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  1. jetscrazey

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Not a long enough flight to justify staying in FL.
  2. jetscrazey

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Pats week 3 and week 7, which is good because they're always more beatable in the first half of the season.
  3. The feeling I get is he wasn't a very good route runner. They tried to give him some reverses, etc to get him the ball but he didn't break any of these either... he just wasn't very good. In summation: Maccagnan sucks at drafting.
  4. Whoever gets Hockenson is getting a really good player who can be an offensive force paired with the right QB. If the Jets didn't have so many needs he'd be a big consideration. But pass rusher is the more immediate need and Josh Allen may be the guy for that reason. I'm surprised he didn't mention Quinnen Williams. He seems to be a consensus multiple pro bowl guy.
  5. jetscrazey

    Predict Week 1 Opponent

    I can see Jets/Dolphins being put on Thursday night. The fins are tanking so no SNF/MNF for them, but every teams gets 1 thursday game and the Gase storyline is most compelling
  6. jetscrazey

    Predict Week 1 Opponent

    Browns at Jets, the early MNF game. Steelers at Jets is another possibility due to Bell signing with us, but I think the Browns overall are more compelling
  7. They should've just brought back the 80s helmet design. I wonder how many consultants they brought in to make these very medicore helmets.
  8. Neil Glat's fingerprints are all over this
  9. probably because the photo was taken shortly after week 17 2018
  10. Does the new helmet (assumed) remind anyone of the 1994 75th anniversary season alternate helmets? Seems most similar... https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/wpimages/images/images1/1/0315/04/1_628faa0fb68573ed92a2d10db28bbbbc.jpg
  11. jetscrazey

    Schiano quits on Patriots

    Schiano is a college coach. Based on what happened in Tampa, it seems NFL players don't connect with him or respect him.
  12. 2013 was probably Rex's best coaching effort
  13. jetscrazey

    Football has just been made illegal by the NFL

    The devolution to 7 on 7 continues. Hopefully at least Madden video games will look like real football still.
  14. jetscrazey

    AFC East Rivals, Bills the odd man out?

    The Bills were the team with the bullseye on their back 25 years ago. But the past 20 years have been so bad, all the bad blood has been lost.
  15. jetscrazey

    Montez Sweat

    Based on the tape, Sweat seems like a little dropoff from Allen.

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