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  1. jetscrazey

    Demarcus Lawrence

    Assuming the Cowboys don't sign Lawrence to a long-term deal, this opens the door for a potential trade as Lawrence said he won't play under the tag. Got me thinking, the Jets should try to trade back from #3 for 2 1st rounders. Then they should flip one of them plus a 3rd to Dallas for D-Law. And use the other pick to draft a day 1 starter on o-line. Obviously it's still likely D-Law ends up with the Cowboys, but in case things go sour there this is something the Jets should really look into.
  2. jetscrazey

    Brown or Bell

  3. The years in between Werblin and Woody Johnson were bad. The Jets were a clueless and classless organization. With Woody they are still clueless but at least have a little more class. Snell should accept an apology now.
  4. jetscrazey

    Free Agency - Defense

    I'd sign Fowler but not for elite money and not as the only major edge pickup. There would have to be somebody else, maybe a 1st round choice like Josh Allen, to complement him.
  5. I really like Allen's burst off the snap. It's unique. The one thing I wonder, though, is his lateral quickness and ability to finish against NFL tackles. If he can figure that out he's a potential 12+ sacks guy.
  6. 1) Skill players (RB/WR) 2) pass rush 3) o-line
  7. Pre-injury Chad Pennington from 2002 is the only QB in this era to best Brady
  8. jetscrazey

    Jets Release Spencer Long

    I have a feeling they'll re-sign him at a lower salary, as a guard
  9. jetscrazey

    Darnold > Goff

    I came away with the same feeling: Glad that my QB is Darnold instead of Goff. Goff is a statue. He can't escape pressure like Sam can, and he's less accurate a passer than Sam. When Sam gets some more experience, coaching, and weapons he will learn to use his mobility as a weapon and be an elite QB. At the end of the day this game came down to Goff being unable to extend plays, and his smallish WRs being unable to get open. The fact that the Rams had no true #1 WR was exposed tonight, too.
  10. I'd take his upside over Golden Tate
  11. you think Jets players aren't partying in Manhattan? The Dolphins facility is just as far from the action in Miami as Florham Park is from NYC.
  12. Hard to have an offensive identity when your franchise QB is stuck in an injury Bermuda triangle during the heart of the season. I just don't think these problems are as likely with Darnold.
  13. Loggains will basically have Mike Pettine's role from Rex's first year as HC. It's Gase's show. He needs an underling, not a true OC. I doubt he'll have any major decision making power. Rex eventually ceded play calling to Pettine in year 3, but Gase has made it clear he plans to call the plays as long as he's here.
  14. jetscrazey

    Super Bowl III DVD??

    Just get NFL game pass, it's on there in superior picture quality
  15. jetscrazey

    2019 Free Agent Tracker

    If the goal is to contend for the playoffs now, Mike Iupati at guard could be an interesting veteran pickup if he's healthy again. Would be like the Faneca signing, a guy who's past his prime but still could have good football left in him for another year or two, and would be a good veteran presence.

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