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  1. Maybe Rodgers is losing his consistency too. He's had 10 good years.
  2. jetscrazey

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    At this point it's a question of if the Jets will be in a position to draft Nick Bosa. Having a franchise QB with a stud pass rusher is the quickest way to become a perennial playoff contender. The Jets already have the QB and now need the pass rusher. Then get some real offensive coaching in here to develop Darnold and use the cap room to address the other major needs. If that's done, this team will contend for the playoffs next year.
  3. jetscrazey

    Did Kearse blow off Darnold today?

    Kearse and Darnold just don't seem to have chemistry. Time to move on from Kearse.
  4. jetscrazey

    A Play That Stood Out To Me

    Sam is the truth. We better get the right coaching and talent around him.
  5. jetscrazey

    No One Started A Game Balls Theead

    Sam Darnold Henry Anderson Jason Myers for helping our draft positioning
  6. jetscrazey

    Neutral End Zones this Weekend at MetLife

    That stadium sucks anyway
  7. jetscrazey

    $80 Million Cousins

    Darnold has a higher ceiling than Cousins. I'm so happy Kirk used the Jets for leverage instead of accepting Maccagnan's bloated offer.
  8. "for years?" They've only been here 4 seasons. Exactly when did they turn on each other??? Also, Woody Johnson is a root cause of this problem by messing up the accountability structure. The GM needs to hire the head coach, not the owner.
  9. There are no assistants good enough to step in. I think that's part of the problem.
  10. jetscrazey

    Currently we pick 3rd.

    Draft the best edge rusher on the board. If Bosa is gone, it'll be Josh Allen from Kentucky and also the kid from Clemson will be in the mix. They could maybe even trade down a few spots and still target one of those guys.
  11. I look forward to watching Patriots/Vikings.
  12. jetscrazey

    Robby Anderson doesn't want the RFA tag

    Robby is more of a role player than a starter. He's the guy you throw deep to. He's not a move the sticks guy.
  13. Looking at the schedules I can see the top 4 teams all losing out. Can either Nick Bosa or Kentucky's Josh Allen fall to 4th overall? 49ers and Cardinals already have their QB of the future so they could very well snap up the top 2 pass rushers in the top 3.
  14. jetscrazey

    The death of the “Lockdown” Corner.

    Revis 2009-2012 was true lockdown. We have some great corners today (Sherman, Ramsey, Peters) but nobody is true lockdown because the offenses have just become more advanced as well as the rule changes. Having 1 elite corner can put you over the top when you have a stacked offense (like the Rams) but you can't build around that kind of player.

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