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  1. Pats have Edelman at WR and a bunch of unknowns, assuming Josh Gordon is injured. Let’s hope Mosley gets healthy, If so we have an outside chance at an upset.
  2. Had them prepared for the 4th down QB keeper too. Terrific coach, he's held this team together through the rough patch
  3. The defensive edge needs to be better and the DBs need to pay tighter over the middle
  4. I fail to see how one necessarily makes the other true
  5. no press conference until tomorrow, so unless if there's a leak, no
  6. Like many I've moved onto 2020 for the next time I'll see meaningful Jets football. The bad news is there's a ton of holes in this roster. The good news, I think I see a path to creating a ton of cap space while not losing much. In 2019, the biggest cap eaters are also not contributing. But for 2020 there's a path to making sure the big cap eaters are guys actually playing well. Here's how: CUTS: -Trumaine Johnson (post June 1 to lessen the cap hit by $8 million - however they may just decide to eat it in which case it's $87.5 million in cap room - still a lot) -Osemele ($11.7 mil) - He's not what he once was. Use that money to sign the best guard in free agency, whoever he is. -Avery Williamson ($6.5 mil saved)- I like the guy but Blake Cashman and Neville Hewitt can do enough at this position and we need to use the money on offense. -Enunwa ($2.4 million saved) - too injury prone to rely on -Winters ($7.5 million) - no brainer here. Maybe he'll come back for much less, but I think we can do better -Daryl Roberts ($6 million) - So long. -Josh Bellamy ($2.25 mil) - Maybe we keep him for special teams, or maybe not. I've been too disgusted to pay attention to the punt team. Do this and the committed cap space used is $104.6mil / 112.6 mil depending on whether Trumaine is a post June 1 cut or not. The cap is projected to be $200 million. This is more than enough room for a legit shopping spree. We can pull out all stops to sign the best OL in free agency, the best CB in free agency, and the best WR in free agency. Then we go to work in the draft. Douglas is going to have a chance to be the most active GM in free agency and fill a ton of holes. If he's smart he'll also make a couple of trades to get some more picks. So who are the big cap eaters in 2020 after doing this? Mosley, Bell, Crowder, Henry Anderson, Darnold, Quinnen, and Jamal. These are guys I can live with. (hat tip to Jason’s site overthecap.com)
  7. For the #3 overall pick, the guy better be on Aaron Donald or JJ Watt's level, and soon. Otherwise it's a wasted pick.
  8. Either come back this week and try to rally or it’s 0-6 coming and sit him the whole season. We need the #1 pick so we can trade it away for a team desperate for Tua. Could use multiple assets in return.
  9. My eyes were seeing some pretty awful play by Beachum and Kalil (who I’m done with - at this point it’s shameful that Harrison isn’t getting a shot) is Trent Williams a free agent this offseason? If so back up the Brinks truck
  10. At this point it’s time to give up hope on the “make a run for it while Darnold is on his rookie deal” thing. Blow it all up and build around the kid with a long term timeframe.

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