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  1. After today’s presser I have to imagine they are taking QB at 2 unless they love Lance. But if they did trade down I’d want a 1 next year at a minimum to use as ammo for a Watson trade if it goes in-season.
  2. Jets are 1-0 vs Tom Brady in the divisional round or later lifetime
  3. Maybe we'll beat the Eagles for the first time in as long as I can remember
  4. Just get someone. We need another John Abraham type. Would really take a lot of heat off the entire defense. Especially now that it's formally a 4-3 D.
  5. OL, Edge, WR, or CB. Get a multi-year starter at any of those positions and I'll be happy.
  6. Better internal clock and sense of rush coming from blind areas. Wilson has good short area quickness too and can scramble. He's got some Kyler Murray to his game.
  7. Teams are terrified that Fields was a beneficiary of a very good o-line that allowed him all day to hold the ball and throw it. On the Jets he'd get half the amount of time before the pass rush got there. Wouldn't work IMO. I'd take Wilson over Fields, and I'd use the #2 overall pick on Wilson.
  8. He could've solved all that by taking advantage of the chances he had, instead he fumbled and gave up a TD. Stop making excuses for Sanchez.
  9. Mark should have shown up for the first half of the 2010 AFCCG. He didn’t.
  10. Jets got better after Rex implemented that....
  11. OK he may be a good guy, but to say Rex ruined him is an altogether different topic and a stretch IMO.
  12. One thing to consider is on BYU, many seniors are 24/25 years old because they've been on missions. Wilson didn't tdo that, he's 21, so maybe the age is a factor in not being a captain. Regardless, he's no Josh Rosen. He's a much better talent.
  13. "former Jets scout" ....do you have any idea how bad the draft history of this franchise is? Maybe he's a contrary indicator
  14. Was decent but not great int he 3-4, will be worse in the new 4-3. Pass.
  15. They are absolutely not fielding offers for Wilson. Wilson's camp simply leaked a report that they want the organization to prioritize o-line. They probably regret the Adams trade, though.
  16. Cimini is way off base. The Jets have already moved on from Darnold. If not Watson it’ll be a QB in the draft, I’m betting Wilson.
  17. I mean, how CAN he? He's basically being hyped as the ultimate prototype who can do it all. However those college playoff losses showed that he is beatable.
  18. This is porn for lawyers. Nobody else cares though.
  19. I’m not going to defend this viewpoint but I do think it speaks to the idea that Wilson looks legit
  20. Darnold has the measurable stuff, good size, good release point, can make all the throws including on the run. it’s the immeasurables, the mental side of it, the ability to win a chess match with the defense, where Sam has failed. He just hasn’t been able to grab by the horns and conquer. Wilson may be a bust too but we shouldn’t let Sam’s failure cloud our judgement. I think the fact that Wilson pretty much singlehandedly elevated BYU to a 9-1 record or whatever it was suggests that Wilson probably will be more effective with the intangibles than Sam.
  21. His offense was largely nobody puffballs too. He passed the eye test to me vs a top 25 team in Coastal Carolina. His receivers dropped a lot of balls and his protection stunk a lot of the time. He still made some very impressive plays, he was the whole offense basically and came within a yard of winning.
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