked in later rounds from just this last draft. The higher picks have also been basically very good in limited game time. I mean, from the posts here you would have thought he was the one who drafted Calvin Pryor or Vernon Gholston.
  14. I hope it works out for him, if it does the trade will work out for all parties involved. He looked good tonight and he's a quality human being as far as I'm concerned.
  15. Most of our draftees from the recent draft got game time on the weekend; for the defensive players that's pretty good given where they were picked.
  16. So I watched the game and also noticed the line performed better when Becton was out, but I thought his side was Okay when he was in, the other side was trash. So my question is, the rearrangement of the line due to Becton's injury possibly put other players in better positions to succeed? Is this the view of other people here? Or is it just the line was better overall with Becton out? Because I find the latter hard to believe though it seems the view of some posters here from replies I've seen in other threads. Having said that if the line overall performs like it did that first h
  17. Arguably, given what it shows in terms of mental acuity, it is.
  18. Tony Pauline seemed to take great pleasure in dunking on him at a now failed forum.
  19. Mims isn't really the type of receiver for this system, which is not his fault, and doesn't mean he won't contribute. It's just how it is.
  20. The issue I have with takes like these is these guys do not have the same information that someone like a Douglas does: for example the Vikings took Darrisaw but he's actually a risky pick because of red flags. Also, someone like a Teven Jenkins (who was mocked to the Jets quite a bit with that 23rd pick) came across as dumb as a box of rocks in his pre-draft interviews. Like these other players are not gold chip standard prospects like AVT; yes, in trading up you lose those draft picks which sucks but in exchange you get the surety of having the most "fool proof" line prospect in the entire c
  21. If we don't trade up AVT would be a Raider. I think its also obvious, looking at the lack of consensus with these picks across the NFL, that there is a lack of depth in this draft. I think trading up to get the best guard and losing picks that in other drafts might be the equivalent of 4th rounders is good business, but that's just my take on it.
  22. Next years draft is a LOT deeper, by a huge factor, with a lot of the college returnees due to covid. I'm very happy to keep next years pick/s.
  23. I think its pretty clear we traded up to get above the Raiders to get this guy.
  24. PLO

    Pro Day Results

    I think also Becton's off/on season due to injury should lean us toward a player who can potentially play inside or outside along that O line.
  25. Both cuts save them something like $18 million against the cap? They're still over it BTW.
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