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  1. I wonder if the CBA forbids ownership as compensation to players
  2. Woody Johnson could build a megachurch for Cousins dad in NJ
  3. Can you tell me when Brady won a playoff game without Belichick? Must mean Brady isn't that good by your logic!
  4. They tried to get him the ball but he just couldn't seem to get open much, or develop much separation. He's much better running with the ball
  5. Watson is much more of a natural pocket passer than Kap, though. Kap is naturally a run first guy.
  6. Maybe, just maybe not everything can be explained by PFF analytics. No human in their right mind would call Mayfield the #1 overall QB in the draft.
  7. I'd rather trade up to 1 or 3 to get Darnold or Rosen than pay Cousins 30M+ per year. Then you use the saved cap room to give the QB a nasty o-line and a beast receiver. And the drafted QB hits his stride just as Brady retires.
  8. Namath hung out with the fringe of society for sure, but I don't think he ever threw a game or anything.
  9. i meant in the context of this year when there at least 3 top qbs coming out
  10. only a bitch like Cimini would draft a QB in the 2nd round instead of trading up
  11. Anderson should turn some heads in the Florida Penal League this upcoming season
  12. Chiefs CUT Darrelle Revis

    he's done. stick a fork in him
  13. Colts fans should be thankful Peyton Manning came along....otherwise they'd be recognized as the worst organization in football, right there with the Browns
  14. This is called "buying the high." Almost always doesn't work out.
  15. I don't care what the Patriots say, you can't tell me that was a better defense with Malcolm Butler not playing. They got gashed terribly. Best thing I can think of is Belichick figured Butler was a goner and wanted to hurt his market value, putting his own selfish interests ahead of the team's best chance of winning.