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  1. jetscrazey

    Do the Dolphins have a new QB?

    Osweiler is trash. As for Tannehill he's OK but I don't know if he'll ever be a true championship contender.
  2. I'm glad Kacy's ok but I still prefer Bowles calling the defense
  3. He's certainly gotten more comfortable at home. On the road we still need to see more confidence and consistency.
  4. Depends how much utility to society you think being a mediocre NFL QB has (and one who bails on his teammates charity events, no less.)
  5. I never said they were alike other than their sense of entitlement, dumbass
  6. Don't put words in my mouth, I never said it was acceptable, it's just more understandable from a standpoint of incentives for someone like Manziel whose family is worth many millions to show a sense of entitlement and little drive to improve than it is for Geno, who seemed to have a working class upbringing and you'd figure is hungry to achieve so he and his family can be set for life financially.
  7. It was the ability to pick apart 3rd rate zone defenses that gave him success in high school and college. Unfortunately in the NFL defenses are a little better and players have to work at it.
  8. You vastly misinterpret what I wrote. I've lived in Miami and knew the area Geno went to high school quite well. Not the best of areas is all I was saying. This guy isn't Johnny Manziel who came from wealth, but he still acts like it. In Geno I see a massive sense of entitlement, like a starting NFL qb gig is deserved to him. He has some ability but has shown zero willingness to commit to getting better since he was drafted. Who the **** loses their playbook and is too cowardly to own up to it?
  9. Geno is a clown. Guy comes from the hood in Miami and he still manages to have a sense of entitlement
  10. They should have kept Tirico, at least I feel like I'm watching an exciting game with his voice. Witten and McFarland are trying hard but I think they can do better. They should try to get an ex-QB in there not named Jay Cutler.
  11. Boy I sure am glad Maccagnan drafted Devin Smith over this guy.....
  12. jetscrazey

    OT: So tired of Sunday Night Football

    Collinsworth makes some good insights from time to time but I just find him annoying. Al Michaels shelf life has expired too. And yeah, SNF is their ratings crown jewel, so they must always have one of the following teams on: NE, GB, NYG, Pitt, Dallas
  13. jetscrazey

    Keep Mac and bowls

    Bowles must go. Macc I'm more open for debate. He's drafted terribly overall. And the early returns on the big Trumaine Johnson signing don't look good. But he did get us the real deal young franchise QB that no other GM since Parcells has gotten us.
  14. jetscrazey

    Kacy Rodgers has Serious Illness

    Haven't been his biggest fan, but hope he's ok nonetheless
  15. I'm guessing the Jets are favored because Vegas thinks: 1) Denver will have a hangover after blowing a 2 score 4th quarter lead against the class of their division, at home 2) The Jets will play better at home. Darnold will be able to make more audibles at the line, no silent count. And he looked decent overall in his 1st home game against Miami even though the team didn't win. Plus the Jets will be in desperation mode after dropping 3 straight.

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