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  1. allowing a pressure isn't a subjective as PFF's grading system. That's a pretty objective stat
  2. Is the kid getting good or is Tampa's edge rush really that bad?
  3. Donating Season Tickets; Oh the Pain

    Is it really a "gift" to give tickets to games the Jets will lose 40-10?
  4. Monday Night Miracle Beating NE in 2002 week 16 on Sunday Night to set us up for a division title the next week Beating NE in 1998 (Tuna goes into Foxboro) on the way to a division title.
  5. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    Guys like Westhoff have competitiveness in their blood. They can't stay away for long, even in old age.
  6. FWIW I thought Evan Roberts was the best fit out of the people being considered. He's by far the best combination of being a real NY fan and also having professionalism. By the way, part of WFAN's problem here is the culture of station managers nowadays. It's all about diversity and brand names. If they really want to find talent, they'll expand their auditions and find the people who know their stuff, and gradually let them gain a following and build their own brand. It's not like Michael Kay is that good anyway.
  7. Richard Neer is human melatonin. In the late 90s I'd listen to him on weekend mornings as a surefire way to fall back asleep. Benigno is only good when the Jets, Mets, Knicks, or Rangers lose and you want a therapeutic rant to ease the pain. Otherwise he's pretty much a buffoon with a good memory for names and stats.
  8. This is the most 2017 hire ever, in the sense that it seems like they're trying a little too hard to be diverse, possibly in an attempt to gain more listeners with Francesa leaving. There's a lot of question marks here: Is Bart Scott going to sound intelligent when it comes to analyzing sports other than football? Will a 3-person afternoon show even flow well? Will women listen to full-time sports talk, even if a woman is on the show?
  9. This isn't "moneyball," it's just crappy players
  10. An Introduction and Jet's Scheme Question

    Bowles will play any scheme on defense. Like most coaches, he probably ideally prefers man coverage on the outside if he has the players for it, but that's not the case right now because opposite Claiborne is nothing but inconsistency and there's no natural great edge rusher so they have to blitz. Offensively, Morton is a west coast guy for sure. There's a lot of verbiage and the play calls are long, so it ideally involves a brainy QB, though there are exceptions. However I think they use codes so as not the use the entire play call in 2 minute drill. The bottom line is the o-line is still young, raw, and inconsistent (especially in the run game), and the QB and skill players are just average at best.
  11. Pat Summerall On "Murder, She Wrote"

    haha, Summerall's minimalism was really unique. A rare case where an ex-player got a chance to do play by play.
  12. just another wasted season with no prospect at a franchise QB
  13. He probably needs more money after kid #15 or whatever it is. Guy could be worth $100 mil and he'd still be on a tight budget with all the child support and his various baby mommas out there.
  14. I think anyone who thinks the Redskins will let Cousins walk is way off base. The guy just won on the road in Seattle. QBs who can do that don't grow on trees. Who exactly are the Skins gonna replace him with?