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  1. Woody is to blame for being unable to get GM and HC on the same page for so many years in this organization. And the one time he did with Bowles and Maccagnan they ended up sucking hard. Woody and his stupid reporting structure which he now has only finally changed. Woody has the best market and still can't sell tickets. That's how bad this team has been. And this ass charges $100 for parking, incredible.
  2. Who knew people don’t want to pay $100 for parking? They have priced out the average fan and then whine when they can’t find enough people to pay up.
  3. I'm fine if Mosley sits this week if it means the injury doesn't linger. Not putting my hopes on winning this game anyway. With a rookie QB and HC I'm not stressing beating Belichick.
  4. This was fair criticism from Rex, but the problem is Rex never backed it up by getting another good safety in here. Eric Smith was too limited, his inability to tackle Victor Cruz got the ball rolling in ruining the 2011 season, I don't care how smart the guy was he was too slow to be in there. Brodney Poole was ok nothing special either. Then he drafted guys like Antonio Allen, Josh Bush, Calvin Pryor, all guys who never really panned out.
  5. Tape don't lie. It wasn't just Rex saying it.
  6. this. After a great 2006 season he nicknamed himself "Hollywood" and began to focus more on his acting career. When Rex came in and asked him to be more physical (because safeties don't just play center field in Rex's system), instead Kerry turned town tackles, making "business decisions." That's why he was shipped away. Good start to his career but it stalled after that.
  7. I think "what more could they have done to help Zach in his rookie year"?' 3 things stand out: 1) Looking back, it was malpractice for Douglas not to address RG and Center. He needed to overpay to make something happen there. I and many others knew it at the time and we were right. 2) It was also a bad idea to hire a rookie 33 year old OC who looks in over his head at the moment. 3) Finally, what was the downside to bringing in a veteran backup QB who can guide this kid when he makes a mistake and comes back to the sideline?
  8. Yeah if he didn’t insult Goodell in those emails we’re probably never hearing about this.
  9. Didn't even notice he was in the game tbh
  10. Agreed, the lack of game planning and scheming plays for specific players is alarming. If this is how these guys are gonna operate long-term this won’t end well. The successful teams make opponent-specific adjustments.
  11. I'd draft Zach again and not commit malpractice by replacing Van Roten and McGovern. I also wouldn't make a 33 year old kid OC and not give him a veteran backup to settle him down.
  12. We've basically only scored on drives where Zach has gone playground or that big kick return set one up. LaFleur is straight up bad at this job.
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