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  1. The bottom line is Perriman played well when put in place of Mike Evans towards the end of the season. He put up #1 WR numbers. I'm willing to give Perriman a shot. Mims will have fewer catches but will probably make his fair share of big plays, especially inside the 10 yard line. The good thing is we have Crowder as the 3rd down guy for Sam to lean in on in those "gotta have it" situations, so that takes pressure off Perriman and Mims to focus more on making big chunk plays. Oh yeah and Herndon. If he's actually back this group will be fine. It's all on the o-line really.
  2. Me waiting for this video to load is like Mike Maccagnan waiting for his next GM job offer
  3. Inner City Blues also a good one and appropriate for the times.
  4. He'll be in the leafy suburbs of North Jersey 25 miles outside Manhattan. This article makes it sound like Mims is being dropped into Penn Station during rush hour.
  5. Maybe Clowney is targeting Gregg Williams to get his sack numbers up.
  6. Joe Buck has already said the TV networks are planning to play fake crowd noise on the broadcast. Stupid if you ask me. I'll watch on mute unless if its Romo.
  7. Edoga has a history at guard though, it's not a new position for him.
  8. Chuma Edoga could also compete at guard, assuming Fant can play RT.
  9. I wasn't alive for this but it sure seems like the winner. That deep bomb to Maynard put the Jets in Super Bowl 3.
  10. That's because you're a fan, not a hired consultant. That's all the Johnson bros know how to do: hire suits
  11. What stuck out to me is Namath’s arm was as good as anyone’s is today. He could fling it. He only got a couple of chances to show the arm off in SB3 though, it was mostly a ball control game. Sauer really impressed me in that game. He may have deserved a co-MVP. His game was a lot like Chrebet’s, really crafty route runner.
  12. Maybe I can live with the jerseys, but the helmet is just atrocious
  13. https://www.complex.com/sports/best-nfl-uniforms-ranked/new-york-jets The Jets uniform is what happens when you let a bunch of 60 year old MBAs and management consultants design them. Horrific

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