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  1. This is just me looking ahead and a total projection, and its dependent on how the rest of the Jets current season plays out. 2023 is a draft where a lot of teams will be looking to trade up IMO. It's a strong QB class and everyone knows they are over-drafted for the most part. The 2023 draft has a lot of top end talent and thus some other very very good talent will drop down, talent teams are willing to trade up for in theory. The Jets now have a deep roster and a GM proven to be able to pick talent throughout the draft, whatever round. Where I'm getting too with this is I want an extra first round pick in 2024. Yes, sounds bizaire with the talent in the 2023 class, but I want a shot at the 2024 class if Zach Wilson is not the answer for us at the most important position in football. Whatever happens for the rest of the season, Wilson will be given another shot for 2023, that's just patently apparent unless he completely sh*ts the bed which is unlikely now given we are a run-first team. Basically I want the ammunition to be able to trade up for Quinn Ewers in the '24 draft if the game sample on Wilson just shows he's not up to the level, and lets face it it's been very spotty as a sample of excellence at this stage. This is obviously a take that has a long way to play out but long term planning is a hallmark of JD's tenure with the Jets. We have to plan if Zach Wilson isn't the answer for us, much like the Chiefs did with Alex Smith. We now have a very good base of talent, but to be consistent contenders we have to answer the QB position. If Zach isn't the answer, we have to have the ability to pivot elsewhere, and not reach for some retread like, for example, the Colts are currently doing. Effectively if the situation is right I want the Jets to trade our first round 2023 pick for a 2024 first round pick + extras, especially if we get to the end of the season and Zach still is showing "promise" and we don't know whether he's "it" or not. Basically I want a shot at Ewers given the game sample I've seen from him right now if Wilson does not pan out.
  2. Redraft held today for the 2022 NFL draft, Sauce Gardner going no. 1, Garrett Wilson probably top 5 and Breece Hall somewhere in the first round. In a draft many said had not that many actual first round elite talents in it, the Jets sure found a few, and that doesn't even get to the rest of our draft which was at least very good. At this stage this isn't only arguably the best draft in Jets history, it could well be up there for NFL history, at least in the analytics era.
  3. So I don't think we really need to go into the Jets picks at this stage. Jets have clearly smashed this draft out of the park based on the first few games. All of our picks have shown at least something (even if pre-season), and 3 of the first four picks have been outstanding on a two game sample (I put Breece Hall in that category because he looks fantastic). Looking at other selections across the league, as mentioned in another thread, Kyle Hamilton and Tyler Linderbaum look not great at this stage compared to where they were picked. Devin Lloyd has been outstanding, Drake London looks very good, Quay Walker looks like a walk up NFL starter. As a fantasy guy I've also been impressed with Isiah Likely. Who has or has not impressed you among the rookies across the league, and how similar or different are they to your pre-draft expectations?
  4. Would love to know how Tyler Linderbaum and Kyle Hamilton have been graded because they are ROUGH early part of their NFL careers. Do not look up to the level at all. I remember people here begging to pick Linderbaum with our first overall pick, myself I always had him outside the first round, let alone the top 5 overall. I can't crow though as I was all over Hamilton up until late in the process, would have taken him in the top 5. When he clocked that slow 40 time I was out on him with both of our first round picks however.
  5. These are ifs buts and maybes: realistically we were never in the game with Flacco under center.
  6. Mahomes actually moves in the pocket though. Flacco was always statuesque at the peak of his career, now it just seems his feet are truly welded to the ground. You can't blame all of this on the O line when Flacco is a fixed target. I can't see how they play him next week, but maybe they have no choice.
  7. Clemons has the physical traits you want. He is loooong. Has one killer move. If they can keep him out of trouble off field and with Saleh's coaching, he could become a good rotational piece. It's a good pick. Pressure on the QB is obviously very important in Saleh's system.
  8. Bootleg football are talking about the Clemons pick now, they love him.
  9. Winfrey apparently doesn't work hard and doesn't want to work hard. I don't think he was ever in the mix for us as his best position is as a 3 tech. Uber talented, 5 star recruit etc but not a grinder.
  10. He's living rent-free in some people's heads here. He clearly has inside NFL sources, sometimes they lead him astray, sometimes not. The broadcast he had today with PFN was excellent, much better than anything elsewhere.
  11. Pauline reporting Jermaine Johnson in play at 4 overall.
  12. Agree, Pauline has got a ton right, he's said a number of things months ago that analysts are only now repeating. His past online character has been *ahem* a tad objectionable at times, but people only latch onto the misses he's had and not the hits. 100% he is hooked in to scouting community and some NFL FOs, to say he isn't is just absurd.
  13. The Christian Watson take is fair. He was a consensus 4th rounder until the Senior Bowl, if someone drafts him in the first round on the basis of that and the Combine its great for the Jets as it means there will be a bigger pool of true upper tier WRs will be there to pick from in the second round if that's where we are drafting one. I like Christian Watson, was posting on here about him pre-hype, its just this Christian Watson in the first is way too rich for my blood. Third round I can get behind.
  14. Definitely not, deep class at TE, not top heavy. Jelani Woods or Chigoziem Okonkwo in later rounds if they fall.
  15. Jets still go CB in the draft, but second round now as likely as the first round. It's a deep position with lots of quality options.
  16. Get the bucket ready, surround it with sawdust just in case.
  17. Teleport to the podium to beat the Commissioner to the announcement that Thibs is a Jet.
  18. Perrion Winfrey is definitely possible if there in the second round.
  19. A big issue is the wiry build, how will he do against man coverage etc, this time is not that unexpected. The reason for his 2nd round draft projection pre this was the output last season, and most of that was actually the QB play. He played a lot better with Fields the year before compared to Stroud. I think the Devonte Smith comparison is fair and I think he would be a steal in the 2nd round with one of our picks.
  20. Scouts are saying there's like about 12/15 legit players with first round grades on them, and that the ones with second round grades stretch beyond the second round. So the Jets are actually in a good spot with their picks: they can get 2 actual first round talents with their selections and 3 second round talents with their next 3 picks. This also makes pick 10 that much more valuable in any trade scenario, because teams will be looking to trade up to get an actual first round talent rather than getting a second rounder with say pick 18 or whatever.
  21. Tony Pauline who wrote this article has Thibs at the top of his board. Thinks its prospect fatigue/paralysis by overanalysis. I would be shocked if he's on the board and the Jets let him pass. I have half a suspicion the Jets are behind some of this somehow, though that can't be true if its coming from within Oregon.
  22. It actually isn't, its a very deep class because of the pandemic. Seniors were allowed to return for another season so you've basically got another a full year of senior prospects added on top of the class. Yes, it is a bad QB class but other positions are awesome with their depth.
  23. Ha, I'm off a different opinion, any O player with the first two picks I would not be happy with it.
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