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  1. Let's see if he stays healthy until the Super Bowl first. Vick couldn't.
  2. Rex is seriously trying to market himself for the job when Gase is fired. Never gonna happen. Would love to see him as a DC, though, under a HC other than Gase.
  3. The Jets have been a good run D ever since Rex got here. The culture has maintained for the most part. Too bad this rarely translates to wins like it used to.
  4. Darnold missed a lot of open WRs yesterday. Not a terrible game but not a great one either. Fitz was bad too, but the good thing he did was take scramble yards when they were there. That kept the chains moving. He was not a great passer yesterday.
  5. What are the parts in the video where I can actually see something?
  6. 1999 and 2005 were also pretty ridiculous with the injuries
  7. Once again, Adam Gase is not a teacher. Sam’s footwork has regressed this year. Gase is nothing more than a glorified passing game coordinator and we better hope he’s fired after next season. A smart owner would just let Joe Douglas pick another HC.
  8. It’s stuff like the Mosley injury that makes me think this team is cursed. The guy looked like Patrick Willis in his prime for 3 quarters and then out for the season with an apparently unhealable soft tissue injury. WTF.
  9. Man coverage schemes with pressure seem to be a particular problem of the Jets offense. Because the line can't block and the WRs can't get open in time. Want to beat the Jets? Just go man coverage with blitzes.
  10. It's very simple: You don't draft interior d-line in the top 5. You always draft the edge guy in that situation. No interior lineman is worth a top 5 pick unless it's Aaron Donald or JJ Watt, whom Quinnen Williams has never been mistaken for.
  11. Bart Scott seems to think Edoga can play guard well. We'd still need 4 new o-linemen. And even then we won't run the ball well because Adam Gase doesn't understand the running game.
  12. Because Josh Allen is 22 years old and is going to have double digit sacks. Don't compare defense to QB.

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