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  1. But then if McCown gets hurt, you have to keep Teddy as backup and lose out on his trade compensation.
  2. For the first preseason game it was ok. But going forward, especially now that we all know Darnold is a legit contender for week 1 starter, it's simply not fair to Darnold, Teddy, or McCown to have them play in the 4th quarter behind a line of scrubs. It's also a risk to the franchise because if they lose someone then Teddy's potential trade value is gone and they'll need to keep him. Bring back Hackenberg for all I care.
  3. Agreed. Bridgewater is top 10 potential. Darnold is top 5 potential.
  4. Trade Bridgewater for a pass rusher or o-lineman who can be an upgrade starter. If you can't get either of those, then try for a draft pick. This team will be just fine with Darnold, McCown, and a 3rd stringer. If you can get good compensation for Teddy, you get it.
  5. jetscrazey

    Jets Release First Depth Chart

    Glaring weaknesses in o-line and pass rush. These need to be addressed if they're gonna compete in 2019.
  6. jetscrazey

    Important Week For Darnold

    Man I had this vision of KRL just being this chill rich dude who doesn't have to work for a living and just went to training camp practices. It's all crashing down.
  7. jetscrazey

    98 AFCCG

    The Broncos just woke up on offense, and the 10-0 score sounds worse than it really was because the Jets TD was on a blocked punt. In reality, the Jets offense was 1-dimensional and anemic the whole game. The couldn't run for their life against the Denver front 7. And in the 2nd half, when they did get first downs, they followed it up with a stupid turnover.
  8. That article should be titled "What the hell is Sam Darnold thinking?" Darnold has let a greedy agent get in the way of his professional life and created the perception that he's a "double dipper" with the offsets. The kid needs to assert himself and remember that the agent is there to service the client, not the other way around. Sexton is trying to create a perception for future draft prospects at the expense of his client's image. Take the damn offset language that the other 3 QBs took, Sam.
  9. I'm fine with Bridgewater starting this year as long as he truly earns it. Of course, we all know going in that unless he plays at the level of Brady or Aaron Rodgers, he's 1 and done and it'll be Darnold's show in 2019.
  10. jetscrazey

    KRL Camp Notes Are Coming

    Looking forward to it KRL, especially with Darnold in the mix this year. Thanks in advance for the great work.
  11. Isn't Brian Winters supposed to be this guy? I remember when he was drafted the scouts said he had a mean streak.
  12. Unfortunately the soldier has taken a few too many hits to the head it seems. And spent all his NFL money...
  13. Leo is yet to earn the big money contract. He needs to earn it.
  14. So how do onside kicks work without running starts? Thanks NFL, you just made of lot of finishes very uninteresting.
  15. Not that Wilkerson was any good, but this is a weak unit. All the opponent needs to do is double team Leonard Williams and everyone else can be blocked in a one on one matchup. Bowles will need to blitz constantly to generate pressure.