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  1. UT is not the end-all of Austin anymore. The massive influx of outsiders over the past 20 years has changed it's character.
  2. Nope, people in Central Texas love football WAY more than they do in LA. Can't even compare. As for land, I'd look south of the airport near the Formula 1 racetack. That way people could take the toll highway 130 too.
  3. I live in Austin now too, I think it could work, especially a stadium south of the River which would only be 75-90 min from the San Antonio area and tap into that market too. There’s 2.2 million in the Austin metro and growing versus 1.8 mil and shrinking in Buffalo. (They definitely shouldn’t build a stadium in downtown Austin which is becoming a sh*thole I avoid at all costs.) Most importantly, Austin has a growing roster of cash rich tech companies and some private equity too. There’s good potential for suite sales which is really what drives all this. Jerry Jones would probably
  4. Prayers for your wife, you, and the family Maxman
  5. Are people really knocking a guy for not taking selfies in a pandemic? These vaccines are not foolproof. 95% means 1 out 20 times it won’t work.
  6. If you haven't realized, frachise-based bias is rampant among the "analysts." Kyle Shanahan can do no wrong and the Jets are always wrong. If the Jets want to reverse the narrative they need to play well.
  7. Ryan Leaf never had a completion percentage above 54% in college. Zach Wilson completed 73% in 2020.
  8. The new helmet is an abomination. I blame the Jets brass who picked it.
  9. Carton told them, not the other way around. That clown has carte Blanche there because ratings.
  10. Mark Chernoff should honestly be fired for his inability to develop talent at WFAN that can fill the midday and afternoon drive. That he felt he had to put Carton the Clown there for ratings is sad. Carton doesn’t even like talking sports, it’s this played out Howard Stern routine, it should be on mornings if anything.
  11. Sherman, Nelson, Poole....2 of those 3 guys should be here. Maybe KJ Wright at LB. They can cut Alex Lewis. What to do with Crowder will be interesting. Personally I am a fan of retaining good football players and with WRs there’s always an injury so we need the depth. But he comes with a sizable cap hit and it could be used elsewhere or deferred to retain all these draft picks.
  12. I’m on board. He’s a good OLB fit for this 4-3 scheme where LBs play off the LOS and emphasize pass coverage.
  13. Joe Douglas is a ninja who uses sources for smokescreens, like he did with Rapoport today about the rumors of a bidding war to trade down. Nobody in the media has an inside read on him any more than we do.
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