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  1. Let's hope Fred's not working at a daycare, dropping babies like he used to drop touchdowns
  2. Jets/Pats 2009 (last season in the old stadium) was the loudest NFL game I've ever been to. That was the week Rex left a message for all season ticket holders to be loud. We answered the bell and made a real difference. One of the few times I can say with certainty the fans really affected the outcome of the game.
  3. I've been to countless games in both stadiums and sat all over. You are wrong. The old stadium was definitely louder. And people tell me to sit down just as much in the new stadium.
  4. Nobody is saying anything good about the aesthetics of the old stadium. Or the fact that the Jets were tenants and not co-owners like in the new stadiium. However, it can't be denied that 1) The acoustics of the old stadium were better in terms of making things tough on the opponent and 2) The true fans were closer to the action.
  5. The atmosphere will be improved but still not as good as the old stadium....just can't compete with the acoustics of the old stadium. It was shaped like a bowl with the fans right on top of the players, and the upper deck still was decently close to the field. Not the case in the new stadium.
  6. That Monday Night fumble at Chicago ended his career as soon as it began
  7. Damn this front office is shaping up well.
  8. 5'8 and 130 lbs? This guy must have been on the ICE Detention Center diet
  9. He blew so many draft picks it's tough to pick one. Hackenberg maybe?
  10. This is a do or die season for Trumaine. If he doesn't deliver, he's gone.
  11. It's noticeable and I like it because it's closer to Kelly green, which is what I grew up seeing
  12. Benigno and Roberts sound clueless about Gase. They are uninformed on that one. But they are right that Christopher Johnson is in over his head.
  13. I'm not walking back anything - it was stupid to retain Macc in January, let him spend all that money and draft, and THEN fire him. It shows he's making it up as he goes along. Even if it turns out well in the end, it's still embarassing to watch.
  14. Lageman had 10 sacks in 1991, and after being injured in 1992, came back to have 8.5 sacks in 1993. Those were some above average years. And again, those weren't very good teams. Abdul Salaam, while a good player too, had a lot more talent around him. Teams game-planned for Klecko and Gastineau first. With Lageman, he was the focal point of the pass rush game plan in the early 90s.
  15. Lageman was a good player on a bad team, but not good enough to be an all-time Jet
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