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  1. We all know he entered this too inexperienced and completely messed up in 2018. Set this franchise back and maybe even ruined Sam. We've beat that horse to death now. But I'll give the guy credit, because he heard the criticism, evolved, and got it right this time. Joe Douglas was allowed to run the HC search and he made the right hire. The reporting structure is now fixed too. It's Douglas's show with GM and HC on the same page. Even if it is a bit late, thanks Chris. I feel better about the future leadership of this organization than any time Woody has owned this team. Of course, this being the Jets, now that Woody is back Chris is no longer in charge, just when he seemed to be moving up the Johnson bros power rankings.
  2. I think the Texans will ultimately cave to whatever demand Bieniemy has and hire him just to appease Watson. Will it be enough? We'll see. But he's still probably staying. Texans can't actually hire him until KC's season is over. But if they were gonna hire someone else you probably would've heard about it by now because time is of the essence to build a staff.
  3. It's gonna be damn near impossible for Lawrence to live up to this hype
  4. I don't doubt that Watson and A-Rob are collaborating here. They probably both like Saleh, and both know the Jets have the picks and cap space to pair them together. Plus the marketing opportunities playing in NY brings.
  5. A lower cap works to the Jets advantage. Other teams will have to cut veterans they don't want to cut, and the market for veterans will be wide open with few buyers. Jets can be one of the those buyers. They can get good veteran leadership for cheap.
  6. Sheldon Silver is a terrible human being and belongs in prison, as does much of Albany probably.
  7. I had no idea the Texans owner was basically the evangelical version of Jeff Wilpon, but after learning that it's no surprise Watson wants out.
  8. Any trade won’t be official until the league year begins in mid March. So the Texans have plenty of time to find the highest bidder, and the Jets can see if it’s better to offer #2, or flip #2 for more picks and offer those instead.
  9. Yeah that pretty much seals it. Someone close to him said "he just wants out." I'd say 80-90% he's being traded. Only question is where.
  10. I’m fake quoted btw, if you see page 1 You are delusional if you think Watson shouldn’t be here because “it’s the Jets and something will go wrong”
  11. this was reported over the weekend by Schefter too. The Texans brass has already met to discuss possible destinations if they're forced to trade him.

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