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  1. So how do onside kicks work without running starts? Thanks NFL, you just made of lot of finishes very uninteresting.
  2. Not that Wilkerson was any good, but this is a weak unit. All the opponent needs to do is double team Leonard Williams and everyone else can be blocked in a one on one matchup. Bowles will need to blitz constantly to generate pressure.
  3. jetscrazey

    Jets beat writers

    Not even the media can knock this pick. This is the best QB prospect we've had here in a long time, perhaps even going back to Namath, or at the very least pre-injury Pennington, and nobody can deny it. Cimini might have to see a shrink without being able to spew his negativity.
  4. jetscrazey

    The interview.

    Like anyone with competitiveness, he wanted to be the top QB pick. That doesn't bother me. I think he looked pissed because that's his gameface. He's a serious and low key guy. He seems happy to be a Jet.
  5. jetscrazey

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    Play behind McFrown and learn from Bates. Make it a redshirt year. He only got 1.5 years of game action in college. Give him football smarts to go with that natural playmaking ability and it can be a dangerous thing. In 2019 let him get experience. By 2020 the Pats will be done and it'll be game on until 2032. Maccagnan continues to play the long game well.
  6. jetscrazey

    We got Darnold!!!!!!!!

    This is awesome
  7. jetscrazey

    Why is Revis doing this?

    a 5th CB needs to be able to play special teams. Even if he took the veteran minimum it would make little sense
  8. tell me the last time a mock nailed a round 3 pick
  9. Rosen reminds me a lot of Aaron Rodgers in terms of the way he carries himself. Obviously he's not the traditional rah rah leader like Darnold is. On the field, I doubt he has quite the arm ability and mobility of Rogers, but he should still be pretty good.
  10. If the Browns take Allen and the Jets have their choice of Mayfield and either Darnold/Rosen, I gotta believe they go with the latter. I don't think Mayfield warrants a top 3 pick.
  11. jetscrazey

    Todd Bowles Says Some Things

    Jordan Leggett? Seriously Todd?
  12. Glad we didn't resign this JAG, time to get younger. If you can remember who Paul Reubens is you're too old.
  13. Talk about a bust...I remember Rex being "smitten" with this guy at draft time.
  14. We're past the point where people pay for subscriptions to sports content, me thinks this will fail.