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  1. They're already tanking. Douglas is sitting on cap space knowing that his team has no shot this year.
  2. Burrow definitely seems calmer in the pocket, progressing through reads well. Sam's internal clock has been ruined by 2 years of not having an o-line. He's all jumpy now and can't relax and see the field. It's gonna take time for him to get his confidence back. Luckily Becton and Fant look ok. The interior needs some work.
  3. Good job by Greeny hammering it home. Christopher Johnson is a clown.
  4. 0-3. Book it. Yet another year where we fall in a hole so deep early on that we can't get out
  5. Perhaps a veiled dig at Brady. Aaron Rodgers and Brees may be more talked about, but nobody wins in the NFC more than Russell Wilson.
  6. Chris Johnson is a trust fund baby who doesn't know the first damn thing about football. The very idea that he can identify a brilliant offensive mind is laughable. Him and his brother are in over their head. I thought the Wilpons were worse but now I'm starting to think otherwise. Also, how many times do these guys have to fail until they fix the reporting structure? Owner --> GM --> HC. For the love of all things sacred, let Joe Douglas pick the next head coach.
  7. I wasn't all too impressed with Trevor in the title game back in January....
  8. Gase's M.O. We haven't run the ball ever since he got here. He's just a bad coach.
  9. I remember at least 1 run to the left side that got a solid 4 yards.
  10. I couldn't legally drink the last time the Jets had a premium edge rusher, and I'm 35 now. This is beyond ridiculous.
  11. I'd give a 4th rounder for OBJ, nothing more. I'd give a high 2/low 1 for Robinson if he agreed to a long-term deal at time of trade.
  12. If Joe D. doesn’t make it happen he is nothing more than Idzik part II and I’m gonna start doubting his GM abilities.
  13. If a recent pic, Mosley is a POS fraud. If an old pic, nothing to see here.

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